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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think its a computer software or system used in computers/laptops. I think
  2. It depends on the Quality of the repentance. A since repentance is to put real effort, to be deeply ashamed of what you've done, not to do it ever again, to read Dua, Quran and Qada Prayer as much as possible, to do good deeds, etc Those who haven't committed sins, can hold their heads High, be closer to the Prophets and be one of those that despite all circumstance and difficulties, I never sinned. Whilst those who sinned and repented will still have fear of their acts being revealed so perhaps it may depends on quality of repentance and how much effort that person was/could've put
  3. 0. Before you tell, ensure you have overcome those issues and will never fall to them again. 1. No You don't need to tell her all the acts you committed unless she asks. 2. Consider how much trust her and what's likelihood of her telling some people about it. 3. Unless she asks then before you tell her everything, explain the situations you were in honestly (e.g. mental status, influenced by bad friends, etc). 4. Next don't tell her full details otherwise she'll think you saying this in proud way so if going to full details, ask her if she certain she wants to know and if
  4. I think sometimes, its not knowing how to deal with the stress. Sometimes we don't know how to cope with problems in our lives with whispers of Shaytan it causes to go astray. Its even harder when you have no one to explain this hard ship face to face. Depression can also contribute to. Sometimes we got stuck in our problems, don't know how to deal with each or which one to deal with. Trying to live, trying to please everyone, trying to be obedience to parents, envy of cousins getting married or having good times or closer family ties whilst being a loner. I am still struggling with the p
  5. I got it from my name. Hameed >> Meedy Last four letters of my name and adding Y at the end.
  6. I would go back and stop committing the worse sin that I committed
  7. It depends on your circumstances and situations. If family or you unable to find from local community then what choice do you have. Either find one yourself or try outside local community or relatives. E.g In my situation, searching outside local community or even local community is still hard because you/family need to have connections, its hard if you don't. Plus I don't have many close relatives. Further when going to the community, a lot of people know each (All Ages) but if you don't, its hard because its like trying to fit in just like school, uni or work. So my only option is
  8. I live in West, its not easy for Muslims to find parntners. It's very hard to approach one another from both gender perspective specially when there is no Muslim women in schoo or at uni or at workplace . So they're a limited on their options how to find partners from the same religion. I'm almost certainly will have to find partner through family connections and from overseas. Life is short so after few months it relation not going well then both can move on. Even in the communities, its very hard to interact with muslims women because fear of people thoughts. Plus, i
  9. God Created Human Free (As In Human they can do whatever they want in this world) God Sent Prophets to Direct Human to Right Paths and to inform Humans to be wary of their actions, do good, bad will have consequences, judgement day, opportunity to repent is open and heaven is the rewards. God could've forced us to worship God Does not need us and us not believing in God Does not impact God At all but will impact us in judgement day But God gave us the freedom to do that or not to do it. If God Forced us to worship, people will complain "Why is God forcing us to do it, why d
  10. 1. Its an issues you need to address or seek help to end this addiction. 2.What causes you do it (e.g. issues that bothering/or comes back again, causing to do this to get a relief or not think about thing for a while - by the way, I am talking about myself ) 3.Don't focus on the size of the sin, sin is a sin, seek help or understand why you doing. 4.Small sins may lead you to commit bigger/major sins. 5.Marriage is not a solution as it does not necessarily stop the addiction. 6.Find of others thing to do e.g. writing novels or fantasy stories. 7.It is not good fo
  11. Regardless of whether the marriage is valid not, she should've at least try to understand why her dad didn't like the guy. She wants a divorce, means her father was right from the beginning. Did they agree on Mahr, if not then he is unlikely to give anything. Marriage is a serious matter, its not just about looks and love just like romance movies, there are other things to consider e.g. financial issues, if he is got issues then he should've sorted the financial before getting married or inform her that he is unable to provide support due to his situation. She should Thank God,
  12. Hmm some of other things i can think of. House duties,cooking, social (e.g likes to hang out with her friends then how much is good or bad), family relation/relative, her view on ensuring kids being muslim(some may not care at all), her influences or who she look up to,
  13. I don't know what country you live in. My opinion I don't think its haram. I am assuming there will be no Alcohol correct? ok so don't have to worry about that. If you're going to use noise cancelling headphone, you might as well not go. Music will be played which is normal. Just go there, Sit, have a talk with guys you know and avoid dancing if you're single or if you're wife okay with not having to dance (I have went few events with family, I just sat there, went outside for a fresh air and that's was it) You're not going with intention to listen to music. You're not goi
  14. The compatibility of personalities is important too. Perhaps list your personalities traits, list few that you can compromise & list some you can't, make it easier for you to tell her that without thinking as you already know. Perhaps maybe list in in ShiaChat to get people thoughts as well as there might be something ladies may not like in a man at all. So when you 're in stage of getting to know each, you can say to her this my personality traits & explain to her and then get to know her personalities. I Apologise if my answer or opinion is wrong
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