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  1. Later on after the interview he made a video saying the trans gender wasn't a Muslim. Sins don't take you out of Islam.
  2. Salam All, Please do not derail this topic into something that is not about what I originally posted. Please go start another thread. Thank you.
  3. Salam Brother Thanks for the advice and I agree for the most part.
  4. All I did was post a video and you expressed the extent of disrespect you felt just because of the possibility/speculation of Malcolm as a Shia. If that's not hatred then use whatever word you want, but its clear hatred to me. I even said I wanted confirmation if this relative of Malcom is reliable showing sincerity in wanting to know if its to be trusted or not. You are obviously insecure or threatened by something for you to explode this way... You were the first to mention how disrespected you were, NOT ME brother. Go check what you wrote . And don't try to direct this thread into another topic about cursing sahabas. If you're that interested go browse Shiachat which I'm sure you already do very well and you'll find plenty on that topic. You accusing Shias of Taqiyya, lying etc. honestly its nothing new. Its laughable. But I applaud the propagandists for being able to brainwash their audience to that extent. I love how much time you spent on here with Shia's despite your believe of how devoted we are to lying. We love an obsessive admirer hehe. Oh and you must live in some dreamland or be a character in your own books to believe your books are not fabricated. Idk what world you live in, but people do change their sect. So just because at some point he said he was Sunni, it does not mean that never changed. Either way I prefer him being a Sunni than an Atheist or Christian. You were not able to reply to me without bombarding me with personal attacks. I personally hate when things turn so ugly. Therefore & all in all you are not worthy of having a civilized discussion with. But what can we do. You left a bad taste in my mouth mix that with your lack of sincerity = cannot be taken seriously And that's not what the article concluded.. it was not the goal of the article to prove he was Shia. The article just showed if there was a connection or if he was influenced by Shi'sm in some way, which is what it states in the abstract. This article wouldn't be published if the authors hadn't had some sort of incentive or 'hint' of Shi'sm that they believed Malcolm had also. The article is a speculation more than anything. Like I said I prefer him being a Sunni than an Atheist or Christian. What got you so heated and flustered I don't know. May Allah guide us all.
  5. 2 people so far have posted that research paper which is interesting. Wish it was more accessible as you have to pay for it if you want to read it all. Can anyone summarize what is on there?
  6. I didn't see anyone bring this up here. 2 people so far have posted that research paper which is interesting. Wish it was more accessible as you have to pay for it if you want to read it all.
  7. I did not know this. But would love to know if there are any videos he's spoken about being Shia.
  8. I'm disrespected and embarrassed that this hatred and infighting is what represents Islam to the world today. And we are al clumped into one...and they have to group me with people that have your mentality, which I do not want any part of. Sad days that Muslims have bred this poisonous strand of Islam that I do not know who, or what managed to convince ya'll to have such deep hatred in your hearts for other Muslim.
  9. Al Salam Alaykum Is it true that a mothers satisfaction with her child determines whether the child will be successful or unsuccessful in live? I mean in general. I have always been told by others from a young age that if my mother is angry with me and not satisfied with my action then Allah will not grant me success. This this true? is there evidence for it in our religion? Thank you
  10. As a girl 99% of the time it would end up in rejection if a guy directly tells me he want to get to know me or ask for a phone number, IF there was no convo to begin with to lead to it. A better way is to start a conversation (respectful) with her in public for 15-20 minutes, or when she is with a group of people, this way she will warm up to you and it won't be too creepy. If it was a group situation then ask someone from the group to speak to her on your behalf. Note that even in this situation a girl might say no because we don't want to come across as too easy, so maybe ask the person to speak to the girl again if you think there is a chance. You will kind of have to analyze the situation yourself and use your instinct depending on the situation. If she was by herself and the conversation went well then you have a couple of options: Tell her you're interested in getting to know her. See how she responds. If good then ask what is the best way to contact her. The convo will flow from here. You will have to improvise. Find out her social media and message her. Or ask if she has social media. Asking for her personal phone number is a bit too much. We are more likely to give our social media than our phone number. Tell her that you enjoyed talking to her. See how she responds. If good then ask for her guardians phone number. Asking directly for a guardians phone number is a brave move. But unfortunately in some environments girls are not used to it. So you will have to analyze the situation yourself and decide if its appropriate. Make sure you keeps it very respectful and halal if you managed to find a way to contact her. And make sure to get your families involved as soon as possible as that is the ultimate goals. All you want to know from contacting and speaking to her is to make sure she is interested as well and if there is any attraction and potential. Once that is done then the families must get involved.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8nvsZmDhjM&feature=youtu.be Tupac Shakur and Malcolm X were Shia as said in this interview by one of Malcolm's relatives. Did ya'll know this? Its is new to me. I couldn't find the full video, please post if anyone finds it Also, who is the relative, is the info reliable? I didn't dig deep into it just yet lol, but I find this interesting.
  12. I usually keep them save because they have the name of Allah written on them. And yes I think it will be cute for future children to read them, however some are a bit embarrassing, so I'll keep those hidden away ahah.
  13. إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ
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