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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yeah, from what I've seen over the years, it was taught in a dream to a prisoner by Imam e Zamana. It's reliability depends on the personal belief in Imam e Zamana. Either way, the words don't constitute shirk.
  2. There was a clip of Syed Ali Raza Rizvi, where he was discussing the signs of reappearance. One of the people there asked him a questions on why sunnis reject the Occultation. He replied that this isn't such a black and white issue; he gave a couple of lines of poetry by a sunni Pakistani poet (rough translation below): "The Hussain ((عليه السلام) )of my time hasn't arrived yet; right now I'm Hurr ((عليه السلام)) in the camp of Yazid". We don't know for sure who are the true followers of Imam Mahdi (a.j). When the time comes, there might be countless Hurrs who will defect to his sid
  3. Imagine a man who has had negligible interaction with the opposite gender. Now suddenly, he finds himself in an environment where he has no choice but to interact with them. He won't know how to handle group projects, co curricular activities, community service assignments, or even office hours with female professors. Such men come off as either cripplingly shy, or as brash and overly macho. There is rarely a middle ground. I have some hilarious stories of my friends from my first semester; quite a few of them came from all-boys schools or from far flung villages. One boy from a
  4. There's still one thing I don't get... On one hand, we are not supposed to talk to na mahrams, like ever. On the other hand, when such a boy/girl goes to environments where there is inevitable mixing, he'll lack social skills and etiquette to navigate such an environment. Often, the boys in particular come of as creeps, weirdos, and nervous wrecks. I'm talking about university and the workplace in particular. How are we supposed to solve this? How do we balance Islamic ideals with the realities of this era?
  5. @Carolingwomen who are bubbly and friendly overall may find themselves in sticky situations with men. Knowing the proper time to be cold, indifferent, or even rude is an essential defence mechanism for women.
  6. Speaking of the difficulties of marriage these days: A cousin of mine has been rejected multiple times over the past few months; his parents are working hard to find someone. He has a BA degree, and he has a decent career path; currently though his earnings are rather modest. He's not bad looking either (aside from the huge, salafi style beard, and being a bit short). The primary reason for rejection? His family is neither rich nor influential, and they live in a modest, rented home. Each time a potential girl's family finds out about their modest lifestyle, they refuse.
  7. The Quran also explicitly states that: 1- Allah will protect it from temperament, unlike previous scriptures. I'm certain there are no verses in previous scriptures which specifically state God will protect them from corruption 2- Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) is the last prophet; previous scriptures didn't say that there would be no more prophets after this. That means, this was God's final revelation to mankind until Judgement Day. Given that it's the complete religion revealed through the last prophet, it makes sense that this time, the true message is incorruptible, and
  8. No brother, some of us here actually questioned the sect we were born in, read all narratives with an open mind, and reached our current beliefs after long and careful reflection. We don't hate companions; we do tabarra from those who displayed enmity for the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) and his Progeny after he passed away. Past prophets of Allah had those among their companions go astray, so it shouldn't be a surprise if history repeated itself.
  9. Jazakallah As we know, when Allah wants something to happen, it will happen no matter what. Life can be full of surprises. Mentally though, I'm learning to accept that what has happened has happened, and I shouldn't destroy myself further by having false hopes. On the other hand, I also know that at this point, contacting her again might very well turn her against me, so I won't be doing that. She might have left the tiniest bit of bridge intact between us for a reason, however I'm trying not to even think about it at this point; don't want to get my hopes up. Realistically, I'
  10. Thank you. I've been trying to find His Eminence's views on the beard for a while, but couldn't find them for some reason. Pretty much, but in this era a beard has a fairly consistent definition. For example, shaving the chin while keeping sideburns and cheeks doesn't count as a beard; keeping a French Cut still counts as a beard in most parts of the world, which is historically why some scholars have allowed it. In most cases, a 5-10 day growth passes for a beard, depending on genetics.
  11. Would you mind sharing the source? He probably used the word 'urf in the original Arabic fatwa. 'Urf means the custom of a current time and particular place; it's a technical term used in fiqhi issues. A trimmed beard is still a beard. If people treat you as if you have a beard, then you have a beard, whether fist length or shorter.
  12. From most sources I've read, it's permissible to give sadqa of an unspecified amount and do Istikhara again. This procedure is apparently allowed upto seven times. It should only be the last resort: I did it after four years of initially meeting her. During this time, I also went through a relationship with a different girl (Mutah), and I gained a lot of perspective. It was only really a last resort; there are some decisions I have to take in my life that depended on her answer.
  13. This is a well kept secret that few men know about; the average man doesn't realise this. It doesn't help that Bollywood movies/ local dramas convey the message that persistence and low-key stalking is the key When this girl rejected me, I just replied with three words: "ok, it's cool"; haven't spoken a word since. I'm sure that's the main reason she hasn't blocked me yet...
  14. My ex was like that. She actually pressured me to tell me every single thing I've achieved in my rather "mediocre life" (her words). She then made me give up all my social media passwords, so she could update my bio herself, adding some spice, and showing it off to her close friends.
  15. I'm actually enjoying the turn this thread has taken. It's helping me overcome my pain
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