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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. CONTEXT None of these rulings even take into consideration buying food for your pet. Just the purchasing of those goods. Sure you can infer that somehow if buying is bad, than that's it, but problem is contexts are very important, often you find rulings change completely when given a scenario. In any case, if OP is worried about it, I would suggest sending an email about your situation. Or, if you have the time, make food for your cat with your halal meat. But yeah, appreciate the rulings, but can't take it as Gospel because they clearly aren't responding to the entire question.
  2. Halal meat for animals don't exist. Because such things should be applying to creatures that aren't gonna be going to either Heaven or Hell. You should be able to buy it.
  3. I joke, but it recently dawned on me that most likely (statistically speaking) I'll be marrying out of my race and culture and I don't know what to make of that tbh. I like to think I don't care about (non-Islamic) traditions but like, it's nicer if things are easy I don't know. Inshallah I'll figure it out.
  4. Sexuality is a complicated subject. To say men are naturally inclined to have multiple partners is as massive assumption, especially when we live in a world where most folks are in monogamous relationships (be they married or not). There really is no point in having multiple wives unless you're in that special camp of needing to build political allegiances. I understand that the Quran gives the okay, but it should be noted that the Quran didn't introduce polygamy like a prescription, or a suggestion. The Quran only limited a practice that was already in full swing in 7th century Arabia.
  5. Was curious so found what Sistani has to say about it, particularly in regards to being able to do Hajj: Rule 302: If a person has the means, and is able, to perform obligatory pilgrimage, but is not circumcised, he should be circumcised and can perform pilgrimage in the same year. Otherwise, he must delay it till after circumcision. If it is not possible for him to be circumcised at all, whether because of some pressing matter or any other reason, it is obligatory on him to perform pilgrimage but he should, as a matter of precaution, perform tawaf himself for both Umrah and Hajj, and als
  6. They're preferred in other religions as well, like Christianity. You hear tons of stories of left-handed kids getting trained to write in the right-hand because the left "was the devil's hand". It's one of those things that I think no one has the answer to really, better not to dwell on it.
  7. Love this thanks: "Death, in relation to this world, is death, but in relation to the next world, is a birth, in as much as the birth of a newborn in relation to this world is a birth but in relation to its previous life is a death."
  8. Honestly, these panic attacks have only been coming up because it's been a year since I've been to any gym (thanks COVID), and just walking doesn't do much in keeping my mind quiet. I've been doing yoga though constantly for about a month, that's definitely been helpful
  9. Mufti Abu Layth strikes me as a man that appreciates materialism. His rejection over the second coming of Jesus (عليه السلام) and the virgin birth perfectly illustrates that. I think this is generally the case within educated Sunni circles. There's an affinity to material power and seeing everyone as individual selfish actors (like within the classical liberal paradigm).
  10. You can't impose your belief, for sure. And that's why even though I find abortion abhorrent, I don't support making it illegal (anywhere). Not because I believe in that phony "my body, my choice" argument, but because I know that imposing those laws never actually reduces abortions, it just brings them underground and can cause even more harm by having woman nearly die to get this backroom procedure. This means though that one should be supportive of other legislation that can reduce abortions. Such as the availability of controceptions, sex education, investing in woman's education, et
  11. Part of what makes something halal, haram or makruh (apart from the Quran and Sunnah) is objective reality. If a practice has objective harm to it, that needs to be considered by the legal jurist. Unfortunately, none of us are jurists, so we don't even know why it's considered halal in the mainstream in the first place. To OP, I'm guessing is because, one, culture, two, Imam Ali (عليه السلام) married his own cousin's (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) daughter (عليه السلام) so there's some sunnah, and three, these deformities you speak of are rare enough that marriages like these (most of the tim
  12. Preferably from a well known college or some institution, something like what Cambridge Muslim college offers.
  13. I've been getting panic attacks recently, and one of the triggers is thinking about death. (I'm actually in the middle of one right now believe it or not) Sometimes, when I think about death, I get excited over the prospect of meeting my Creator. And I think what is needed of me is to continue on building that relationship so that when it finally does come, I'm actually prepared. Granted though, every near death experience I hear turns out to be a pleasant experience. Curious about what others do
  14. 1. Survive my masters 2. Finally get an adult job 3. Get a wife (Good God I'm lonely)
  15. My father regularly tells me that the only way I can get married (nikah) to a great woman is by making something of myself financially, and I agree with him. Granted, this moves the goal posts a bit, as it's getting harder and harder for people to get financially independent, but that's kind of why I appreciate mutah as an option (sorry guys). Anyways, legally I think it's allowed. And its understandable that you'd want to do it that way. I have a cousin whose married to this lovely Asian convert and they both lived with the family in this cramped condo... Super awkward. It took them a w
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