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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I agree with what pseudonym said. In my opinion and I am not be right. The teaching of the Prophet and the family of the Prophet have not been applied or if applied, it has not been applied correctly. So that's one part of it. Perhaps it has not been interrupted correctly either. The countries were not stable to do so e.g. constant changes of Ruler (From Dictator to Monarchy etc). So the instability of the country is another part of it. The Politics is also plays a part of it e.g. lets not implement this rule because we'll lose the election or people would turn against. How an Islamic country will operate, will there be elections, which sect of religion will be in charge, etc You have different Sect e.g. Sunni, Shia - Who is going to be in charge, whose teaching/rules/interruption will apply. Example, they may all agree on certain rule/teaching of Prophet and the family of the Prophet but will they all agree on its interpretations, its meaning and how its applied. Muslims people from some countries would escape to Western countries if they could and understandably why E.g. People in Yemen, In Afghanistan.
  2. Unfortunately there will be more. There is not much difference between them at all.
  3. 1 Option is to buy snacks/food etc from Markets/shops that sells Halal food. Lilydale Free Range - Halal Chicken https://lilydalefreerange.com.au/frequently-asked-questions The PDF has the list of Lilydale Halal chicken parts. Doritos Cheeps - I don't see why it would be. Check this https://www.facebook.com/halalfoodaustralia/photos/smiths-chips-vegetarian-suitable-list-last-updated-on-20082020please-read-the-en/562967337407166/ https://www.halalfood.com.au/product-directory-1/Smiths-Snackfood/Doritos-Crackers-Cheese-Supreme https://www.halalfood.com.au/ I hope these helps. I live in Australia too lilydale_halal_list.pdf
  4. The West are NOT perfect, however: Because the countries in the West are more organized in many different ways. Because in the west you get treated with respected regardless of faith. Because in the West, you can be of any faith, any race, any culture. Because in the West, there is more opportunity to educated and for the youth to become successful e.g doctors Because in the West, the education, tax, environmental department, transport systems etc are more organised and developed. Because in the West, even dogs are treated well. Because in the West, there are organizations to help the needy, homeless, etc Because in the West, they have well Fire Fighters, better hospitals, the police are better equipped and trained etc. Because in the West, there is better court system and better access to legal aid. Because in the West, there is welfare support for people with difficulties. I can go and on. In Our countries (muslim countries), always constant fights between different sect of the religions. Our countries are filled with injustice and oppression. Our countries, if you want something to be done, you may have to bribe the officers/person in charge. You more likely to face discrimination if you are of different race, religion etc. In Our countries, nothing is organized. Some of the kids/youth have to go to work at early age to make a living due family situation and no government support. I would rather live in a the West Country, ruled by Atheists rather than to live in Muslim Country. (e.g. look at my country Afghanistan and these thugs/criminals talk about implementing sharia laws). If I were to be born as a Dog or any other animal, I would rather live in the West because there is better change of being treated appropriately The So called "Shariah Law" has been implemented in many wrong ways, all its been used to cut hands, to cut heads, to oppress women etc. Either the Shariah Law needs to be looked at and see what's applicable in current society or to be interrupted correctly. E.g. if a law is seen to be inhumane, then it should not be applied.
  5. I think meditation might help. Learning to control your emotions. If feeling really frustrated, Turn to God. If religiously feel frustrated, have a shower, go to a park, get fresh air, breath and calm down. Get a book/a journal write down your feelings. Remember Obedience to parents is really important even though you may not agree with their decision or view Perhaps avoid going on social media too much. Yes, Private issues can cause us to lose our emotions and do other bad things. Remember you're not the only one who is going through this battle.
  6. I will assume that one should be okay - Although I don't know if there is an actual ruling to it or not . Worse Case Scenario, Go On Sayid Al Sistani and ask the question. You will definitely get a response. This one I am not sure.
  7. What's your though on this? Even if it is possible, is it right to do it. ( Remember said IF is possible, IF) https://edition.cnn.com/2021/09/13/world/woolly-mammoth-resurrect-deextinction-scn/index.html
  8. I hope and pray she gets better soon. :'(
  9. There is no connection or communication between adults and youth, this creates a gap and youth feel like they're not needed in the centers There is no guidance by the adults. Youth see conflicts in the centre as some adults don't get a long well. Youth feels like the adults are out of touch from reality. There is very little or no activities to get the youth interested. Youth are influenced by the materialistic/worldly desires. No opportunity for youth to express how they're feeling or issuing they're facing and feel like adults don't care. E.g. Issue of Marriage is a big one Gender issue. I feel like Muslim men and women don't like each other for various reasons, hence some may avoid getting married. I think there is many others issues that can be listed.
  10. Eventually The world/Media will forget about Afghanistan as they focus on their new target e.g. getting 3rd vaccine shot, US/Aus/Uk alliance against china&Russia. Pakistani people defending their country despite its history and on going interference in Afghanistan. The childish behavior of Afghani Adults - E.g. if War is over and Afghan are in charge. They'll continue to be corruption (for example, you fill a form and return to the department in regard to something like passport. The person who gets it, after you're gone, may throw in the bin or the officer in charge of processing the form, may reject or throw it away) << All this either because person doesn't like other person's ethnic, religious background, would've done it if person gave them some money etc. This can be said about the other departments of Gov. Or you will have officials putting their families/relatives/friends in charge of positions. Or they complain oh why hazaras are in charge of this Or if something goes wrong, they blame the whole people of ethnics The Irish, The Scottish, The Wales and The British - Same languages, similar religions or different sector of Christianity. All of them live peacefully, get along well with another, does not care whether you Catholic, Orthodox or Atheists. And Look at us, seriously. I think we all can writes essays and books about the things that wrong in our countries, cultures etc.
  11. You will pray Qada prayers - Perhaps list down how many prayers you missed and do few whenever you can. Don't over stress. Plan something simple. Perhaps consult with your doctor what is the best time to take those medications. I don't know much about your situations and why take medication. I pray for you and hope you get better. Don't over stress, plan something simple to do those qada prayers. God knows that you didn't intentionally missed your prayers. God is Merciful.
  12. I am going to get the vaccine so we can get over the lockdown and this disease sooner. If I am going to die from the vaccine or get serious illness well then its meant to be. If no one in the world wants to get the vaccine then .... what the solutions??? I've had my working days cut down from 5 days to 3 days and some of my other colleagues from 5 days to days a week.
  13. 1. I would worry about other serious addictions e.g. Porn, fast food, loss of desire to do obligatory religious duties, marriage issues (struggling to find partners) and so forth. 2. Almost all youth from all religions and non religions listen to music on regular basis. 3. Instead of people saying Music is Haram, perhaps people should say it depends on the contents of the songs and the personality who sings it and the content of the video of that song. That Makes sense. 4. Can someone explain to me if Music is Haram, then why does Iran allows it ??? -
  14. It happens to many of us. You're not the only one. Search questions about repentance and sins in the forums. There is a lot advice and suggestions on what person can do.
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