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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Everyone, everyone is in the wrong here. Terrorists are wrong (obviously). Macron is wrong for stoking further tensions rather than being a real leader. The French declaring Muslims the enemy, including those who stabbed to Muslim women at the Eiffel Tower just before today's attack. The media for giving coverage only when non-Muslims get killed/attacked. Everyone. This world is seriously sick.
  2. Have to agree that the Quranist has basically put themselves in a bit of a corner. They could say "we follow only Allah", but Allah Himself tells them to follow the Prophet (s). Though I am sympathetic to their views regarding hadith. I think people follow the hadiths more than the Quran itself, even when those hadiths can run contradictory with the Quran (in the Sunni case, there are some hadiths that call for the death of apostates, but then the Quran clearly says "no compulsion in religion"). I think it's because people can't just live with general virtues and principles to guide thei
  3. I still believe in Allah, the Prophet Muhammad (s), the Angels, and the Day of Resurrection. So no, I'm obviously still a Muslim. I mean the political community of Islam. I can't believe in that anymore. I don't want to be a part of this "nation", I don't care for associating myself with nationalities, political ideologies, things that fit within the Islamicate. As such, I don't really care for any of it anymore. I go online a lot, and people purposely conflate the cultural with the religious. They make God look like their own foolish, bigoted fathers. Even the libs are just
  4. People gotta understand here that the Catholic Church is functioning in a society that's basically turned a page on the debate over homosexuality. So to keep Catholicism alive in it's HQ, reconciliation is required. Notice though he doesn't say anything about homosexuality as being whatever their version of halal is. Just that it'd be better of same-sex couples who want to be legally recognized to go for civil unions. Makes sense since the entire institution of marriage is about joining bloodlines and having progeny.
  5. Well at that point you can go to the chain of causation argument. But I'm not talking about sex, or books, I'm talking about natural laws and logic. If the universe functions in that logic, then we can make the assumption that we can continue with the logic when assessing whether God exists or not. Continuing the logic, He does. What's wrong with me taking observable facts around me and coming into a logical conclusion? Isn't that what science basically is?
  6. We're talking about nature here. Science has routinely shown us how everything within the natural world is connected, at times sharing casual relationships. So we can say that we are all One in a way. And as such then, it's important to ask, where does this One originate from? The nature of being is complex, citing the need for an originator for all these natural laws. See this is why I don't really like debates over the existence of God, because at some point somebody's just gonna ask "well how come your religion is correct" as if that isn't an entirely different conversatio
  7. Answer below. Can't delete this for some reason.
  8. It doesn't. This Creator can be understood in a multitude of ways. Hence why there's classical theism, pantheism, etc. You can disagree with the mainstream conception of God, but to me you're not being logical when you deny God himself.
  9. Vegans are frustrating man. They honestly think that human life = animal life to such an extent, they use terms like 'holocaust' and 'slavery' when describing the meat industry knowing full well how Jews and Black people would feel about that. There's a reason why most don't really like them. Including even other vegans.
  10. Reading, reflecting, doing spiritual activities once I was ready. The first step though was realizing that everything has a cause, and because the universe is complicated, that cause being intelligent design isn't too far off. Was kinda introduced to this through the Kalam Cosmological argument: Whatever begins to exist has a cause. (We observe this in nature) The universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe has a cause. Craig also goes a bit further into this when contemplating the nature of the cause: The universe has a cause. If the universe has a caus
  11. No you're really not. You're just lost but assume that's intelligence. Hell I used to do that when I had my atheist phase throughout my teens.
  12. Atheism is stupid because it assumes that the universe and everything in it was created through random events that just happen to make things all work together within the certain laws, also developed randomly. I always find it truly funny that atheists present themselves as smarter than everyone else given this. And in any case, very few atheists are naturalists, or even understand the philosophy. They just dislike religion for a variety of reasons, including very legitimate ones like going through religious traumatic experiences. So often you see in debates regarding atheism and t
  13. As if you're enlightened by living in ambiguity for the rest of your days... At some point you have to reach the Truth, otherwise, what's the point in living?
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