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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam You're absolutely Right. No country is perfect. Discrimination is something occurs in almost every country regardless of faith/gender or race. I have relatives that have lived and still living in Iran for years. Personally, if there no sanctions on Iran and I had no family, I would preferred to live there for many reasons. We are really grateful for Iran.
  2. When Taliban, Terrorists and Israel do it, its ok. The World stays silents. but If Russia,China or any other country that US does not like, did such things, it will be all over news, worldwide and you would hear about it everyday. We live in a Hypocrite World if that makes any sense or if people know what I mean.
  3. Looks like my intention of identifying fault and perhaps find a way of getting along or achieving peace was lost in translation or my wording went completely wrong. Perhaps I was wrong. I think i ended up changing the topic into a conflicting topic. I apologize. Please lets end the topic in a peaceful way. We all have different opinions and thoughts ☹ .
  4. I think this is where the problem lies. The entire religion gets blamed because of the actions of the governments and the extremists. The ways the leaders speak and the language they use. E.g. Shouting Death to Israel, people think Jews are responsible for crimes of Israel and what do they did/do to Palestine. Even there are good Jews even in Israel that refuse to do military service because of what military is doing. Israel does NOT represent all Jews. However when Saudi commits crimes against humanity (e.g. terrorism, oppression against shia/minorities and war against Yemen). You never hear the Muslims leaders saying death to Saudi but when terror is committed by "Muslims" we say those are not Muslims, they don't represent islam. Saudi does NOT represent all Muslims even thought Makkah is in Saudi. This whole death to this country and to that country should be stopped. Maybe something we are might be of different religions but we have more obligation to fight against oppression etc something like promotes peace and unity.
  5. It's either he is really stupid, or does not even live in Afghanistan or an non shia dressed as shia sheik to talk like that. I've noticed as well, When Afghani civilians get killed, there is little or no condemnation by the arab people or communities yet they protest on about oppression in Palestine. Funnily enough, they don't do that to the people of Yemen. Even famous muslim celebrities/famous peoplen not even 1 ounce of condemnation. Not even a thank you to Iran for standing with Palestinians and speaking up against oppression towards them. I am NOT generalizing all arab people, please I did not mean to offend. There is good and bad people in every race/culture/religion/sex. Look at the "president" of my country, what he did to the country. I cannot understand the deep hate towards the Ahl-Bayt, Do they think Prophet (Peace be upon him) will be ok with that??? It seems to me like they have more respect towards the Sahaba and Aisha than they do towards Prophet (Peace be upon him) . The comments do not surprise me. I once read a comment in regard to a school bombing in Afghanistan if I remember correctly, the comment said something like this: That's good they deserve it because they send men to kill children in Syria, so they deserve it. I was absolutely angered by that comment.
  6. That's so true. If you don't have many relative or very few connections, it is even harder. With price of living getting expensive, adds to the difficulties. I wonder if Muslims ladies, have negative view of Muslim men. I also wonder if Muslim ladies are allowed to express their feelings to their parents about wanting to get married.
  7. Fatima, Khadija, Ruqia, Zaynab, Medina, Noora ... so many names out there.
  8. I am surprised it hasn't. It's wrong saying this but perhaps it should considering all the civil wars they caused.
  9. It's hard to tell the difference between them considering what US has done since it was established as a country. Perhaps Alternative Party like The Green, is more preferred from my opinion.
  10. I think Russia/Putin do NOT want to get involved in Afghanistan because: - World Media would portray them as trying to take cover Afghanistan. Hence turning world against Russia etc. - It may cause the Chechens to raise against putin - All of sudden afghans become brave and decide to fight russia thinking its an invasion. - The so called "muslims" from other countries try to come in afghanistan in the name of defending the country. I think Russia/Putin trying to be very cautious. As I said before, I believe US wanted Afghanistan to be like this with purpose of using it to potentially causes problems for Iran,Russia and China
  11. You have ps4? nah I don't have one. I suppose I will wait a bit longer.
  12. Still waiting for PS5 as there is nothing left in the stock so yeah :'(
  13. I understand your feelings and frustration. Trust me I do. This is test of patient and avoiding temptations, with constant whispers of Shaytan. Also seeing others married or have a woman in their lives, it creates a sense of jealousy and envy which is understandable. Seeking protection from GOD, pray etc and all that. I don't know your situation as where you live etc. So don't know what advice to give. Meanwhile ask your parents that you're interesting in getting married and to help you. Meanwhile try and a job, if anyone you know can help you out with something.
  14. I don't know but my niece and nephew did. They don't go on fully celebrating it. Just wearing costume and going for a trick or treat to get some chocolates. Unless person decorate their house/rooms with Halloween stuff, that might be something else that perhaps need clarification
  15. The Problem I see that there is no guarantee that help will reach the people. Financial Aid Almost 100% won't reach people as Taliban will share among themselves or groups. I think similar estimation can be applied in regard to food and medical help as Taliban will use this for: - We give you food/aid if you convert to our sect, pledge alliance to us or give us your daughters, children or women and learn Pashto. Some won't receive any aid at all. With China and Russia having economic interest in Afghanistan, my feelings tells me that It will may backfire on them. I would be very cautious if I was them.
  16. The Taliban are trying to or eliminating other ethnicity or of those from different sector. They're killing afghan men so its easier for them to get their hands on the women and children. They're trying/implementing Pashtos as the main language and eliminate all other languages. How hazaras are treated, How sikth people are treated... many others. In my opinion, I think Muslim Women have it the hardest in the world. It's very difficult for them, It's important we appreciate them (not saying they're all perfect but I think you all know what I mean) Any country that recognises have no moral values in my opinion. If any one understand Farsi - Watch Below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrqD1GdhraQ&t=792s I really don't understand how can a person sell their child even in such situations. It's very hard to see any justification for such act. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19JwSHyzrb4 A child on street, trying to make a living by selling items on streets, through the traffic. She approaches one car, the man asks her to be his or his's sons. She walks away .. How sick are some men to say such things.
  17. I know members of my family and relatives married from overseas. All Most of them have been successful marriage and the wives were welcomed in the family. 1 or 2 got separated but it had NOTHING to do with the distance but more relationship issues. It all depends on how he and his family are e.g. welcoming, supporting and he is willing to help out with language issue etc I am almost certain to get married from overseas.. As long as the partner the husband is willing to go with her or allow her to visit her family every few years than it is not issue. Also as long she and her family maintain regular communication as well. This should be discussed with her before marriage. Perhaps in front of parents of her and his family as they will be witness to it. If the husband not willing to do so and does not have valid reasons then ... may not worth it marrying him unless you and the family are okay with or there is valid reasons to visit that country (Due to war - God Forbid or financial issues etc)
  18. The so called "Sisters" should've talk to you or your fiance in respectful manner and to remove those photos. 1. You haven't done anything wrong. The past is the past. They should be welcoming you, supporting you and helping to learn more about islam. 2. Your Fiance need to man up, he needs to talk to his family in respectful manner that what they're doing is wrong and God is witness to what they're doing to someone who is trying to be a true muslim. He needs to explain to them, that they should supportive in repentance, learning and becoming muslim. Your Fiance needs to take some of the burden, he shouldn't just sit and just watch. Again I said he should do it in Respectable way 3. In current times, it takes courage and bravery to become/convert to islam considering with everything is happening around muslim world (in fighting, terrorism etc). 4. Be kind to them, be polite to them, be respectful to them, explain to them you're sorry about the past, you're truly trying to be a muslim, your fiance needs to be supportive and be there as well to witness this. If they change their behaviors to good, accept you etc then That's Good, God Bless. However Now after this, if they're continue to treat you badly, disrespectfully, bullying you, so forth and they threaten him to disown him then my dear you and your fiance needs to make an important decision<< otherwise you will end up suffering abuse after abuse. Please Let Us know how we go. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. God forgives shirk if they become muslims, right? So if you a muslim, is it the same? - I think you're making complicated and confusing yourself. I will simplified for you. - Muslims/ Believers are forgiven ONLY if they sincerely repented whilst ALIVE. - If Muslims/Believers/Non Believers - did NOT repent or they were NOT SINCERE in their repentance whilst THEY WERE ALIVE then there will be SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES. The person who asked the question to Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani, are they asking about muslims or the one who isn’t muslim? - That is up to the person who is asking the question, maybe they can ask in regard to both. About your tatoos and cost of removal, continued doing your prayers as normal (Just cover them whilst you do your prayers or reading quran or duas). God knows about your situation and you too explain your situation to God, Seek Guidance from God, Seek from God to guide you into the right paths and seek forgiveness. I can't help when I start talking I don't know when to stop and may end up repeating somethings, so please forgive me.
  20. I think the part about the prayers, you're best to ask a Maraji e.g. Send a question to Sayyed Ali Sistani or any other Marji you follow or can seek answers. That will give you a proper answer and I highly recommend you to do that. Let us know how you go. The definition of A mushrik is one who associates, invokes or worships beings other than or with Allah Subhanah; or shares any of Allah Subhanahs Noble Attributes with anyone else. I think if the person dies as mushrik, God won't forgive him. but Thank God You're alive !!! There is BIG Hope for you to save yourself Since You are a live, You can change, you can reform yourself, The door of repentance is open for you
  21. I have been in very similar position. I understand the loneliness, wanting to have friends and wanting to fit it. It's even harder when don't have cousins or relatives or even a community center still bit hard trying to fit it. This makes it hard to have Muslims friends. Within Western friends, we try to do things in order to fit it and not to be seen someone who is isolated or a loner because it hurts being a loner because when the teacher/lecturers have no interest in communicating with you as they do with other students like smiling and joking. You're completely right. Its hard to have these conversation with my parents and I completely understanding you're feeling. I've grown up in Australia too well I got to Australia when I was 12 but still went through almost the same experience as you. I will give my continuous response a bit later, because I have to do a little bit of thinking...
  22. Have you gotten rid of the tattoo or planning to? At least you've wrong yourself, you haven't wronged anyone else so that's a good thing in a way. It happened, what's happened, has happened. You can stress all you want, it won't change the past but You CAN change the future, You're the author of your story, you determine what happens next. Open up the next page, start fresh. There is a lot of youth and perhaps adults too in the world are struggling, they're going through the same/similar struggle in different ways. I am struggling to, there is few bad habits I need to overcome, because whenever bad things happen to me, I fall back into them. I am struggling and likewise with fulfilling religious obligations acts, I find it hard to do it them or when I do them, I lack the sincerity. Don't give up.
  23. 1. You didn't know about it at that time and You didn't do it intentionally. 2. You realised that you made an error and you're truly sorry about it. 3. If possible, get the rid of that too as this will be part of your repentance process - If not, perhaps covering them from people seeing it. 4. Door of repentance is always. 5. Do NOT fall in/to despaire 6. Do NOT repeat the wrongful act. 7. Read Duas, Ziyarat, Give Alms when possible, offer units of prayers, do qada prayers if you have, do good deeds and be sincere when you do these things. In Regard point 7 - It may not be possible to do all these things but perhaps some of those things. Don't give up on the Mercy of Allah. We're here for one another
  24. I may have asked a similar question before. You know how on certain days, or certain places or after/before certain acts or duas - It is recommended to offer units of prayers. I just want to know, do I need to say a niyat or what would be my Niyat or what it is suppose to be done if person unsure of Niyat.
  25. To Sunni Brothers, What do you think should be done to achieve or maintain peace between Shia and Sunnis or perhaps unite them (What both side should do) What's your thoughts on Taliban, Whabbasim, Pakistan and Salafies? What's your thoughts Israel/Palestine and Arabs countries stance? and Lastly why do you think its very easy to turn muslims against one another? I think I have more questions but probably I will ask in other times. I asked these questions out of curiosity
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