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  1. My cousin recently told the family that he’s got this non-muslim girlfriend and they both wanna move in together. He called me and told me about how serious he and how he wants practice islam properly starting from the very beginning, and his girlfriend wants to convert too, not sure if its just so the family accepts her or what I don’t know I still want to help them but I’m not the most knowledgeable person about islam myself, I was just wondering, what books do you recommend for a person exploring shia islam, that can get them really interested too
  2. No reason for your dad whether consent is needed or not to abuse her and put her through mental pain, by the sounds of it your dad must be in the wrong but your mum seems to love him anyway, or maybe scared of being alone. Your mum like you said is going through alot of mental pain which is why I think the best you can do is support her, comfort her, listen to her and make duas for her wellbeing, atleast that way she’ll always feel like she has you two even though its the job of your dad to protect her physically and emotionally and leave the rest to Allah.
  3. Can you guys dumb it down for me say a girl wants to become a man because she’s felt like that most her life whats the ruling on that? @Zainuu
  4. The Duas for qunoot for the last one mentioned, do you have to do them or just recommended?
  5. Salam Can someone tell me easy way on how to do midnight prayer, for beginners? and what time exactly should it be done because Ive heard it can be done straight after isha prayers?
  6. Yes youre right, our thoughts might all be different but the one thing we humans all have in common is, our destination which is our grave. Then we will find out whether there is a Creator or not. If you right, then we’re just be forever sleeping and I don’t mind sleeping, but what would my point be being alive be?!? Just another waste, came and went. It can’t be, it just don’t make sense Say you are right and there is not God (for the sake of arguement) what do you think about religion? Was it better for humanity or not? we’re only given so much time to question and search for those question, don’t jump to conclusions my friend, ask before it’s too late
  7. I like to think of it this way we have eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, what if there is so much more but we just don’t have the organs to realise it just like a person born blind and deaf will never realise what its like to see or hear? theres countless evidences around us about there being a god (but thats coming from a muslim point of view), technology has advanced so much yet we still don’t know absolutely nothing! Theres so much we havent seen out there, and even on our own planet for example the ocean? How much of it is still undiscovered? We literally know nothing How can anyone come to the conclusion of ‘there is no god’ or something behind all of this with the little knowledge that we have!!! the real question is, would the world have been a better place if there was no religion?
  8. Its a really good book, Im reading it for the second time now incase Ive missed anything. Im not much of a reader either, infact I havent read in years but this book is really good for people who want to improve their prayers, gets you really hooked Its good some amazing advices, talks about how at first one shouldn’t pray to enjoy it because if one does pray to enjoy it and doesnt, he’ll lose motivation and eventually stopped praying because hes not enjoying one should pray to be obedient to Allah and enjoyment will inshallah come its got much more this obviously but this one was the most relevant to me, overall its helped me with my prayers hope that helps
  9. The only thing he can do is try his best to convince her whether it be sitting down with her having a very serious chat and talk about how it’ll literally doom her whole life and akhira and for what? Sexual desires. Or getting parents involved (for chat not for forced marriages). It might get ugly and stress everyone out but atleast you can say to yourself that you tried. The rest is up her and Allah Tell her what will happen if she does chase those desires, its gonna affect your relationship with her, maybe even break your family, im sure your parents will be heartbroken and might even blame themselves Im speaking on my experience, on how I chased my desires and what it did to my family, completely broke it. Trying hard to fix it now but the memory wont go away
  10. The thing Im really confused about is how any gay or gay supporter can say ‘im born that way, love is love’ but when a person who practices incest, they’re in the wrong wouldnt they be born that way too? and if its about kids being born retarded or something, then they can just not have kids? Another gay said in another forum that if its about kids, yes we cant have kids but Id rather adopt even if I was a heterosexual. People who practice incest can just not have kids and adopt aswell, if they’re not harming anyone then why is it wrong? Why are they in the wrong? They’re not harming anyone? They can’t help but love their sister/brother/mother/ dad that way? They want to be with them but can’t? Isnt that torture for them? They use the exact same argument as any homosexual would I am genuinely interested in knowing what they think about this
  11. My aim isn’t to get you all worked up and all, but this is the belief of millions of muslims and its not gonna change, whether you think we’re all vile makes no difference to us, islam isnt gonna change even if majority of the world practices homosexuality may Allah guide us all
  12. Yes, because gay people who grow up seeing straight relationships turn out to be straight. That was sarcasm by the way. I know it might be tough for you to understand that. Not when they see lads like you practicing it, and who constantly tell them its normal, there’s always gonna be people with homosexual thoughts, its not gonna help them snap out of it when they’re encouraged to I said the practice was haram? Again, the practice is vile, wrong and will be accepted in islam. Islam has a strong stand against the practice and it will never change Donald Trump is a clown, theres a huge difference when a clown says something and with a person who’s studied it and has scientific backing for it I’m sorry buddy, islam isn’t gonna change it rulings and says its all good just so yous can feel better about yourselves and what yous are doing I dont know how yous expect millions of muslims who sacrifice everything for their religion to just abandon what they believe in so yous can feel good about yourself It’s never gonna happen
  13. Thank you so much for that brother!! OCD is a very big issue for some converts and reverts, or for people like myself who came from a very sinful past, unfortunately its not discussed much by shiekhs, very few lectures about them too Some people with OCD (speaking about myself) don’t like turning to therapist, because the first thought that cames to mind is ‘what would they know about what I’m going through, it would make no sense to them because my OCD is all religion related’. So seeing fellow Shias such as yourself with this past trauma and how you dealt with it really encourages and helps. It helps me alot This topic should be discussed in absolute details with all the knowledge you guys have because a lot of people such as myself will really appreciate it! May Allah reward all of you!
  14. That's not what I was talking about. You said that being taught that being gay was OK was turning people gay. That's the part I was saying was false. If a kid that doesnt even know how and what relationships are for, they seen guys kissing guys, girls on girls, it will 100% have an effect on them. they grow up thinking its normal and fine and its trendy, of course its gonna have effect on them? Im amazed at how you guys pick and choose what part of islam you want to follow homosexuality is not a sin, but practicing it is a major sin. Its not gonna change no matter how much you guys try to twist it! Islam will never change and it will never condone homosexuality. Period! homosexuals arent taught to hate themselves, gay or not, still brothers in religion but its when you practice it and condone it that we have a problem with yeah its not just islamic countries. Countries like russia say do what you want in private but dont be doing that in public because of the effects it has on society, you dont need islam to tell you homosexuality is vile Dr. John Sin Hock Tay in his book - born gay: examining the scientific evidence for homosexuality says ”the claim by homosexuals that ‘I am born that way, so I cannot change’ is simply not true” But never mind that, the biggest thing in islam is struggling in the way of Allah by avoiding haram things that you like and doing halal things which you dislike, so even if you are gay (which is not a sin) youre just gonna have to fight your desires please stop trying to justify homosexuality practices, its vile, its wrong and will never be accepted in islam.
  15. Thanks you for that brother But i am not a convert to shia islam, i was already a follower, not a very good one though, so does that still apply I follow ayatollah sistani aswell, just some of the stuff is a little difficult for me to understand since i got OCD too, helps me much more to talk to a real person can you tell me a charity that ayatollah sistani has permitted
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