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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam i agree with your point that the holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) couldn't care for nations and races, in fact i'm sure the very concept of looking down on someone due to race was something the Prophet tried eliminating completely However ,the main problem is the standard of living , crime rate and politics has all changed with the policy of open borders. London is now 45% white and the crime rate has skyrocketed ,is that a coincidence? Sweden's rape crime has increased by 51% all being foreign born and France ,belgium,uk experienced terrorist attacks that have never been seen befor
  2. You're wrong, Immigrants almost always vote Democrat (pro welfare, pro immigration and gun restrictions) which can be seen with Virginia and Texas turning into Blue states thanks to 10 years of constant immigration ,i believe the current population in these states is around 50-60% hispanic. As for "hard working" you're implying that the people already in America arn't hard working which is false. This just proves my point further that multi-racial societies don't work because every race wants something different; the whites want closed borders while immigrants want open borders that fl
  3. The African countries represented in the UN don't have a problem ,per-say, of materials being harvested by foreign bodies as i believe they know that due to current domestic problems in africa they could not do it themselves and this way they're atleast getting a small cut of the profit which is better than post colonial days atleast. Africa will always be milked so long as they're foreign invaders boast higher intellect. when europeans arrived in Africa they hadn't invented the wheel or had a word for "future" and to this day many small towns and tribes still don't have access
  4. 1. Because most immigrants come from "islamic"/socalist/corrupt countries, and they'll vote their own twisted cultural values, rather than assimilate to our culture of self-reliance. Take the Labour party in the UK for example ,the majority of immigrants here primarly vote labour every election which is open borderns and social welfare. 2. lower wages for the working class 3. cannot re-create western idealism ie the magna carta or the american constitution. Only Imam ali(عليه السلام) was able to create something better on how rulers should rule. 4. replacing the native populatio
  5. I cannot take this forced universal shia pacifism supplied with unlimited hedonism from living in the west. My blood is of a different breed, the old blood of the truly free courses violently through my viens. I am not of this docile and domesticated blood. My body and soul yearn endlessly for religious freedom in Pakistan/middle east and i will one day join my ancient kin in Heaven inshallah
  6. I agree to the notion that exploiting countries during civil unrest is usually in the wrong. However, if we use the continent of Africa (which has tons of natural resources) as an example many american, chinese and european companies have bought shares of land to unearth Africa's riches since Africa itself is often unstable due to bickering tribes and conflicting ideologies ,the world simply cannot wait for a whole continent to "get a grip" in an increasing technological advanced society. Atleast many of the companies hire africans themselves which can help uplift them out of poverty in some a
  7. pakistanis/middle easterners always criticize the west for numerous reasons ,but one thing they have right is religious freedom. The government here allows me to practice my faith and curse the sahaba rightly so without obstruction and even provide security if we asked for it. I'd never get the same treatment in Pakistan(i'd probably be killed) or any middle eastern country. including Iran since they mistreat christians ,jews and zoroastrians. Subhanallah i live in a civilised country. and this is coming from a pakistani immigrant who's family arrived in the 50s (most racist time-p
  8. Is right-wing ideology allowed in shia-islam? personally i'm against immigration, believe in the free-market and have common belief that the country that i'm in (Britain) should control the majority of the 3rd world to maintain peace between ideologies and ethnic groups. I'm also prone to follow political groups like "UKIP" and also militant shia groups ie Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas and strongly against iranian and Saudi arab proxy wars.
  9. Creating a child and then subjecting them to rules they must abide by is selfish
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