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  1. Salam everyone! I haven't been on this website in forever. So hi. What's on everyone's mind. How are we all doing?
  2. That's good maybe he can learn his lesson
  3. Salam everyone In the Quran i saw the word Ruhullah and always wondered why Isa (عليه السلام) is called Ruhullah But doesn't Ruhullah mean "Spirit of God" This really confuses me.
  4. Completely agree this is exactly why marriage scares me.
  5. Sister your husband needs help. Do you know why he does this?
  6. EXACTLY. I completely agree. Hitting a woman or child can not be justified. IT IS NOT HUMAN. Can also cause a lot of damage someone's mental health. HITTING A CHILD WILL NOT TEACH THEM. It will only make them HATE you.
  7. How can you think like this!? That just does not make sense in my opinion a man loses his humanity the moment he lays a hand on her. Imam ali says to treat women with respect. You cant justify hitting a woman.
  8. Hi guys! Its been a while I've been gone for 2 months but Ya girls back with another weird topic i know all my topics are weird. But I had the weirdest dream. i had a dream that Imam al Mehdi was killed and the world was in chaos. Do you guys think this dream means something? let me know. also your welcome to share your weirdest dreams under this topic! wasalmualaikum
  9. Well that's good but if this man were good for you than it wouldn't matter your look's to him.
  10. Yeah but it doesn't matter if the woman is not a Alweya. If sister @Ain-Al Hayat gets married to this man and has children with him her children will still be sada.
  11. Salam guys! So as you can tell with the title I'm directing this question to Sunnis on this website: Do you believe in a Mehdi as we do?? For us Al Mehdi or Al Hujja is the last Imam of the 11 imams after Ali (عليه السلام) he is over 1000 years old and has a group of followers (the 313) whom will cleanse the world of Kuffar and Mushrikeen. He will cure sickness and help those in need. But how does that work for our Sunni brothers? Do they even believe in a Mehdi??
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