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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I want/feel to swear a lot. In short words, The hyenas/wild dogs also known as Taliban are basically not only oppressing people but also committing genocide. <<Despite Muslim population being 1 Billion, don't be surprised if some or few millions of these Muslims will not hesitate to kill the Prophet Mohammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). Its even people (number of Muslims) more when its comes to Killing Prophet Mohammad Family and the Imams ((عليه السلام)) Because Prophet and Imams will not approve of many things are Muslims are doing, sadly the list is too much to name these things>>.This is how I feel.
  2. I saw that thread which was longer than I expected so I thought I may get short responses.
  3. Salam. I am sorry that you haven't received any replies I think its the effect of depression, loneliness, overthinking etc and moreover you wanting to get closer to God. Shaytan focuses on those wanting to get closer to God and having issues in life and struggling, makes it easier for his whispers to be effective. His whispers is will sound like our voice which makes it easier to get sinful thoughts. I think our struggle will continue but we remember to get up whenever we fall. ----------------------------- Solutions are easier said then done. Anyways you have to do your best, you gotta keep fighting. Do not give on God Mercy. Pray to God to protect you from whispers of Shaytan. Try and find solutions to some of your difficulties.
  4. What were the goals? Did they or are they going to achieve it? Was it worth it? I think it was a dumb a move Did it make world more dangerous place than its already is? The middle eastern refugees will now suffer more because Ukrainian will become main preferences for country that hold refugees?
  5. MashAllah and God Bless you for the great effort you're doing to become a muslim, a better human being and most importantly you're doing it to get Closer to Allah. Just Curious, is your husband also doing his best to convince his family to stop with their judgments and to start welcoming you to be part of the family
  6. If supporting Taliban was not enough, now they're going for straight/direct attacks, Shame on the government of Pakistan
  7. I come across some ayats where Sujood are required. I try to memorise those ayats in my head without reading them so I recite them when I am in sujood. What person must do if they're struggling to do memorise in short time, can they skip it? or what is the law regarding this. Thank you
  8. I hope she is safe and well. I hope they found her safe and well. I pray to God to look after her and her family, also I pray for those that have gone or going through this experiences
  9. I apologise, I should've said - treatment by some Iranian citizens - Instead of the whole country. Anyways I didn't mean to offend anyone and I did not expect this to turn out this way. Again I apologise. Everybody lets move on from this topic, we have important nights coming so yeah.
  10. I've heard about not allowing Muslims girls with hijab to attend schools. It's disturbing that leaders of many Muslims countries are silent when oppression takes against Muslims. :'(
  11. If any moderators is here, please closed this topic. Let's focus on Ramadan, we're going close to Qadr Nights and Martyrdom of Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)). Cheers, we should remain united despite our different views.
  12. Another question you need an answer is When it comes to raising kids, is she ok for the kids to be raised or follow the Shia path? Talk to your parents about and see what they think. Where did you both meet each other? at work or uni etc. So then she talk to her parents about where you met e.g. uni, work. is interested in coming for proposal for with his family, what do you say. God willing everything goes well and you two find happiness.
  13. Before you take any steps, ask her to get her family views of Shia and if they would allow person from shia to marry a sunni. Perhaps ask her to bring it as a general conversations with her parents. See what their views then consider the next step, carefully.
  14. I do agree with you, men these days can't maintain two happy families without any injustice being done. I think the cost of living has gone up so it would be very hard to maintain to two families happy. Some men, get the wrong the idea about having multiple wives, they think it's cool or put wrong ideas in their heads. Why do some men, like to have to another wife? if the intent to help a woman he knows, he can asks her wife to do the provide the help rather then him getting involved directly. Having a second wife without the approval or permission of the first wife, its injustice because you won't able to keep the first wife happy. This results in secret marriages, which may be legally allowed in Islam - I don' think secrets marriages is allowed but someone correct me if I am wrong I believe the purpose of multiple wives is during wars, poverty, women with no one to look after her or as you said those women that can't find spouse. Or Perhaps I am wrong in the everything I said.
  15. I don't know whether any of yous seen the videos or heard stories of how some Afghani are treated in Iran. Is there a justifications for these treatments? I understand there is too many refugees going to Iran and Iran might be struggling and the sanctions don't help but surely they can treat them more humanly. Perhaps giving them a longer short term temporary visa. Look I understand, Iranian have their struggles and the economical struggles e.g. fear of afghan taking jobs from them, or money being spent on the refugees instead of their own. If Anyone Iranian offended by my view, I apologises but It hurts seeing they way some of them are being treated and at the same I understand Iran has its own issues too as I mentioned above.
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