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  1. wa alla Hujjat Al Islam Mohammad ibn Hassan Al Mahdi
  2. Allhuma sali ala Muhamammad wa ala Ali Ibn Abi Talib wa ala Fatima Al Zahra wa ala Al Hassan wa ala Al Hussein wa ala Ali ibn Hussein Al Sajjad wa ala Muhammad ibn Ali Al Baqir wa ala Jafar ibn Muhammad Al Sadiq wa ala Musa ibn Jafar Al Kathim wa ala Ali ibn Musa Al Reza wa ala Muhammad ibn Ali Al Jawad wa ala Ali ibn Muhammad Al Hadi wa ala Hassan ibn Ali Al Askari
  3. But the thing is our brothers and sisters in China are suffering. I'm not saying the Iranian government is perfect and free from mistakes and I'm also not saying they should completely cut ties with China, that would be very foolish. I believe they should put effort into easing the conditions of the Chinese Muslims but also maintain a good relationship with China. Maybe they are trying to do that but privately kind of like how Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan when asked about the China concentration camps said Pakistan deals matters with China privately, Allah knows our intentions best.
  4. I agree that this is probably why. However, what makes the US and UK evil to the Iranian government and China a good ally because I personally do not like both China and the US.
  5. Sorry for not checking my grammar, I know this paragraph is confusing. I meant to write ’camps that are said to’ as well as ’Iran, a country that is known for wanting to help oppressed Muslims in countries such as Palestine, Yemen and Lebanon has been silent on these camps’.
  6. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful China has lately been trying to exterminate the Muslims that live in their country. For a few years Chinese Muslims have been sent to concentration camps that are said force them to eat pork, take of the hijabs as well as other horrible stuff. Iran, a country that is known for wanting to help oppressed Muslims in countries such as Palestine, Yemen and Lebanon. Why has the government of Iran not done anything to stop this atrocity in China from continuing. And don’t get me wrong, I am a supporter of the Islamic revolution and I love Ayatollah Khomeini as well as Ayatollah Khamenaei but I want to know the opinion of the ShiaChat.com community on this issue.
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