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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just after 1 day of performing ghusl. I was washing my privet part and I saw white stuff at the sides of my vigina opening I say white stuff and I think it NOT sexual fluid because I used to have the sides of my vigina when I was at the start of the teenage and I think these all are doubts. Is my ghusl valid please answer yes or no?
  2. Im still confused just say yes or no pleaseee it will help my whispers stop I did stanja before ghusl to just to take any impurity out and I did wipe my butt when it was the part where you need to clean privet part. But I found the poop AFTER ghusl
  3. And I ghusl I did the prievt body part where you need to clean and I made sure I cleaned well during the ghusl
  4. Is my ghusl valid?? Yes or no? But I remember clearly I did stanja (cleaning my but and privet part) and then went to the bathtub to do ghusl
  5. I did stanja (cleaning my butt and privet areas) and then I did ghusl.
  6. So is my ghusl valid? Yes or no? But I remember I did clean my privet part and butt before going to bathtub I did stanja
  7. I meant it's not that much of poo and it was less than a penny coin
  8. Hi I have a question since I trust you After I did ghusl and I wiped my butt I founded 3 dots of poo Is my ghusl valid??
  9. Hi another question please answer me After I did ghusl I wiped my but and I found 3 dots of poo is my ghusl valid
  10. Hi and please answer me. I'm have whispers and I'm worried so please answer me in simple answer while i was doing ghsul I did the mouth step and while I was gargling the spit from my throat came while I was gargling is my ghusl valid?
  11. https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235068219-nail-polish-and-ghsul/ Please answer this questions for me. Thank youuu
  12. Hi. Before ghusl I never noticed I have nail polish on (clear it has no colour it's clear) and then after a day I notched it and is my ghusl valid because I did ghusl why I had it but u didnt know Thank you
  13. Sorry if I didnt make sense in the first paragraph I'll write it again to make it sense " I didnt have much time and I needed to do ghusl and be clean from janabat and hayd and the list is how I did the ghusl" Please tell me if i did the ghusl right and please answer me I'm getting worried and I'm afraid to read namaz at the momen.
  14. I dont have much time to do ghusl and I want to be clean from janabat and hayd. so I want to do is this way please tell me if this wrong or right in simplest answer please I have waswas 1. Wash each hands 3 times 2. With left hand clean the privet part 3. Clean hand for 3 Times 4. Rinse mouth 3 times 5. Do the nose 3 times 6. I made sure the water reached my scalp 3 times 7. I poured water to my right and then left but I made sure I cleaned my face and ear and neck Please tell me if it valid
  15. ⁸I think my question was not correct written I'll write it here. Sorry for misunderstanding and I'm grateful that you to reply to me thank you "It happend during ghusl and then I suddenly had a music is my ghusl valid?"
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