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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If zionism falls the house of Saud falls, the house of saud is the same as the zionists so I pick Zionism
  2. No, because we would be in virtual hell for a reason. I'd repent if I did something wrong, and I'd ask for him to put me in a better place
  3. Sure why not, Its gonna take a year or two but I've got time
  4. My career aspiration as a 3 year old was to become Spider-Man It is needless to say I did not become Spider-Man
  5. What food did Ahl Al-Bayt eat and suggested us to eat and their benefits, what did they suggest us not to eat and why?
  6. Salam, I was wondering if there are any good book you would suggest me to read on https://www.al-islam.org
  7. Well the pleasure of doing right is better than the pleasure of doing wrong You are describing it like paradise, and in paradise we will be thankful to Allah, He gave us such incredible abilities, and the least we can do is be thankful, and one good deed leads to another, so humans, even in eternal paradise will be praying, because who ever loves Allah, his love will drive him/her to the path of Allah, and along the path we will find praying, remembering him, etc...... The root to all our good deeds is loving and being thankful to Allah
  8. In Yazid's rule he wanted the baya'a from the people of Mecca and Medina. Both didn't give him the baya'a, so he ordered for them to attack them, he massacred the people of the Medina, that event is known as the Event of Harra https://en.wikishia.net/view/Event_of_Harra His army then went to Mecca, where they surrounded Mecca, they catapulted fire balls at the city leading to the Kaaba being burned and destroyed If there are any mistakes forgive me.
  9. This is happening right now, many people are now studying in Qom. A lot of Bribery is happening and many corrupt people are racing to gain power. Authority is in the hands of the rich whether they're good or not Many people she religion and don't practice These 2 are occurring right now and many people are being killed without a good reason Doesn't everyone feel like time is speeding up Riba is spreading, so is zina, and drinking alcohol You are seen as weird and odd for not liking music Half of this is true, most people in the wo
  10. I have decided to make this post so we can decipher the signs that have happened and the signs yet to happen and predicting how close the next sign is. Major Signs: Appearance of Sufyani Appearance of Yamani The loud cry in the sky The murder of Nafse Zakeyyah Earth sinking in the land of Bayda Uncertain Signs: Solar eclipse in middle of the month of Ramadhan and lunar eclipse in the end of that month Seeing fire in the sky Successive wars and death of many people in the world Creation and development of science and knowledge in Qom
  11. The Vatican never fails to scare me I've heard there are some special books and pieces of history including Shia Islam books, unedited Bibles, and other artifacts in the Vatican Vault is it true
  12. Well you don't have to worry anymore cuz it seems I'm the only one who is ≤14
  13. These 2 are probably my favorites and they fit each other very well also very heartbreaking
  14. Real Madrid 2-3 Shakhtar Donetsk
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