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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How does your dad feel? is he ok with it? perhaps talk to him and maybe he explains to her. Explain to them You can live with them for a certain short period but eventually have to move on your home because you want privacy, you want a place that you and wife can feel comfortable. Explain that eventually issues may rises between her and the wife (e.g. over cooking, over washing or whatever it might or when they start criticizing each other). You're going to feel that you're always being watched. Tell her that if you can't visit them you will call them and you'll visit them whene
  2. I wonder how often its used but anyways ask the Admin or site adminstrators.
  3. Because I think parents of middle eastern background may not necessarily understand mental health and their behaviours as well. E.g. If try to lawn the garden, my father won't be or will take over and say you don't know how to do with little abuse or If I try cooking, he'll take over and say you don't know how to do it. It hurts my ego, my self confidence, Its like I don't know how to do anything. So you don't want to be rude to your parents as well. you do as they say. So a break would be beneficial in gaining some confidence and not being degraded.
  4. What I am saying sometimes we need a temporary break from our family. I don't mean hanging out with friends or to do "fun or enjoyable stuff". I mean to be alone for a while, to do own cooking, own washing, to meditate, not worry about family matters, to pray and read books for however long you want. To do things without being questions or looked out, to look after our mental health and physical well being (I am not talking about haram stuff as some may assume). Or Maybe its just me. I love my family all and as I said temporary break like a few weeks, not months. Every
  5. Can you be a bit more specific? Practicing what?
  6. I think u need to provide more details so u can get more responses.
  7. Interesting I didn't know about it being haram until i saw this post. I'm curious why is it haram to borrow money/loan from bank to buy a house and the payment back to the bank includes interest. What are the islamic rules about it? Is it differ in each sector? Where is written? Is it depends on your maraj? Is getting interest from the bank in ur savings haram too? I think a lot of muslims don't know much about it being haram including both the elder, the youth and the middle. Has this been addressed publicly by the Maraj and the Scholars, if not perhaps it should be, otherwise
  8. I have a HP PC and Printer. I didn't know about it being product that support israel. You didn't do it intentionally. Perhaps instead of returning and going through all the hassle, I would suggest simpler steps, ask for forgiveness and donate to your choice of charity and you believe does good work or deeds. Others may disagree with me which is fine.
  9. Yeah I agree you with. People should find the reason why they're looking at porn or thinking about sex. E.g. feeling frustrated in life, not knowing how to deal with issues in life or when things go wrong so turn to porn to get a temporary relief of not thinking about life issues (yeah yeah seek solutions for those issues blah blah... sometimes its not as easy as people think it is or its complex). Porn addiction is issue that goes away and can come back. Yeah I've over come this issue, however unfortunately, honestly and realistically speaking, the issue comes back to me . Its very
  10. I think this verse must be examined, research what scholars and maraj explained as. It can be very easily misinterpreted. If this verse is going to be used, it must be used very carefully. It should be analyzed carefully before it should be used. It should not be used to justify the beating of the women as it will leave a negative image of islam. I don't support the beating of women or men at all regardless whether their faults or not
  11. I agree. Perhaps i shouldn't said what i said. Its hard in western countries to find jobs that allows or that have the place to do praying. It can be frustrating as i experienced. I apologize for my bad advice.
  12. if you are concerned about that you won't be able to pray on time, then it will be very difficult to find a job that allows you to do that. Maybe that something u need to sacrifice for a while and do the prayers you missed as Qada prayer. Try do volunteering until you find something that way u have something still going on ur resume. what jobs are you interested or got the skills to do.?
  13. I find it amazing how some men try and justify the use of violence against women. I wonder if about these men this (if they were born as women, lets say they did something wrong, would they be okay their husband to use violence against). If its the woman's fault, it does not justify the use of abuse/force or violence, there is such thing called as marriage counseling and all that. In regard to your situations, as you have seen, there has been 1 or 2 suggestions that does not help at all. Do NOT Rush back into getting back to him, he should see a psychologist and sort out his iss
  14. I feel like I have been or is in a similar position as you are. I think it might be issues within us or surrounding that we don't know how to cope with it so we look for something that pleasurable and make us forget about the pain/issues even for temporary moments. We may not directly realise the causes because you have never ending whispers of Shaytan. Once we are on the right path, the moment something goes wrong, that moment can causes back to our old habits because we are not taught how to deal with the life problems, pressures and pain. E.g. sometimes it can be envy, loneliness
  15. I would suggest maybe post this in general discussion/ social life etc, maybe you get more responses.
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