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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have been struggling with my faith and just the concept of religion in general for about 3 months now. So, I decided to take it upon myself to slowly read more and gain knowledge beyond the minuscule amount I had. Something on its own that’s making me feel like coming back to islam are the prophecies by the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). I am currently reading “Forbidden Prophecies by Abu-Zakariyah” which I find extremely interesting. The rational part of me thinks how could someone “falsely” say that “barefoot, unclothed heardsmen will compete in the construction of tall buildings”
  2. correct me if im wrong, but the letters are other names for the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم))?
  3. I have tried searching up what these letters mean as the beginning of some surahs, such as "Ta Ha" etc. Is there any reason why these letters exist in the Quran? Only thing I can seem to find is that no one knows their meaning or why they're there. I find that hard to believe they don't serve some sort of a purpose if they were divinely placed.
  4. I am not very knowledgeable about the differences so I am not asking anything particular like that. But as a Shia, I've realised (especially on apps like Tiktok), there is such a big Anti-Shia discourse, saying "they worship graves" etc. Now, being born into a Shia family, I feel like this sect makes me feel more connected to a "God" through the imams (in the sense that through them we learn about God more). This is especially true as I am trying to begin a spiritual journey and figure out the "truth". So if I find my way back to Islam I dont think ill ever not be Shia. Just yesterday someone
  5. Not to be a conspiracy theorist but part of me really fails to see how this is an accident. Its been there for SIX years, and now, when the country is in a state of economic instability and the port is being used to get resources from the outside, NOW it explodes? If it is an accident, then like you said, it just reflects the incompetency of the government; they are too concerned with their own desires they neglect to put food on the tables of their people and knowledge in their brains.But the people have protested, they've called for change and nothing happens. Part of me is antagonistic
  6. Zxqn


    you think? i mean of course we do, but this single year has been so eventful in comparison to the last 10 or so
  7. Zxqn


    Not sure if these thoughts are a bit of a stretch but this is just a random thought I'll share for discussion. We started the year with the bush-fires in Australia, a global pandemic, and now the horrid explosion in Beirut (just to name a few). Now, I know humanity is bound for suffering; this is a inevitable part of the human condition. I for one, have been struggling with my faith for the last month or so, but someone said something a bit thought provoking (at least through a spiritual lens). They basically said "God is trying to send a message to people to turn to him again"; now I
  8. I was in that exact location in Beirut a year ago it’s extremely beautiful. Now I think how sad it is that lebanon never catches a break. My parents generation never did, nor does this generation. It’s such a beautiful country and just when they begin to prosper they get hit with something again, I truely hope my lebanese brothers and sisters can get through this again .
  9. This really struck me to be honest. But what about animals that go extinct?
  10. sorry i must have misunderstood, when you say "fine-tuning" are you trying to say everything is perfect? what I was trying to say is: would these certain events be classified in that realm? for example how is a earthquake something that fits into a 'fine-tuned' world? I hope that makes sense
  11. I have actually watched that video and really enjoyed his reasoning, but wasn't sure of the numbers he gave.
  12. if this is true how can I get inspired by God more? To start praying?
  13. Can't you say the opposite though? Like why do earthquakes, bushfires and tsuanamis happen that injure and kill thousands? Why is climate change happening? What about the ozone layer? I think if we look at everything through a religious lens we are inclined to see it as beautiful.
  14. No not at all, i understand your view, lately I have been thinking maybe it is just a coincidence and that religion has been made to try to make us feel better about that and to give us purpose where we might not have any ? (I dont mean to offend anyone by saying that). I do see the universe as beautiful and the fact the planets rotate in a certain way, and that the atmosphere is composed of a certain amount of this and that. But to know as a matter of fact that its from a god, and that this God is the God described in Islam has led me to a nihilistic way of thinking. You say 'dont you
  15. how am i supposed to know these "signs" are from god. I fail to just look at a sunset and attribute it to a god?
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