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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It was doomed the moment that unfit people saw themselves fit to rule, while sidelining those who were the true successors.
  2. We don't know the names of all prophets either, yet we have a consensus that one was sent to every nation. We are supposed to believe in all of them; this case is similar. There is always supposed to be a Hujjatallah on Earth - it's a pretty core shia tenent.
  3. I think our brothers in Iran are blissfully unaware about what's going on in the rest of the world. It's very easy to play "unity unity" when living in the echo chamber that is the Islamic Republic of Iran, where the Shia are in majority and there are hardly any sunnis, let alone wahabis and nasibis. To avoid going into boring details, the ground reality isn't like that in the rest of the world. Unity is necessary, but unity among shia takes priority. Also, bending over backwards and compromising our beliefs for "unity" is actually harming our school in the long run.
  4. That goes to show how little you understand Tawheed. Also goes to show that, for all your claims of following the Quran, like every Quranist you actually have no idea what you're talking about. Was Musa ((عليه السلام)) divine (nauzubillah) for talking to God? And who said that an Imam talks to God? You seem to lack even the knowledge of basic events and concepts laid out in the Quran. All you are demonstrating is pure, unyielding pigheadedness. That's your right of course, but don't think that others can't see wide, gaping holes in your knowledge and world view.
  5. Who told you to lie down and be spoon fed knowledge, instead making a sincere effort to seek it? It's obvious that you suffer from lack of knowledge, and you have no valid excuse for lacking it.
  6. Speaking of Maulana Ishaq... According to Engineer Mirza, he declared the tradition of Umar threatening Bibi Zahra ((عليه السلام)) in Musannaf of Ibn Abi Shaybah disconnected, because Zayd bin Aslam wasn't the slave of Umar at that time. Engineer claimed, rightly, that Umar can't be defended if this tradition is considered authentic. Well he shot himself in the foot with that statement, and took Maulana Ishaq down with him (and Zubair Ali Zai), because as we know, that tradition isn't disconnected; the chain continues to his father Aslam. The same chain is used for traditions in Bukhari and Muslim. Either both of them lied deliberately, or they were blinded by desperation. Either way, for all of Mirza and his ilk's claims of being Ilmi Kitabi, he is a Wahabi and Baabi when his undefendable core beliefs are threatened.
  7. Your posts for the past few days make it perfectly clear to all of us that you are a Munkir e Hadith, whether you want to call it that or not. If you still deny it, go and bring a few ahadith that, according to you, logically add up to the Quran and are acceptable to you. You still haven't answered what you mean by translating tafsir. Translation is a different thing, tafsir is different.
  8. Inna lillah e wa inna ilaihi raji'oon. Link for the announcement? I couldn't find anything on Google news. When is the funeral? Need to know for offering Namaz e Wahshat.
  9. Guys, you are going about it all wrong. Arguing Wilayah with a "Quranist" (rather, a Munkir e Hadith) is like arguing Quranic verses with a non-Muslim - or like arguing whether God is Just with an atheist - it's futile. It will lead no where - the stubborn mule will just dig in his hooves, and you will eventually bang your head on a wall in frustration. Just argue on the point of disagreement - specifically, why being a Munkir e Hadith is blatantly against the Quran - otherwise you are playing right into their hands.
  10. WIth all due respect, brother Abdul Hadi has written what is in agreement with Islam - the fact that it seems to be written from a Republican bias is mere conjecture and coincidence. I write this when I was born in a mixed Twelver/Sunni family, and my immediate family, sadly, are mired deep in ideologies that are far removed from Islam, including acceptance of LGBTQ. I deal with them the best I can, maintaining Silah al Rahm. Neither do I force religion upon them, because it would be futile at this point. However, I don't support their ideas for a second. Again, with all due respect, this is written with a heavy post-modern feminist slant. Parts of feminism do agree with Islam, but lets not kid ourselves; these are not miscible. A husband has a certain amount of authority over his wife, and a father has a certain amount of authority over his children, especially his daughter(s) - a daughter can not get married without the consent of the father/guardian under most circumstances. No way to beat around that bush. Islam does mandate good ikhlaq and following certain guidelines, so that men in authority don't become dictators, but rather benevolent leaders and providers. Search around in hadith, and you will find that confidence, strong leadership skills, and a strong body are desired traits in a Momin man. These are not social constructs - they are universal Islamic truth. This isn't what our deen teaches us. We hate Yazid, Muawiya, and Abu Sufyan (may Allah withdraw His Mercy from them all). You might want too look into the hadith by Imam Jafar Sadiq ((عليه السلام)), where he said that religion is both love and hate.
  11. Not necessarily; they usually add a caveat to this, whether openly or implicitly. Deobandis will add "as long as he isn't Gustakh e Sahaba". Barelvis will say "as long as as he isn't Gustakh e Rasul ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم))". Ahle Hadith/Wahabbis will say "as long as he is a Muwahhid". So far, no sunni leader hasn't given a blanket, absolute statement that a Muslim of any sect will eventually enter Jannah after expediating for their sins in Jahannam; every faction badly wants their adherents to believe that they are the saved sect promised Jannah, and everyone else is Hell bound forever. This way, the average sunni is afraid to ask questions and explore, even the beliefs of other sunnis let alone shias. This is something that Engineer Mirza pointed out. He is also the only one who has given such a statement on a verified stamp paper that is accessible to the public.
  12. Since Jawad Naqvi's name got thrown in - I would urge people to listen to Allama Shahryar Raza Abidi's videos about him. He did a splendid job of defending SAN from Jawad Naqvi's slandering. He also brilliantly explained that people like Jawad Naqvi are the reason that the common shia is turning against the concept of WF practiced in Iran - by presenting a twisted, self serving version of it that's not promoted or endorsed by Agha Khamenei, may Allah prolong his life. This is something that self-appointed representatives of WF tend to do. As an important side note, he does all this using the politest of language and excellent manners, something that we tend to forget is a hallmark of the school of Ahlul Bayt.
  13. Translation and tafsir are two different things - what do you mean by translating tafsir? Please clarify. Loving the Ahlul Bayt is ajar e Risalat according to this verse - faith is not complete without it. You literally said: This verse is telling something else. Care to explain?
  14. Quran translations and tafsir's through the school of Khilafat, or the school of Ahlul Bayt ((عليه السلام))? The sunnah of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) through the school of Khilafat, or the school of Ahlul Bayt ((عليه السلام))? Incidentally, what do you make of 42:23?
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