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  1. Should also add here that I've witnessed situations of child marriage. Most girls that get sold by their fathers to 30-40 year old men die. They nearly all die, because their bodies are not made for sex. Not at 9, not at 10, not at 11 or even 12-13. You're literally sending a little girl to her death when you do that. I can't condone such a horrid practice to be honest. And if I ever become convinced that the Prophet (s) did that, I'd leave the religion and you should all join me.
  2. The answer was eventually given. Anyways, child marriage can't be justified and if the Prophet (s) did it, then we have to accept it today. And that's wrong.
  3. It's just...incredibly disheartening how many Muslims in the world, including probably in this site, think the Prophet (s) married a 9 year old. That child marriage is just a regular part of the course of life, when, in actuality, it kills little girls and ruins lives. It's a horrid practice, and, to be honest, if I was convinced that the Prophet (s) did marry a little girl, I'd leave the religion. Because I can't imagine a pathway to God through a man that can do that. Anyways, that's my Ted talk.
  4. Sorry I figured I messed up with my question. I thought we were also to make our salams to the Imams even when not at their shrines? Am I wrong?
  5. Still new to everything (been Shia for about a year), and starting to the do the regular duas based off days as per the Nafilah app (assuming they're correct on this), and wondering when doing Ziyarah for Imam Hassan and Hussein (عليه السلام) if I'm supposed to stand in front of a window? Read that somewhere and just want to be sure if that's the case, and if there's anything else to take note of? Is there a right time, etc.?
  6. You're from America man. The entire military apparatus is involved in routine massacres against innocent civilians. It's morally wrong (and therefore haram) to be a part of such institution. Honestly, if you were from any other country (Canada, Norway, etc.) than there honestly wouldn't be an issue. But how can you join the American military? Nevertheless, there may be some opening if you really need the job to alleviate your socio-economic situation.
  7. I don't know about that, since every culture in the world, including the Muslim world, has a history with tattoos. I know there's no demand in the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) to get a tattoo, I'm doing it for aesthetic reasons and given it's halal, why not just do it? When I mean symbols, I mean symbols that have developed within the Shia world as times gone by.
  8. Gonna probably get a tattoo. I was thinking about getting 313 in Arabic numerals, but any other signs I'm missing?
  9. It's a bit more than that. Please look at the Backfire video again: Islamic Pulse - British Shiaism II | The Lady Of Heaven | BACKFIRE | Facebook Also, why constantly start up fitna, casually associating Sunnis with Daesh in nearly every lecture (There's literally a clip in 15:46 where SAN does this very CLEARLY. )? It's not just opinion, it's goal is to cause fitna that serves the US. SAN is associated with UMMA, and organization that had Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the Iraq War, was a keynote speaker in their first event. They are not agents, they act in their own accord with different intentions, but these intentions align with the US.
  10. It's all political. I don't have an issue with people of any community disagreeing about this and that, but their are clear connections between SAN (and others) with US and British elites, which he even acknowledge meeting up with former US Secretary of State John Kerry. After seeing that, it's hard to not see his anti-Islamic unity rhetoric as not just a personal opinion, but an attempt to cause fitna for the purposes of preserving US oppression on Muslim lands that we all live in. Be aware.
  11. You may have remembered before that I figured I might move to Turkey in about 5 years since I'd love to make Hijrah, and I want to know about what life is like for Shias there. I'm hoping to go to a Shia mosque and just talk to some brothers, I've been working on my Turkish and hope to get to at least B1 level before I go there. Anyone know any good mosques?
  12. It's very clear for minorities and women, the isn't at all a great event. However, the 20 years of occupation didn't do much for them either. Obviously, I hope that neighbouring countries are willing to take in the eventual influx of Shia refugees as the years go by.
  13. Hey, same boat. Only you know how your family is gonna react. If it's gonna be too much trouble, then postpone it until you're able to live on your own so you have some distance from them. That's my plan atm.
  14. When you get closer to God, you get closer to yourself. God is the pathway towards self-actualization, which I think is really the point for 'self-love'. So getting more into doing regular dhikr, extra prayers, extra fasts, reading the Quran everyday, etc., would be that for me.
  15. Good point. I didn't think of that, but thinking about how all these examples in my life are filled with non-practicing men, it makes perfect sense.
  16. It's not an individuality thing bro, it's not. Even if they're the only Muhammad in the class, they'll demand you call them Moe, because they hate being reminded of their very obvious Muslim background. I mean, imagine being ashamed of being named after the Prophet (s)?
  17. This is an incredibly cringe take and gets to my point. Thanks for illustrating the thoughts and feelings of what these guys do.
  18. The question shouldn't be if Marxism (or generally socialism) is compatible with Islam, but whether Marxism has anything to offer Islam. Marxism particularly is an attempt to understand the movement of history through a materialistic analysis. It's a lot more complicated than even most self-avowed Marxists believe. For instance, the authentic tradition has no interest in telling people how to make a society. The transition from capitalism to socialism is not a want, but an inevitability, because of the fundamental contradictions within capitalism that need to be resolved, and will be. Many would say actually, that we're already in a period of socialism, as many countries around the world are building socialistic regimes and you're seeing the rise of things like 'degrowth' theory in the mainstream discourse. This is where the phrase "utopian vs scientific socialism" comes from basically. Marx had to constantly tell people that he was not like previous utopians who thought they could plan out a society, he was trying to build a social science to understand economic history, and ultimately world history. Actually, I would say that Marx was ironically pretty Muslim, as he kind of submits to the fact that the future is not entirely in man's control. So again, the question should be, is there anything within this type of analysis that's helpful for Muslims. And the answer is yes. For anyone, having an actual critical (or scientific) understanding of capitalism is absolutely vital in understanding the world we're living in. Otherwise, you get into this weird rhetoric about how Islam is actually very capitalistic, when we all know that elements of capitalism and its children, liberalism, actually run fundamentally contradictory to Islam. In regards to most Marxists, of the past and present, being atheist. For sure Marxism is a heavily materialistic philosophy that, if you take it as the only truth in the world, you would assume a materialistic understanding of everything. But again, you could disagree vehemently with Lenin and these guys that had their issues with religion, and still find some helpful insights in their work. Many Muslims have. Whether you can call yourself a Marxist and be Muslim, yeah? Maybe a self-critical Marxist sure? Funny thing is I don't even know if Marx would have been a Marxist himself anyways. Outside of that, there is an aesthetic left that has been gaining some Muslim followers, but these people have a useless politics that just justify the existing capitalism, liberal paradigm. I mean, probably most of those kids you're talking about would reject Pedro Castillo, a working class icon now in Peru who won the Presidency and claims to be a Marxist, simply because he's also religious and has social conservative views on things like gay marriage and abortion.
  19. Like, most guys I know who do that are often trying to white-fy themselves and fit in with non-Muslims, it's absolute cringe.
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