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  1. Yes in those days he use to do some great talks. Ok i checked if he done anything recently at WEF but nothing yet. He seemed to be a bit concerned about the A.I.
  2. Your welcome. He has some interesting points. I like how he talks about spiritual traditions and technology and being made aware of its pros and cons. Have a blessed one Insha Allah.
  3. Salaam, sorry to come at this all negative and doubtful, but this just sounds like new age, western positive thinking pseudo spirituality which isnt based in reality. Ws thank you for your thoughts always good to hear people’s views. Its ok everyone is entitled to their thoughts and beliefs its what makes the world what it is today. With regards to the new age yes there are some who will promote that kind of thinking positive thinking and pseudo psychology, but I am not talking about that. Where they want to just think positive and ignore all the issues and things will get worse that way. You have those who will have a positive attitude and do something about what’s going on in the world. That is what I resonate with. My own experiences (I can’t speak for everyone) Actually seeing the challenges we are facing is a good thing so we can do more about them. I agree having a balanced view is about life and faith can only be a good thing. With what Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) say’s about being tried and with fear yes of course and its also a way for us to transition through those fears and tests and become stronger and develop our souls. Its not so much about pushing the fear away-you go through your fears, you embrace them and that is true progress. The word awake has been getting used allot like other words. Its really about what we are experiencing and how we want to connect that to our own lives. The trusting in Allah goes without saying. Yes we are actually very powerful by the Grace of God and its for people to truly realize that potential with God on your side its achievable. I understand you meant it making the Dunya right. That is what I mean with faith In God yes we support God and God will support us and we will have all the potential do that. "means to be aware of things, it doesnt mean we turn into some hippies and sing 60s songs about peace and love and being positive and sit and meditate life away." I agree its not about doing those things, its about being active in our own lives and the collective. "The reality of this world is and always has been one of trial, pain, suffering, loss, regret, sin, hardship etc." Yes I’m with you here it is a world of hardships. This is a good world but also a hard world. The realities of that we experience but having the gratitude and hoping for the best and expecting the best despite that does make a difference. I’m with you on feeling the pain, of course when we are going though our challenges it is not easy and you can’t just magically say everything is great and I feel wonderful but from my own experiences yes I will go though these and do my best as I’m sure you would too. The pain of growth is what makes us too. I practice gratitude too which helps whilst going through those challenges. "And judging is absolutely necessary. If some random nasty immoral looking dude approaches for your daughters hand in marriage, theres gonna be a bit of judging going on...everything we do in life requires some form of judging. Im not talking about condemning. The 2 are not the same." Yes agreed. We need a healthy amount of judging to make our decisions. "I am in complete agreement with the powers that be wanting us to be mired in fear etc cuz that IS a major contributing factor in their control of the masses, however, to think that by the general population swinging the pendulum to the complete opposite side of things is going to help, i can't buy into that." We may see an improvement in society Insha Allah and it’s a good start to the path of hope. Of course that won’t be the only thing that will bring change the more we check our souls and also work towards clearing out the evils in society. For me its not about wishing it away personally , its about confronting what’s in front of us just like we confront the challenges and test we have to go through in our lives. I am still reading through the Quran so let’s see what comes through. For me its helped so I can’t say for everyone else but I have found changing my thought patterns and feeling my emotions and how I react to situations is better. It was nice talking to you. Hope your having a blessed Ramadan. Sheikh Nurjan’s videos are really good if anyone wants to know more o
  4. You never know seeing as they have no essence of humanity in them. they might as well be from the jinn creations.
  5. Salaams hope your well. I don’t know allot about A.I and from what I feel and have watched and read it really is at its roots a satanic attack on mankind. The jinn’s that live inside the A.I is how it works .This is the coming of the jinn world to take over mankind. (They will fail) Yes there are other reasons like you said about corporations wanting to save money and even more dangerous cloning and mimicking singers as a example. Also for those who say its a good thing for Muslims, They will simply carry it on with more music. And yes creative industries as well possibly other industries may well get changed and where does this leave people. Well we need to remember one thing and its been echoed through all religions: What vibrations we choose to live in. The dark forces want us to live in fear and worry (survival cycles and limitations) A soulless existence if you will. But God is with us so they will never fully One person's comment from a channel. “Your mental and emotional energy changes the course of the future, which is why they want everyone resonating in fear so that they can retain control. When you awaken to your true consciousness, radiating in confidence and love, free from judgment and fear, you change the energy of those around you, affecting the vibrational field of the planet. You awake, is their greatest fear.” This really is true. I am sure we have all felt this when our faith is strong and we are infused with a sense of inspiration and wonder and what a beautiful feeling it is to have within us and to share with others. I also think that with A.I its to overwhelm us and so we disconnect from our divine essence. This is what the brain chips are about they want us to have them, its so the jinns can control our minds. We must also remember the people who program the A.I programs are only people and depends what their intentions are. Everything is based on intention, if they are devoid of love and immersed in lower vibration well that too goes into the program in just the same way when we create our own projects. Let’s remember the story of Solomon's (عليه السلام) encounters with Queen Sheeba and the palace. And the many amazing miracles of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) and the Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) This goes to show us the vast potential of the human spirit which has barely been touched yet.. We know when Imam Zaman (عليه السلام) arrives he will bring divine justice and the remaining letters of knowledge and science and technology will be on another level. Quiet exciting times. You know what this all really is? Its to stop humanity from connecting, everything from phones, to online gaming to driver less cars and self automated tills stops people from connecting we were created to connect to one another and what is created by the Supreme God (The Lord of Majesty and generosity, Lord of Glory and Honour) The people who are attempting to create their one world system know the potential of the human spirit and are desperate to keep it under control. This is a challenging time and for those who go technology slave driven into that world without their Lord, they will be mind controlled soulless zombies connected to the A.I world of jinns. What we create with our intentions is the most important thing because its from Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). A.I does not have that but we do. Whatever wonderful and creative projects we desire to build we can and they will have God’s blessings because our intentions are from our souls and our souls are from the All Knowing and the All Knowing is infinitely more powerful than A.I. So whatever we create is from connection to Allah and it is real..and what is real will have the vibration of truth and shine the highest light of good. I am not anti-technology but I believe we need to have a balance. Let’s take in what God is inspiring us with in terms of visionary ideas and the world of thoughts that are from His Kingdom. I feel this is a time where we call on Allah and ask His help through these times. He is the All Guiding. I was thinking about the children who are growing up now and we need to build a world where they have the love of God in them and teach them compassion for all people, as well nurturing them with empathy and the skills they need to thrive and grow. Insha Allah. This is a time for us to work together in our communities and allow The Most High to guide us with true potential. You into creative arts? Have a look at these videos that give some interesting talks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKofxk1UoM4&t=228s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzSpQOqU4hI&t=469s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T72IhjgU9Tg
  6. I am surprised that this was not brought up as a more important topic. Are there people who live in America here or close to East Palestine? This was no mistake. Has anyone also heard about the other two train derailments? Their was another one in Florida. Also the explosion at a metals factory in Ohio? I need to check. I am putting the articles here if anyone wants to research further on the train derailments. https://www.naturalnews.com/2023-03-02-rail-car-carrying-propane-flips-over-florida.html https://toxins.news/2023-02-19-trains-carrying-hazardous-materials-continue-to-derail.html# And in Cleaveland a warehouse destroyed. The evil forces are waging war on mankind. Let's see how this goes but it doesn't look good. I'm surprised I have not had anyone from my family and friends say anything about this expect one person. https://www.naturalnews.com/2023-03-02-east-palestine-air-high-concentrations-toxic-chemicals.html
  7. Here are some articles if anyone wants to read on East Palestine Ohio. http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/food-industry-insider-warns-of-contaminated-crops-as-a-result-of-the-east-palestine-environmental-disaster/ https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/02/27/chemical-bronchitis-east-palestine-residents-experiencing-painful-breathing-rashes-weakness/ https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/were-dying-slowly-east-palestine-residents-report-bizarre-health-issues-after-toxic-train https://www.naturalnews.com/2023-02-27-alarming-cover-ups-in-the-east-palestine-train-wreck-chemical-nightmare.html#
  8. Your right. Maybe some are lost within and need to find their inner compass and direction again. I have not seen much on these topics in our community here in London. I like what you said about defending honor and tradition. Two forces that are much needed in this world.
  9. That's a shame. I liked his talks and found him inspiring. I guess it happens.
  10. Ws that's interesting, its good that the jabs have had not had any affects on birthrates in Iran (sadly not the same for many other countries since the jabs started) Yes I do remember that Iran was implementing a population control program a while back and thnak God Imam Khameni to redo this now. I hope other countries will have the courage to do the same too.
  11. Ws I agree with you about big pharmacy companies putting pressure on the countries. (I will still need to research regarding the sinopharam, spuntik and cuban ones) As I have been reading up some views from people who are saying that they may also be dangerous. Once I have finished studying then I can make a a decision.) But from what you said yes the rest makes sense. One thing I wanted to ask was to check the birthrates in Iran, if they have dropped allot as well? (since jabs were given ) There have been allot of miscarriages and still births in some countries since the jabs started but i need to see if its similar in countries that had non western vaccines.
  12. There seem to be different opinions about him in the comments on the video. Most seem negative but a few that are saying he does desire peace. I only saw him walking calmly rather than storming. Although he seems to be ok with Israel, I’m still reading up on him. Let's see whilst he may support Zionism, he still does have some good ideas about society and his alternative platform to the w.e.f. (let's see if it turns out to be something good or not.)
  13. Yes I would say their was a campaign to use leaders (political/religious as well as sports people and celebrities) To put the pressure on their populations and this happened right across all countries as far as I know. I don't know what Khomeinei's intentions were for coming on live tv but i guess perhaps that he was not informed of what this was all really about, which i find hard to believe or he- like all leaders across the world was told what to do. Also do you have the full data for how many people took the jabs? I am not sure how reliable they are as I remember here in the U.K they outright lied how many people took the jabs, claiming only five million have refused and that was not true. I personally believe that the national tv jab taking by leaders were fake. That I agree was a stage show to deceive their peoples. Yet we need to look at what might be going on deeper, even if many took it if their leaders did too. There are many who also would use their intuition and say no we are not taking them. The dajjal system have control over most if not all nations. The w.e.f and damage from the jabs is out in the open but now we need to do our best to work with the good souls in all countries. Also there are those in Iran of a spiritual light who will not do what the w.e.f want. Those ones will work for Imam Mahdi aj.
  14. Ok I was not aware he was a zionist. I thought he was speaks out allot about issues and was a voice for the people. I think I will need to read up on him more. We could do the same idea with our own and bring the business men/women teachers, industry experts ect and start our thing.
  15. A possible alternative to the w.e.f. Its a encouraging start. https://www.cf.org/news/jordan-peterson-announces-world-economic-forum-alternative/?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=campaign&_kx=adcxmkzQ8F6BIMPo1e7q2s6iE_vCLD9Qj6eqG88W0xc%3D.XUxKJ4
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