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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Muawiya and Yazeed killed Americans? Interesting. And who exactly are Muawiya and Yazeed?
  2. Looks like the work of Sistani's Badr terrorists. Earlier on they were burning down Syed Al Sadr's office.
  3. i hope there are lots of shia traitors under that mushroom. :)
  4. yes lets all close our eyes and pretend the shia are not helping the americans kill muslims in iraq. that will really help matters.
  5. Anyone shias disagree with, they call wahabi. Apparently im also supposed to be a wahabi because I say that helping the Kuffar kill muslims in Iraq is wrong.
  6. What war? The Americans have already reached their objectives with Afghanistan. The show is run by proxy war lords who control different parts of the country while in Kabul, Karzai poses for Western papers in colors so loud, they keep everyones eyes off Dostums torture chambers and Bagram air base where Qurans are flushed down the toilet. The Americans only keep 30,000 troops in Afghanistan and most of them are just workers at air bases who are there standing ready for the aerial attack on Iran. Of course they cant attack Iran while they are constantly under fire in Iraq.
  7. Gloat what you will. Right after they invaded Iraq, they openly stated their intent to attack Syria. But that was before the Islamic Resistance started up in Iraq. They can not fight Iran at the same as resistance carries on in Iraq, they admit this themselves: US admits that it cannot fight two wars at once By Toby Harnden in Washington http://www.telegraph.co.uk:80/et?ac=005310.../21/wwar21.html THE Pentagon is to abandon its decade-old policy of maintaining an armed force capable of waging two major wars simultaneously. Instead, the US military will be reconfigured to cope with the demand
  8. The attacks started during the seige of Najaf and Fallujah. At point when it started the Kuffar were responsible for 100% of the attacks because then there was no motivation since shias and Sunnis were both in the Jihad against the Kuffar. But then the Shia made a deal with the Americans and they started helping the Kuffar bomb muslims in Fallujah, Ramadi, Kirkuk, Tal Afar and Al Qaim. During this time Muslims have witnessed the treachery of the Shia and are starting to realise it is a case of kill or be killed. The Americans are one problem but the Shia are a much bigger problem because they
  9. LoL. You first try to make the claim that Shias dont support the US attack on Muslim towns and then you go and contradict yourself by describing the attackers as people "who are bravely trying to protect their country from terrorists". The treachery of the Shia is constantly going to get exposed by the Iraq war untill Muslims finnally turn on you traitors. And then you will wish you were never born.
  10. because your shia and the shia are helping the kuffar murder muslims in Iraq.
  11. Noor seems to be completly cut off from reality. His ideology seems to be "I am Shia therefore I hate".
  12. America can not attack Iran right now because the Mujahideen in Iraq are holding 350,000 American soldiers down.
  13. Its good to see more and more Palestinians with beards and Islamicly dressed. I hated that nationalistic stuff in the 80s.
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