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  1. Salaam Aleykum, I had a very weird dream. I was with a friend and then suddenly we saw 3 dogs. They started chasing us. In the end, they left my friend. After some while, 2 of the dogs disappeared, they were brown. Then a blue dog came and starting chasing me and looking at me. All the dogs looked scary and very strong. What does this mean? Jazak Allah Khairan
  2. Salaam, After reading that we have dhaeeh hadiths in our books, i got really confused about which ones are saheeh. How do we know which hadiths are saheeh? I always thought that Bihar al Anwar was saheeh, but apparently, it’s full of fabricated ahadith. I have a kind of feeling that bukhari and muslim are more authentic then our books. Yes, they do contain some weird hadiths, but i guess that most of them are actually saheeh. I’d really appreciate it if you could help me with finding a book or something with only saheeh classified shia hadiths. W/salaam
  3. Salaam, What does happen to people who die as a teenager? (Between 12-17). Will they experience the same things as a person who is an adult? Is there a chance that they will go to hell? Is there a difference between boys and girls? Do they miss their family in this dunnya? Jazak Allah Khairan
  4. I read a Hadith from the holy prophet saw which says that one who dies from an epidemic/plague, dies as a martyr. Is this true?
  5. I had a dream about a boy who held my right hand with force, and then made a hole in my right hand with his hand. What does this mean? I found this, but I don’t know if this is benefiting “Interlocking one's hands ïz½ (Intertwine) In a dream, interlocking one's hands means a partnership, a contract, marriage, stagnation, stillness of business, delinquency in one's prayers, negligence of one's duties, difficulties with one's family, or a meeting that purports evil. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin“
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