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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It's never too long. You're trying to see if you can live with each other the rest of your life akhi
  2. I always thought of Nafs as the ego. Our sense of an individual identity. That's where jihad an-nafs comes from I think.
  3. Coming from a Sunni background, I can't help but also be pretty influenced by some Sufi orders especially since I tried to follow the Shandili order before being Shia.
  4. Here's the thing, I never genuinely cared for LGBT+ stuff until only a couple of years ago. Main reason being, that what started out as simply advocating for tolerance and legal rights of individuals who just have a different set of morals became a demand for a wholesale change of society. The LGBT+ discourse has gotten to a point of advocating for a kind of post-humanity, where you take the individual and push them to an extent where all socially enforced concepts (like gender) become obsolete. Where were start out at a completely blank page like in a videogame. You see that with
  5. That's gonna be an awkward conversation "Ya Sheikh, can you hook a boy up?" Thanks
  6. Tried out online dating apps that allowed you to filter religion and added some Shia images to show that I was Shia. And really nothing kind of came out of it. I think partly its because even those that assigned themselves as Muslim want to just casually date, and also partly because online dating feels so alienating. Feels better to actually get to know a person, personally and then and only then I could figure out if I'm attracted to them. Anyhoo...what are places you've guys been to that you've met your spouses?
  7. Looks like we're kindred spirits. I'm studying to eventually work in the realm of development. I plan on working in Somalia in some parts of the year to advance development in a real (decolonial) manner. I just need to live in a safer place for the rest of the year. It might be Turkey now that I think about it. And yeah, we talk about da'wa whilst the Islamic ethos needs a revival in existing Muslim countries. Let's focus on our own backyard first.
  8. African culture is generally based on oral poetry. If you look at Somalia particularly, for example, all forms of knowledge and philosophy is passed down as a living tradition through oral poetry. People regularly memorize poems to remember important lessons, including Islamic values. Heck, the Quran was basically written for the Arabs who (at the time) had the same type of culture. And so this poetry, similar to the Quran, would be written in a type of musical verse that would make it easier to memorize. Somewhere along the line these poems would be recited similar to a rap, where someo
  9. I would suggest that you make a new group of friends. Maybe find a social circle at your local mosque. But in regards to the now, I don't believe to be haram, but I do think it's wrong. There is nothing shameful about being religious, and these guys are only picking on you to boost themselves up. I remember growing up and how people attached sex and drugs to higher social status, which makes sense because we live in a world void of principles and values. Total hedonism parading itself as logical. We celebrate intellectuals like Michel Foucault whose nihilistic approach to philosophy basi
  10. I'm here in Canada because of colonization and a civil war that the West caused basically. The fact that I'm here, have a rudimentary understanding of my mother's tongue, is because of colonization, because of an evil. I want to rectify that evil by planting myself in a Muslim country, and since the situation back in our ancestral home isn't great (thank you US), I'll have to go somewhere else. Yes, our place in the world is not an accident, but same is for me being born in a colonized race. Part of my purpose, that I believe was decreed by Allah, was to resist colonialism. Both in my pe
  11. I am basically on the hunt, and would definitely love meeting a woman here who'd be interested in moving with me to a Muslim country. Obviously, it'd be a bit nicer if she's from the country of choice. Though everything is up in the air given I'm still finishing up school inshallah. Again, thanks for the info.
  12. I appreciate the suggestion brother. Good to see you've had no problems over there in Oman as an African, pretty cool
  13. Really interesting stuff here, thanks for sharing. I'm not Middle Eastern, but African. I can imagine there's some issues with that as well (until, of course, I start speaking perfect English), but is there anything else I should know or would those places basically leave you alone? I don't know if I'd marry a Turkish girl (or even a Middle Easterner) since most families have an issue with their daughters marrying 'black men' like me, but there's a decent Somali community in Istanbul and Ankara where I might meet someone there. So yeah, I don't really care about personal relationships to
  14. By the way, what are people's views about the North African countries (Morocco, Algeria specifically?). Are they "Shia friendly" as a I define it? Like Shia mosques can run without problems, etc.?
  15. Yeah, I'm fully aware that people are people, and nearly all governments are corrupt. I don't look to make Hijrah to make friends, I do so to live within a country where I can practice honestly without social and political troubles. Best way to do that is within a Muslim country. Personally, I suggest all practicing Muslims in the West (if they can) to make a move to a Muslim-majority country for this reason.
  16. Also, you could you tell me more about this? I thought Gulf countries in general are just difficult to move to. (And yeah, I’m a Canadian citizen so I have the passport.)
  17. When I say ‘friendly’, I honestly mean not illegal nor likely to beaten by neighbours. I don’t really care about locals views of us per se.
  18. I'm at the age now where I'm actively looking for a wife, and one thing that I know I want to do is move to a Muslim-majority country. For one, it'd be nice not to be a religious minority (Eid can be a real event, I could take a break from work to pray and the boss might join me, etc.), and also, raising Muslim children in a country like Canada would be mighty difficult. Watching my parents do it, it feels like they really had to fight against an entire culture for their own child, and that's just too much stress. So I was wondering if anyone knew any Muslim-majority countries that fit t
  19. I'm pretty sure there are women out there who haven't had sex, relax. Finding the right person is a journey, so there's no need to freak out.
  20. Some videos here This is just pathetic. I don't care how much you hate him, invading his home and traumatizing his children is as cowardly as what the Israelis are doing to Palestinians right now.
  21. That's incredibly difficult to do. Thoughts come about randomly and without control, he can't just purposely limit his thoughts. Honestly, I can't see how thoughts in general can be haram considering this. Of course, having your mind on sex all the time can lead to masturbation, so its important to occupy yourself with other things. Focus on work, hobbies, etc., in the end though, the solution really is to search and find a relationship. At this point, he's just fighting against his nature and that's not what Islam is about. It's about moderating it.
  22. Feel ya. I tend to daydream a lot, and daydreaming about being in a relationship is recurring constantly. My therapist basically told me that it's probably a sign that I should try to get a girl. Because usually when you get these recurring thoughts, your mind is trying to tell you something important. Same thing with emotional triggers that seemingly are random, they are indicators that something has yet to be resolved. So that'll be my advice to you. Just try to get a relationship, otherwise these obsessions will continue.
  23. Man you are right. Historically speaking, we (and other religious traditions) are doing something new.
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