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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. what is Sunni imperialism?
  2. I do not understand Shia theology. I am also sort of..... not easy at the idea of reading Shia accounts of history because I have been taught that Aisha is the mother of the believers. The idea of reading a historical account against her makes me uneasy. However, I definitely don't want to give the impression that I am against the Shia. I was told even that the Shia are kuffar, that the Shia are kuffar who are in league with the yahud. I don't claim that I was given the objectively true picture but I ask questions because I'd like to know more about the Shia. As I said, I don't think I've ever actually met a Shia in real life. It is very difficult for me to understand the Shia in terms of theology. For example, as I have been taught, Ibn Taymiyyah is Sheik-Ul-Islam. However, I learned recently that the Shia are not in favor of Ibn Taymiyyah and consider him as a precursor of Sheikh Muhammad ibn Wahhab, whom the Shia (if I understand correctly) are against (the Shia disagree with what they call as "Wahhabism" but is also known as Salafiyyah). Now I do think it is true that Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab does resemble Protestantism in a certain way. I think Salafiyyah does follow a "sola scriptura"-like approach. However, why exactly do the Shia disagree with Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab? What did he teach that the Shia see as wrong? However, I sort of quietly very much respect you Shia for your anti-imperialism. If the Shia are such bad guys and the Sunnis are the heroes then why are the Shia the anti-imperialists? I believe in anti-imperialism and I believe that humanity must stand up against imperialism. I love Islam but I am convinced that Islam is not only a set of rituals but that Islam must be implemented beyond just the rote repetition of rituals. I do not understand your theology but I really like that the Shia are known to be anti-imperialism. I thank and appreciate very much all the people who have written to explain their point of view.
  3. Thank you, I have downloaded it. However, if you or anyone else can respond to the questions (even if it's brief or only answers one or a few questions) then I would appreciate it. I come here not to debate or be hostile towards the Shia but to hear from the Shia point of view. I am sure the Shia have probably heard these things before and have responses. The book is 300 pages so it may be a while before I can read it and I assume it does not explain about the Houthis or about the current anti-imperialism that is being displayed by the Shia.
  4. I have questions for Shia. I have heard many things about the Shia. None of this is meant to attack the Shia. However, I have heard many things against the Shia and I would like to hear from the Shia point of view. I don't believe that I have ever met a Shia before but what I've heard is as though Shia are basically devils and evil. I have a few questions. 1- Why are the Shia so much at the forefront of anti-imperialism rather than Sunnis? Is it fake and the Shia are secretly buddies with the Zionists? Why are Shia rather than Sunnis at the forefront of anti-imperialism? 2- Do Shia believe it is halal to kill Sunnis and take their possessions and do they really believe in lying to deceive Sunnis as part of Taqiyyah? 3- Who are the Houthis and why should we support them? 4- Do the Shia hate Aisha and if so why? 5- What exactly is the difference with Shia versus Sunni?????? Why did the Shia split from the Sunni? Or did Sunni split from Shia? What are the origins of the Shia and what do the Shia believe? 6- Is it true that Shia cut themselves on the head with swords? 7- Is it true that Shia practice mutah? Is mutah not zina? If mutah is okay then why is it okay rather than being zina? Okay, those are questions I have and I wonder what the answers are.
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