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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My Father doesn’t know yet. My mother hasn’t met him or his family. I was planning to tell my Father soon but my Mother keeps trying to put me off by saying things like my dad won’t accept and there’s no chance because of his caste which is an issue anyway because I’m syed and he’s not, but now also because she is trying to say he is an ahmadi which is atrocious
  2. Honestly I find it appealing that caste is still being used to make marriage so difficult. He is not ahmadi at all, he had never heard of it and I persisted he ask his mum to which she relied no way we are not that but I understand why they would ask such a thing and have a right too.. he follows the ahlulbayt as do his parents, his father has opened up a imambarga etc. But yet my parent is still insisting that just because he is of Mirza caste that he follows ahmadi religion. :/
  3. Neither have i. Until I told one of my parents about the caste of my potential spouse. I mean straight away I associated caste and religion separate, ive even explained all this but still they are insisting they he is apparently an ahmadi just because of his caste. I’m just so dumbfound
  4. Asaalaam o laykum can anybody shed some light on the Mirza/Mughal caste and why it seems to be associated as a bad caste “oh mirzay are so bad, kafir etc” because I’m pretty sure it makes logical sense that a caste can’t indefinitely be associated with a religion.. what people are mistaking it for is ahmadis who follow a leader with the name Mirza who believes he is the Mahdi..? therefore you can’t make the judgement that all humans from the Mirza caste follow the Ahmadi religion, it’s like saying all Syeds are Shia when that is logical sense that they are not!
  5. It’s so disheartening that human beings focus so much on what other people think, how many things have been hindered due to this. I could never base my choices or decisions around what other people think. These same very people are doing their own thing and it’s really not that deep. I know in my heart that I shouldn’t wait or change who I want to marry based on what the community will think. These so called people have done nothing for me in my life and never will. This is my happiness at stake, I just feel I need my companion with me to help me through trials and tribulations in li
  6. I am the second oldest. I just feel upset that I have to wait around for this when I am so ready and feel at loss, I feel I have no worth or use to be at home where I am treated like a little girl instead of the woman that I am :/
  7. Asalaamolaykum , Now I know this topic has been discussed time and time again (I have read every forum regarding it) and a lot of you may be like ugh not again but I would sincerely like some support and guidance with reference to my personal situation. I have found the man I would like to marry. He has a lot of the qualities I desire in a husband, lover, best friend and companion. He follows Shia beliefs, like I. We are on the same level in many ways. I am very much ready for marriage, as is he. We would like to get married to please Allah and to also allow us too both sta
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