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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Then rather than give us females a whole book of things we shouldn’t do to attract men, there’s hardly any emphasis on a man not looking. Yeah sure it says “lower your gaze” but that’s not enough? I’ve literally had instances where I’m not even wearing anything revealing and still get looked at like I’m meat? And even though I don’t wear hijab, this happens to hijabi females too. Surah al nisa is a whole chapter dedicated to what a woman should and shouldn’t do i know I’m giving the impression of a radical feminist but that’s really not how I am, I’m just trying to understand this religio
  2. “so that if one of the two errs, the second of the two may remind the other” may not be alluding to forgetfulness buts it’s basically making it as though one single woman is more likely to make a mistake whereas a man is free from that possibility.
  3. This isn’t my thinking pattern at all, I just feel like Islam favours men more than women that’s all. I’m conscious of the fact it’s given rights to women Islam is supposed to be “timeless” and yet still has backdated views
  4. So this verse is basically saying women are forgetful and incompetent to give a testimony lmaooo
  5. I’m actually female and one of the major things is the way I feel like islam is a religion for males. Why is 1 male witness worth 2 female, why do girls get less inheritance, why can the man only marry 4 wives and also non muslim women while the woman can’t? and I already know the answers to these some of these questions and they just don’t do it for me. Furthermore, I see certain hadith (sahih) that make me iffy, like some say the prophet said a woman who wears perfume and passes by men is a adulteress, like really? everyone thinks their religion is right and we all mostly
  6. How can I establish that Islam is the “truth” though? There is obviously a truth after death, and there’s like 4000+ religions in this world (including atheism despite most not seeing it as a religion). If I knew 100% this religion was correct it would make me feel so much less anxious honestly. I feel like everytime I take one step to islam I take 10 back because something pushes me back, whether disbelief or something else. It is like I’m constantly fighting with myself and it’s exhausting.
  7. Is this referencing the bazkarah?
  8. Trust in what regard? If we’re talking a scientist making claims for example, trust would eventuate if they could show some evidence that is shown to be correct. in a normal relationship, I’d build trust if I’ve established someone is reliable, and won’t betray me.
  9. I dont think its supposed to "make sense". Agnosticism just accepts that people "dont know", as a result they dont try and fill gaps in knowledge with things that some may characterise as made up.
  10. I have asked for guidance but I can feel like its empty when I do it, I feel like it would be the exact same thing if I asked for sincerity. I just feel like a idiot who is talking to myself because nothing is there.
  11. I think i am agnostic right now, theres no evidence to disprove God 100% so I cant say I am atheist. As for not believing in Islam, it makes no sense to me that a God which created this world is a God which cares how I wipe my arms before I pray. Nor do i believe in things like the Prophet going to heaven on a horse, the great flood, a virgin birth etc. Everything just seems so made up. I would love to believe and feel content in belief, but I have tried to ask for guidance and nothing; I dont have that sincerity. So at this point I have just given up. The only thing that keeps me somew
  12. So are you saying the soul is a intangible thing that tells a person what’s right from wrong etc? This could just be a product of the brain
  13. Do you have a answer to this? for me I think being alive is simply existing. How do you prove the soul exists?
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