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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Unfortunately I was not that religious. I was not aware some of the rules e.g. Ghusl. I was on the wrong path. It was not until someone recommended of Sayed Ammar Nakshwani so watched some of his videos which caused a change in me, trying to work on being on the right path. (I understand, some may not like him). Do what you can, moderately. Don't exhaust yourself, this will lead to frustration. I wish I could worship God, the ways the Prophets of God and Imams did but its something maybe I can try when I am more older.
  2. Can you please provide more clarification. - Which Country are you talking about? - What is H1B and what's DOL. I am assuming by PERM you mean Permanency?
  3. @lover It's good to see afghan fighting back. Unfortunately the Pashtuns are brainwashed and continuing to try to eradicate others.
  4. Do you think Love between Husband and Wife fade away as time passes by? Whether its because they had kids or family issues or disagreements or life problems or no longer have the same interest or as time has passed, the feelings are no longer the same.
  5. Its Terrifying and horrifying how much oppression and genocide the Some of West and Some of the arab countries are willing to support in order to achieve their objectives, they're willing to have or kill millions and millions of people just for what ??? They're willing to destroy the earth to achieve their goals. May God Hasten the appearance of Imam Mehdi (AJTF)
  6. I agree with you on those points. and completely understand you. The 1st is a nightmare, I would avoid that. If you're going for the second, I think perhaps spend at least 2 year before you have kids because that way you would've had enough time to get to know one another. E.g. Bad/Good Habits, Financial/Work Circumstances, How family gets along, how planning to raise kids (Don't have too many kids) etc. If you have kids soon after marriage, understand she won't be able to work a while. It's very hard to find a good spouse in Western Country. Maybe adjust your standard which you ones your can live with or overlook. Get your parents thoughts as well.
  7. The Truth is we'll have bad days and good days. We should try and control our emotions during bad times. You're not the only going through this. Bad days are the days we are tested whether to turn to sin, or remain patient and turn to God. If you're having a bad day, Turn to God. You don't have to do excessive praying because as brother Ashvazdange said it will exhaust you. I also experienced this it lead you to frustration as I also experienced. The chances are you may fall again but Don't give up. Work on your emotions during bad days. Continue to remind yourself of God, Seek guidance from God. I think I am going to almost over come my bad habits after years of struggle.
  8. I don't live in Iran so hard for me to comment. Perhaps someone who lives in Iran, can comment.
  9. I can understand how you feel. I think there is many out there that out of anger/frustration end up sinning. 1st Turn to God for Forgiveness, Be Thankful and seek Guidance. 2ndly you have to work on your emotions. It's important to control our emotions. Me too when I was angry/frustrated I turned or ended up sinning so its important to work on our emotions during tough times.
  10. I agree. As I said before, this was a set up and sophisticated plans towards causing chaos/problems for Russia, China and Iran
  11. Salam, Happy New year to you and everyone as well. InshAllah and hopefully this year becomes better than the last year.
  12. Based on what she said, She will be only marrying you because of parental pressure. Therefore she is not marrying you because she is interested you or loves you. You will be asking for trouble. You will end up living with someone who is only reason is there because of pressure and not because she wants you.
  13. It's hard to find someone in the west to talk about Religion or our desires to become closer to God for many reasons (e.g. many have negatives views of religion or don't want to talk about it). Therefore its very easy to fall into depression. What do you do during your spare time ? I think you need to find a hobby or an interest to keep your head occupied or to keep you going. We all wanna do things to gets us to become closer to God. However during spare times, perhaps having a hobby like having parrots, gardening, video games or other hobby/interest that you do makes you feel enjoyed. Its okay to have things to do that makes busy or brings joy to us (obviously appropriate interests)
  14. Work hard whilst you can so when you get older, you're in good position that don't need to over work. Find our your hobbies and interests. Choose your friends wisely. Maintain your religious duties. A few hours of volunteer work every now and then (e.g. Giving Blood, helping in preparing food for homeless etc) Continue to eat healthy and exercise well, it will be good for your body and mental health for the long term. Do not upset your parents.
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