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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The ocd version in islam is called wiswas and may Allah protect us and everyone from it, inshallah
  2. I always thought when you start to observe less blood then you perform ghusl istihadha.
  3. Salam alaykom, my problem is that the blood is very little at the first day and second and third. So do i act upon it as a regular period and exempt my self from prayer So far the past 2 days i prayed but did wudhu before each prayer. This period came late and is irregular. Just to clarify,when i use a cotton ball it comes out with redish brown stain but not fully covered. If this is my period how will i know when i have to do ghusl istihadha. Please if anyone knows the answer please share with me. Jazakum Allah khayr
  4. It is near the time of my month for me so I am awaiting my monthly cycle. This is not the first time I menstruate however, Yesterday before maghrib I noticed dark redish-brown blood on the toilet paper(Only noticable when I patted with tissue) I am doubting if I should perform ghusl istihadha because I dont know if there is such thing as istihadha at the beginning of the cycle. Am I considered on my period. What are the rulings on this. Please if any sister can help, Barak Allah fekum
  5. Salam alaykom, for wajib ghusl I washed my head 3 times and them my shoulders to waist (right) then shoulder to waist(left) then i washed right leg then left leg..does my ghusl count is it valid.
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