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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam People. I had a question regarding me playing in a local tournament. It's a tournament for a video game 'dota 2'. A Team game that is played on a computer. the tournament itself has no entry fee. The issue is that the tournament is sponsored by a gambling company 'pickle bet'. I want to play this tournament with the intention to see 'how good i really am'. I want nothing to do with the haram money. the haram money is not a motive for me. my intentions are clear, i want nothing to do with the money. I just want to see how good i really am and have some fun. I am a follower of sistani. Can i please get some help. thank you
  2. @Muhammad Al-Hurr Thanks for answering bro, it's just that sometimes i get bored and some of these podcasts are so good at filling up time. They're convenient to put on when you're at the gym also some of them are seriously funny, but you're right. Thanks once again. Now i can listen without feeeling like a hypocrite lool
  3. Hello. Quick question, I'm against swearing as it is haram/Forbidden. But sometimes when i go on youtube i like to watch these podcasts where the hosts are always swearing and saying jokes that involve some sort of foul swear word (F word). Does that make me a hypocrite if i myself don't swear but enjoy watching podcasts/standup/Youtube videos where people swear/Make jokes. Thank you
  4. @Nightclaw Please if you would like to debate, There is a group of shia on discord. I hope you're familiar with discord. It's a social media Platform. These guys are shia's who are constantly debating with sunnis. This is a link to join their channel. https://discord.gg/UnTpcsue . They are very comfortable debating over a group call, they are respectful and normal behaving most of the time, they are 18 year olds so. So you gotta be a bit patient. 'Imamiyah Discord'
  5. Is working at coles or Aldi considered haram, because you're apart of the process of selling alcohol and other haram things (bacon). I am a follower of sistani marja. Someone help!. Thank you.
  6. Salam alaikoum fellow brothers and sisters. I Play a lot of Dota 2 ( A game similiar to League of legends). I play a lot of ranked mode. Basically what ranked is, you a play with other team mates and you put some MMR Points on the line. If you win a game with team mates you gain 25+ MMR and if you lose with your team mates you lose 25 MMR. (Basically the more MMR you attain, the better the games get. MMR is just a digital thing. You can't buy anything with it. My question is, Is playing Ranked considered gambling in our shia fiqh? (Im a sistani marja). And also another question is, how many hours a day of video games is acceptable. Apparently playing for a longer duration of time isn't acceptable because it is considered (Lahoo (in arabic)). Lahoo is a arabic word that kinda means wasting time or not attending ur duties. Really hoping to get some fast and good answers. Thank you
  7. Thanks for the responses guys, Appreciate it. @Guest Phd Also apparently people that swear are smarter. Lol!
  8. Is it haram to hang around people/Friends that are constantly saying the F word, even though you've said again and again not to swear to them>?
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