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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. OK hold on a second.....are you saying the Quran i read,....is not the REAL Quran. I need to be clear about what you are saying. Also,if this IS what your saying, is your view representative of Twelvers?
  2. Yes please. Whats my point? Why do i want this? Is it to annoy you? Waste your time? I'll try to be clear brother. I love the Quran. I like reading it in English with lots of tafsir by different (ok yes Sunni scholars lol - you got me!), some tafsir seem ok, some are a bit weird (ibn Kathir) some really hate women lol (looking at you Mawdudi). some are pretty "woke" (Khan) I am no Quran Scholar - i am not even an amateur - but what jumps out at me is TAWHEED. Everywhere i read its tawheed this, oneness of Allah that, I GET IT with the no partners. Its rammed down my throat almost e
  3. Thank you for your post. As i have said in my above post, there is no disputing the surah concerning Ali. Dont worry, i understand mutawattir and basic hadith science. I think its indisputable that the hadith of the Pond is true beyond doubt. Again as i said, most sunnis i know believe Ali was the Wali. And history is clear that Ali was (eventually) the Leader of Islam/Caliph and most Sunnis acknowledge, accept and love that fact. Then Muwawiyah and co came along. My original question was those things happened for good or worse (for worse probably), but why is still so important to my islam to
  4. Hopefully Allah would give me the courage to stand by Husayn (رضي الله عنه). I dont care who the opposition was, the youngest under the Cloak in the Quran HAS to be my choice. But you do you see my method of deduction? Its in the Quran. Its indisputable. I MEAN NO OFFENSE BY THIS BUT HEAR ME OUT: i value the Ziayrat Warith as much as I value Sahih Bukhari when it comes to historical discussion about the Ahl-Al-Bayt and Sahaba. All hadith have value, but its useless in this discussion. Do you see what i mean? Hadith vs hadith vs hadith about the political situation at that time is pretty much u
  5. Thank you brother. Its ok, you dont need to mention Sunni scholars that agree with the intepretation, its obviously about Ali (رضي الله عنه), Most Sunnis already believe that Ali was our wali, most sunnis who deny this (which i strongly believe is a modern thing of the last 100 years) is because they are ignorant and the Saudis have been pumping money into mosques everywhere. Do you have any more surahs like this please?
  6. I am a beginner so i want to be educated. Just to be clear, i have to rely on the memories of men and the compilation of men and the editing of men to prevent dieing in a state of jahilliyah? I have to rely on men remembering that hadith, and that hadith to be compiled in a book and that book to be published, and then book to survive to to prevent such a death. No promise did Allah make about hadith, its truth, or its survival, As opposed to the Quran. Dont get me wrong, i need hadith. I am so thankful for hadith. But why would such a MASSIVELY important issue - an issue that will potenti
  7. Thanks for your answer. The Shia have hundreds of years of hadith science to prove Ali (رضي الله عنه) was the appointed caliph and the sunni have hundreds of hadith science to prove he wasnt. I know about the pen and paper, ghadr, two weighty things and many other SUNNI hadith which point to Ali's right on the caliphate. I also know about the "one gives alms whilst he bows" surah, the purification surah which are pretty clear about the Ahl-al-Bayt. Most sunni believe Ali is the Wali and a rightful Caliph of Islam and Successor (we care less about the order of his succession) and we love him pr
  8. Basically, without hopefully being threatened with a ban (or a beating in real life), i think the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) was NOT infallible.
  9. My Sunni brother who is older than me and taught me my Hanafi madhab didnt know whether Shia celebrate Eid. He's a nice guy and does good, but this is an example of what level of knowledge about the Shia you guys have to face.
  10. All correct knowledge is from Allah, all deviances and stupid mistakes are from me. Firstly, i think the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) was the greatest man to ever grace the earth. What he achieved, what he represented, the guidance he brought us. BECAUSE he wasnt an angel, just a simple human, i am awestruck. I fantasise about fighting at his side, i fantasise about walking barefoot in front of him to soak up the thorns. I fantasise about selling all my wealth to arm his mujahid. But this is the bit where i get banned from sunni islamic forums (i am a hanafi sunni): i think he
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