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  1. Imamrezashrine.8@gmail.com Iro@imamrezashrine.com these are the two email addresses, I got a reply from the 2nd one.
  2. I don't know how to insert a screenshot here, but I got a reply from them saying they will send the parcel and I should inform them as soon as I receive mine.
  3. Assalam o alikum everyone. Hope everyone is fine here. In 2019, there was a post here about getting free books from Imam Reza (عليه السلام) 's shrine. Is that service still available?
  4. I write on a writer's online forum, where I have more than 100 k readers, also received lots of hateful and criticising comments, that's not new for me. But someone said that the effort i was doing was "haram"....i don't know it made me feel bad.
  5. My channel has 2 informative videos...and another video is a kufic style Bismillah Calligraphy on mobe without any voiceover.
  6. Yes you're right and there are Sermons even in the court of Yazid.
  7. Assalam o alikum everyone, No rude replies please. And I am new to this site. So please mention, if i am uploading my question on a wrong forum. So, I made my YouTube channel three days ago. There are only three videos on it with almost 42 subscribers in three days. Everything was alright and I was happy with my number of subscribers. Until today, I received my very first criticising comment. The lady said that there should be a way to change your voice as non mahram are going to listen to your voice, which is haram in islam. I don't know, what to think or do. I mean, I am totally blank minded right now. Can you guys give advice or guide me please?
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