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  1. A lot of my friends have been saying that there is a hadeeth where a man was born gay but managed to control his urges and married a woman. Im not sure if it is true, I tried looking for it but I found nothing.
  2. the exact same thing happened to my uncle's son
  3. I was looking everywhere for what the punishment is and I can't find it
  4. Lets say someone gave me money that he/she earned in haram ways or it could've been used for haram acts and/or intentions, or some one gave me a donation as if im needy and poor (which in this situation im not) and I buy something, should I return the items or pay kafara or pay sadiqa for the same price of the items I bought. Sorry it might confuse you but I need to know.
  5. I'm playing Minecraft, just lots and lots of Minecraft, I'm playing it with friends and enjoying it a lot.
  6. I think my friend is bisexual, at first I thought it was a joke but all of my other friends were very serious when they said it, he is a muslim too. I don't know where else to talk about this, I'm just confused and kind of in a state of denial about it, any advice?
  7. I've heard we will be 30 or 33 or at the age when we looked our best, but never 15
  8. I have seen something similar on reddit. there was a sub reddit called r/exmuslims and r/exmuslimmemes and there are much more, there is a lot of offensive and hurtful content there, I'm not sure if that's the sub reddit though
  9. What is considered stagnant water What must people who live alone do to avoid demonic possession
  10. Update: I replied and said may Allah forgive him, his response was you don't know how to talk well and that I'm a loser. I talked to him privately (this is all online) and he wanted to fight me and set a time too, I asked him who he was and he told me he is a very close friend of mine (he's very religious too). It shocked me, but I thank Allah for showing me his true nature.
  11. They are people I know from school, they won't stop doing it and it's getting on my nerves
  12. There is someone who is telling me bad things about my mother and what he does to her and other things that are meant to insult me, I can't show them due to it being inappropriate. I really want to know how I should respond without doing anything that Allah forbid, I can't stand this to be said about my mother. Thank you in advance.
  13. If zionism falls the house of Saud falls, the house of saud is the same as the zionists so I pick Zionism
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