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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have been to a similar position as you. Do your Daily Prayers including Fajr. If you missed a pray today or yesterday, pray the qada prayer. - If possible calculate the number of prayers you missed and plan on doing them whenever possible. Check if your method of prayer and wudu is correct How many Surah of Quran have you memorised ? - Work on that, have a goal like this month is to memorise this surah or to understand this surah. Read Duas including daily duas and whenever it is possible e.g. set a date, this tues I read dua tawsul, next thurs, I read dua kumayl, on my day off i read dua tawba. Try and learn more islam. e.g. Salat Al Layal, how its done and 40 muslims that you ask God to forgive Self Reflect, what u have done in life, have you unintentionally or intentionally hurt someone. ask God for forgiveness. find out your weakness and strength. how to over come it. Know this, if you end up repeating the same sins, still don't give up on pray and mercy of Allah, just focus on finding ways to overcome. Believe in Allah Do Good deeds e.g. giving blood, charity, helping community etc.
  2. I am bit confused about them and how to calculate them. Especially growing in the Western Country, where we don't own sheep or wheat or whatever. I understand Sadeqa is voluntary charity - I get it that. I earn Around $62000 a year but I have house mortgage too which I pay by 1400 every two weeks. Plus I have other costs too e.g. mobile plan, pertol, car insurance etc... so how am I suppose to calculate how much I have to pay. Apparently one of these is like 1/5th of earning or something. For Zakat and Khoms - Does it matter who you or where to pay too. Can some one please in simple language explain it to me and the importance of where or who to pay to. THanks
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