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  1. I want to a book that has complete story of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon him). Does anyone have any recommendation or know of any book?
  2. Anyone else starting to think this war has been a failure? What's going to be outcome of this war?
  3. Is there a community where is a sheik that might provide some help. E.g. He may have various connections that might be able to assist in finding a potential spouse
  4. Don't go for Escort. Don't do it. Please Don't do it. Don't Do it - Don't do it. You will a trillion percentage regret it because you will end up, telling yourself What have i done? God is seeing you whatever you do. Don't let the whispers of Shaytan get better of you. Shaytan is telling you, you have an excuse to commit this season and God's punishment will be light. Don't do it. Don't look for excuses to commit sins. Strengthen your faith. This is a test, Our patient is being tested. We're being tested. It's life, some of us maybe not meant to have a partner in this life regardless of how good of person we are. God will give you someone better in the afterlife.
  5. I don't see a good future with her as my feelings for her will not be there. I've been patient. I've closed my eyes for certain she did/her family did. I've closed my ears for certain things she said and her family said. I have been patient. I've told myself, perhaps a family member is poking her. I explained numerous of times that I cannot visit her again in six month because I need to save the money for her visa, ticket and to buy items when she comes here. she said I should've bought all that before I got married. She asked several times for money: 1 week. To send money for her to study., I declined, another week She claimed to have tooth pain and needs it to be fixed, I declined another week. She said she needs to have eye laser, despite she does not even wear glasses, i declined Another week She said she needs to have nose surgery (there is nothing wrong with it). I declined. 2 weeks ago, she said that I send her my gas/electricity bills, petrol cost receipt etc to see how much money I get left over to send it to her etc. This SHOCKED ME to be honest with you. I had enough and spoke to my parents, who also became upset and I said I really can't see a good future with her. When we finished from visiting Imam Reza (عليه السلام), she asked me to pray on behalf of her too, she checked me if I can read Quran properly and Wudu properly. Yet she did not know what is Ghusl Jannabet. I've overlooked all these things. These some of things but NOT everything. I've lost feeling and any trust in her. My parents and everyone want my happiness and things to work out. I know deep inside of them, they're not happy after all these things. I myself not happy too because I have strong feeling when She comes here (Australia) she will starting checking my wallets, accounts and try and send money to her family or buy her this or this. She may end up genuinely and sincerely being sorry. But if I have to weigh her goods and bads, the bads will weigh heavier. I understand Divorce is bad a thing, I understand I should forgive her and move on but I don't see any happiness. I don't feel I have any trust in her. I feel like if we stay together, my parents will be happy but truthfully they will be just acting as happy and me too I will be acting as happy for their sake. This relationship will be end up me and my parents acting happy for one another sake, whilst only her being would end up the only happy one. Unless we each go our own away. In the end, other people said to me Its my decision and don't blame anyone for what I decide to do. Why did I said all these things? Just wanted to share these feeling to someone.
  6. Does anyone know how much 1 Iraninan coin/sekkah is worth in dollar ? Whats your advice/thoughts on getting sleeping tablets or should I speak to my GP?
  7. Its pretty dumb, isn't it? Yeah I'm behind this post because things did not turn well for me. The one who I married to, is more interested in my money so I don't see any good future with her and as the result my feelings for her are completely gone and non existence. I understand divorce is wrong but if there are signs and evidence that one party is married the other purely for money, australia etc. I have seen and heard enough. Once we are divorced, not sure if I can find another partner, perhaps it is what is My Grandfather passed away almost 2 weeks ago. I have my grandfather photo on my whatsapp profile, few days ago, she asked me when I will change it, I said I don't know, she said it's been 7 days, change or at least have no photo. I find this completely disrespectful. So because I will end up single, i asked this silly, wishful thinking question because not sure if God will help me find another partner. Which is why I posted that silly question.
  8. I want/feel to swear a lot. In short words, The hyenas/wild dogs also known as Taliban are basically not only oppressing people but also committing genocide. <<Despite Muslim population being 1 Billion, don't be surprised if some or few millions of these Muslims will not hesitate to kill the Prophet Mohammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). Its even people (number of Muslims) more when its comes to Killing Prophet Mohammad Family and the Imams ((عليه السلام)) Because Prophet and Imams will not approve of many things are Muslims are doing, sadly the list is too much to name these things>>.This is how I feel.
  9. I saw that thread which was longer than I expected so I thought I may get short responses.
  10. Salam. I am sorry that you haven't received any replies I think its the effect of depression, loneliness, overthinking etc and moreover you wanting to get closer to God. Shaytan focuses on those wanting to get closer to God and having issues in life and struggling, makes it easier for his whispers to be effective. His whispers is will sound like our voice which makes it easier to get sinful thoughts. I think our struggle will continue but we remember to get up whenever we fall. ----------------------------- Solutions are easier said then done. Anyways you have to do your best, you gotta keep fighting. Do not give on God Mercy. Pray to God to protect you from whispers of Shaytan. Try and find solutions to some of your difficulties.
  11. What were the goals? Did they or are they going to achieve it? Was it worth it? I think it was a dumb a move Did it make world more dangerous place than its already is? The middle eastern refugees will now suffer more because Ukrainian will become main preferences for country that hold refugees?
  12. MashAllah and God Bless you for the great effort you're doing to become a muslim, a better human being and most importantly you're doing it to get Closer to Allah. Just Curious, is your husband also doing his best to convince his family to stop with their judgments and to start welcoming you to be part of the family
  13. If supporting Taliban was not enough, now they're going for straight/direct attacks, Shame on the government of Pakistan
  14. I come across some ayats where Sujood are required. I try to memorise those ayats in my head without reading them so I recite them when I am in sujood. What person must do if they're struggling to do memorise in short time, can they skip it? or what is the law regarding this. Thank you
  15. I hope she is safe and well. I hope they found her safe and well. I pray to God to look after her and her family, also I pray for those that have gone or going through this experiences
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