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  1. If that's the case, then why do we have members here going out of their way to try to prove that there are no civilians in Israel?
  2. Nope Btw that experience wasn't cool at all. No kid deserves to get yelled at in class for having different beliefs.
  3. Nope, dead serious. Canada is objectively much better in the human rights and diversity department than most other countries today, including almost all Muslim countries. To clarify, I'm not defending the teacher here. It kind of reminds me of middle school when a teacher made me stand up in class, and subjected me to a verbal assault. My crime? Saying Muawiya's name directly, without honorifics. That being said, I'm not in favour of Muslims expecting preferential treatment and privileges while living in countries like Canada, while stubbornly refusing it for other groups. It doesn't exactly do us any favours.
  4. There's no need to be squeamish about this topic. Those who deny the appointed representatives of God are disbelievers. The key phrase being those who deny.
  5. Let the record show that Haji thinks people who don’t date/marry who he wants them to should be fired, evicted, kicked out of school, refused at a hospital, aggressed against, and have their marriages annulled. Don't mind me jumping in here for a quick bit. The statement in bold isn't objectively incorrect. This can easily be shown to be correct for most modern societies. If this was America we were talking about, it would have been easier to point out the discrepancies in certain rights between different states. However, this is Canada. They can easily claim that they treat all groups equally, and they don't show preferential treatment towards certain groups and not others. I find myself somewhat agreeing to some of kadhim's points in this thread. If you are living in a country like Canada, don't expect to have your cake and eat it too.
  6. I know that we normally perform Hajj on these specific dates, but is it actually directly and explicitly mentioned in the Quran? All we have is 2:197 on this topic, but it is not direct and explicit about Dhul Hijjah 8-13...
  7. Thank God for the Marji'yyat system. OP, and anyone else who overthinks like this, just follow the guidelines set by the Marj'as on this issue. Don't stress yourselves for absolutely no reason.
  8. Take it from someone who is diagnosed and is on Ritalin. First of all, it's absolutely not haram. Don't take my word for it, ask those who know. Get the meds. Follow your psychiatrists guidelines to the t. Don't tell people you are using it. Don't tell people you have ADHD. If you want to discuss it with trusted friends and family, be prepared for unsolicited advice and opinions. Be prepared for discouraging or harsh comments. These comments may include the following: "ADHD is not real. Neurological and personality disorders are not real. You are just lazy and stupid. You are making excuses. Don't try to take addictive stimulant drugs." etc etc It's very real, and it's very treatable with a combination of meds and therapy. I had suffered from this all my life. I have watched childhood friends get degrees, build careers, and start families while I was stuck. I was diagnosed a few years ago, but I didn't get the proper treatment. I finally got it treated a few months ago, and my life has gotten exponentially better. I wouldn't have had to suffer so much if I received treatment sooner. I wish I was diagnosed and on meds 15 years ago. To cut this advice/rant/pity party short, I would say this again: it's real. It's not curable unless there is a miracle. It's also very easily treatable. Don't hesitate to take meds like I hesitated a few years ago.
  9. The Prophet does not make mistakes. Read the first verses of Surah Najm. No, this does not imply her repentance. He did divorce Hafsa though, even he revoked it later on. Someone not being divorced after a Divine rebuke does not imply repentance. In addition, her actions after the death of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) uptil the death of Imam Hasan ((عليه السلام)) should speak volumes about her alleged remorse.
  10. Head on? No. What would be that country's objective by thinking about attempting to take NATO on?
  11. @Zainuu Like I said brother, I don't personally ascribe to this view. I have found the arguments presented by Ayatollah al-Khoei to be sufficiently compelling. However, I have also realized that the other view does exist. We can't simply pretend to ignore it anymore; Allahyari has spread it among the Urdu and Hindi speaking masses, and his audience base is expanding rapidly. Instead of ignoring it, it is wise that we listen to their arguments and prepare our answers thoughtfully and logically, because this isn't an unknown view anymore.
  12. Thank you all for your valuable suggestions. I will work on them and post a progress update after I've made some noteworthy progress
  13. I have always been curious how brother @Coollearned to understand Arabic without the aid of translations. Did you learn it formally in a Madressa, or did you learn it through self study? I have personally been using Duolingo and Quranic for the last few months, and I understand it at least as well as Punjabi. I may understand simple and basic phrases, and I sometimes get the gist of the message from longer Ayah's. For some reason, Ahadith are more difficult for me than Ayahs. I would like to know about the experiences of non native Arabs who learned it, and some tips on how can I take it to the next level. Edit: I would also like some ideas on how to go about learning Farsi. There's no Farsi on Duolingo. Brother @Ashvazdanghe, any pointers? Also, is Dari and Farsi the same or mutually intelligible?
  14. I am personally inclined towards Ayatollah al Khoei's in this matter, but I have listened to the other side's arguments summarized by Allahyari. If I'm not mistaken, @Syed Ali Mehdi Shah Naqvi, he doesn't believe actually believe that the Quran has tahreef, but that the copies available since Uthman's time till today have missing words or verses, correct? And that the Quran is preserved in the sense that the Mushaf of Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)) is present with Imam Mahdi ((عليه السلام))? I think he also believes that the copies we have today have no fabrications or interpolations, i.e. it is the pure Word of Allah. Is it so?
  15. There's more to Pakistani food than Mughlai cuisine. Sindhi cuisine, for example, consists mostly of vegetables and dal dishes which are quite delectable and very easy on the digestive tract. Mustard greens with corn flatbread is a very famous Punjabi dish. Each region has it's own specialties, but those dishes aren't generally well-known because they haven't been properly marketed like Mughlai cuisine.
  16. I have a real soft corner for Afghani food, especially the Pulao and the fatty Tikka. I also had authentic Irani Chelow Kabab once in my life, and I still yearn for that taste more than 16 years later.
  17. The US would sooner see TSMC fabs burn than let China have them
  18. The way things are going, it won't matter too much how many people leave his party. The average citizen will likely vote for the bat sign, regardless of who is behind it. The ruling coalition right now knows this, which is why they violated the constitution and refused to conduct elections in two provinces. Holding them means losing power and they know it. If they thought otherwise, they would probably hold elections without a second thought. If they had been patient and let Imran Khan complete his tenure, he would have been finished. People had had enough of him. However, they conducted a series of political blunders and caused him to become more popular than ever. The Pak Defence forums used to be among the biggest "Pak Fauj Zindabad" public forums out there, and even the people over there are cursing the Establishment. The ones in power now might be "elected", but they can't even pretend to have the mandate of the people anymore.
  19. The Pakistani Army is way too disciplined and organized to split in half. Hopefully, though, they will change their stance over meddling in the politics of Pakistan and imposing their will, something they have been doing since 1947. They have finally seen that they don't have the support of the people anymore. They have already lost a lot of ground since 2007. No single individual or institute has the right to forcefully impose their will on a reluctant people.
  20. There are videos that aren't available on mainstream media; there are bits and pieces available on social media such as Twitter and TikTok. One particular video was quite disturbing for me personally. Dozens of policemen raided a student hostel adjacent to Srinagar Highway in Islamabad. They picked up all of them, without warrant or probable cause, and the students were seen crying and pleading. Keep in mind that this was a cheap hostel favoured by students from nearby NUST, FAST, and IIUI universities. My friends used to live there too back in the old days. Keep in mind that most universities in Pakistan are having exams these days. It's anyone's guess about the whereabouts of these students. May Allah help them get the right to fair representation and due process. I saw it only once on TikTok, and I have been unable to find it again. It probably got deleted. The Establishment is definitely not an innocent party in all of this.
  21. @matrixhe stated otherwise in his video statement. According to him, he conducted the groundbreaking of Al-Qadir University months before the settlement; 05 May 2019 to be precise, when he was Prime Minister. These facts are publicly verifiable. Whatever the facts of the case, they aren't as clear cut as the Establishment portrayed them to be. I'm not the biggest Imran Khan fan out there; in fact, I am suspicious about any populist movements in general until the rising of Khorasani. However, it's clear that something needs to be done about the status quo in Pakistan, where there is a faction of the Establishment that is reminiscient of SAVAK. As we all know, things didn't end too well for them in the end.
  22. There are claims by his bodyguards that these weren't ordinary policemen; from the way they fought, they seemed to be trained SSG Commandos.
  23. Logged in after a while. Seeing another contested Istighatha thread. Ya Sahib uz Zaman Adrikni.
  24. Actual Sunnis here are praying Tarawih with decreasing frequency. Their molvis attatched extreme importance to it in the past, and it backfired spectecularly. None of the Sunnis I know offer them now. Keeping this in mind, its amusing to see reformists fighting to defend this biddah tooth and nail.
  25. How is a young-middle aged adult supposed to buy a house without resorting to a mortgage of some sort? It's difficult enough to save up for a downpayment, let alone saving for the entire cost of the house in one go. There are only two options: 1- trust the verdicts of the scholars and get a mortgage 2- live on rent your entire life, unless you miraculously save enough to buy a decent house somewhere in your 70's There seems to be no other way as long as the current Italian banking and fiat currency system is in place.
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