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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well, I can tell no logical thing will change your mind. Could you elaborate on how many homosexuals you've managed to turn into heterosexuals?
  2. Strong debating skills. You must be the islamic Johnny Cochran, Jinnah Cochran.
  3. How did you even get into this mess? You are in Canada, she is in Pakistan? If you had this arranged for you, you my friend, have just been royally screwed. Why did you let this happen? If it was arranged, get them to arrange the divorce, and never trust their opinion again. They didnt even bother working out if she wanted to come to Canada?!
  4. Buddy. Your talking through your hat (turban?). No conversion therapy has ever worked. There are numerous medical articles on this. A rudimentary amount of research, that a 10 year old could do, would have let informed you on the lack of knowledge on this subject. Let me give you a helping hand; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conversion_therapy Even if you're one of those science deniers/flat earthers/covid deniers/anti vaxxers, logically you should be able to work it out; if conversion therapy worked, why did they stop doing it? It surely would have eradicared homosexuality l
  5. Many evangelists who are often Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses knock on my front door and say "I've lost my way" and that their religious beliefs "can get me back on the straight path". Your advice is doing the same with this woman, as the evangelicals who knock on my door. You'll probably get the same reaction - a door slammed in your face. If she wanted advise, she would have asked. Preaching and evangelising never works, unless the person is naive or gullible, it just repels people. Be a supportive human, then they might be interested in your input.
  6. I think a lot of it was very practical and not religious. This is what I would recommend: 1) Partake in a hobby that you REALLY enjoy. For me it was Olympic Weightlifting. I think something like BJJ or MMA is also good. Anything that allows you to learn the skillset of sticking at something for a long period of time, and to teach yourself the skillset of self improvement. This is key. If it's a physical hobby, all the better, anything that REALLY tires you out will help improve your stature/physical health and help stave off mental anxiety. It will also help develop some wisdom, pers
  7. Thank you Aflower. This is a kind sentiment to express.
  8. I'm going through something like this right now with my mother. This sort of overbearing devouring mother type is very common in the 1st generation of Pakistani (and others) immigrants. This happens a whole lot less in the native country, because in those types of societies the mother in law prevents the newly wed woman becoming tyrannical. In the immigrant situation, the newly wed wife is far far away from the mother in law, and so enjoys the freedom to become tyrannical, with no one whipping her into line, or calling her out on her behaviour.
  9. How can you know? Would you give that message to someone praying in Yemen for no bombs to be dropped in their area?
  10. I say stay in your own lane. Stop judging people's legal (She's not committing crimes, right?) life choices. Focus on living your life. She might not have any desire to be a Muslim. Unfortunately, Islam hasn't really taken up in the west as a mechanism to help gain some kind of peace. Instead, it's just been transplanted from old school cultural norms from the east directly into the west.
  11. Do your course tutors know about the problem? They normally give extentions for these type of conditions. Also, why not go back to your dr and try some other medicines? Have you tried methylphenidate?
  12. Well, pigs have both a liver and kidneys. As a species they are doing well, so I doubt the lack sweat is causing any detox based issues. BTW, birds also don't sweat - So if you can't eat pigs because of no sweat, you can't eat chicken either. That's ok man, you don't need to justify your sexuality to me. I accept you as a fellow Muslim brother whether you're straight or gay.
  13. 1) Not that I'm aware of. I've never heard of that. I'd be very curious to hear by which mechanism sweating is used by humans to detoxify? I know some birds remove urea through tears. 2) Sorry buddy, you're out of luck. I'm straight. But if you let me know your type, I can perhaps ask some of my single gay friends, to see if they are willing to go out with you?
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