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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamu alaikum. For those living in West and following Ayatullah Khameini, not all shariah rules are clarified and I had read somewhere (can't recall exactly where) that Ayatullah Khameini's representatives gave green light to follow such rulings from Ayatullah Sistani's book of rulings regarding western muslims. Does anyone has reference regarding this?
  2. What about online marketing jobs eg a designing a website that advertise apparel, cosmetics and jewelry? Would that be halal, considering that this would require uploading photographs of women wearing those products or make ups? What about working in other departments of such company that deal with only the products (e.g coat, shoes, cosmetics, earrings, bracelets etc.) Please provide any links to resources.
  3. Yeah, right! You think I am a male and not living in the west?! Just so you know, I am a working woman too, proud of my hijab and in sha Allah, would never give it up for any cheap worldly gains! Hijab is an obligatory dress code for Muslimah. If you aren't observing it, at least recognize this ruling. Every woman who considers herself as a Muhibbeen of Ahlul Bait should wear hijab. By the uncovered head of Zaynab s.a. in Sham, how can hijab not be an obligatory dress code for Muslimah! Ask yourself how you would face Zaynab s.a. if you think otherwise.
  4. Taqiyyah is one thing . But not observing the basic laws of Islam is another thing. I have friends all around the world (West, Asia, Europe, Australia) who are doing jobs alongside wearing hijabs. Some of them are doctors and engineers too. You have to keep your faith strong. Hijab is an identity of Muslim women. There is no valid reason to believe that it will hinder your social status, jobs, security etc. Racism you may face, and if it's so severe that you are worried about your safety, then it's obligatory to move to a safer region. But that can never justify 'hiding your beliefs' by avoiding wearing hijab.
  5. I second this website. There are agewise series of books for children. I bought 2 sets of books from this website for my child. She absolutely loves them.
  6. The Islamic sharí‘a, in spite of its meticulous and rigirous nature, is still a simple and linient code of practice. It is, therefore, useful to point out two things right at the outset.Firstly, some raw ingredients used in manufacturing food and drink go through definite chemical transformations that radically change its original properties, in the sense that it becomes, in perception of the common man, a new and different matter. Such a transformation would remove it from the list of forbidden items, and this is known in the manuals of Islamic laws as “al-istihãlah” which is one of the purifying agents according to the sharí‘a.For example, when an item derived from a harãm animal source changes into a different item [through chemical transformation], then the latter product would become permissible.Secondly, there are ingredients used in manufacturing food products that could have possibly come from a number of different sources, some of which are halãl and some are harãm. In such cases, with no certain knowledge about the origin of such an item, it is not necessary to investigate and it is permissible to eat that doubtful item. (Of course, this principle does not apply to meat when there is doubt whether or not it is from an animal slaughtered according to the laws of Islam. So, if you see in the list of ingredients “mono et diglycerides” which can originate from aminal fat or vegetable oil, and the label does not specify that it comes from animal source, it is not incumbent on the person to investigate about it, and therefore it should be considered halãl. (source: sistani.org)
  7. Pregnancy is a very difficult phase of a woman's life. A human being is growing inside your wife. While it is all designed by Allah and it is a great miracle that happens inside the body of the pregnant woman, she goes through all kinds of hormonal surges too. Any small kindness and affection during pregnancy remains engraved inside a woman's heart forever. Similarly, any teeny tiny bit of undesired words or behaviors may cause overflow of micro-emotions. While you can't disobey your parents, you should support your wife and repititively mention to her how much you admire her for all the efforts of carrying your child inside her. During this time, all that a wife needs from her husband is the expression of love and gratefulness and honour. In sha Allah you will see huge reflection of your compassion and love in her (now or after first six months of baby blues).
  8. Al-Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (عليه السلام) (The Sixth Imam of Ahlul-Bayt) said: "al-Taqiyya is my religion, and the religion of my ancestors.” He (عليه السلام)also said: "He who doesn’t practice al-Taqiyya, doesn’t practice his religion." Source: A Shi'ite encyclopedia (al-islam.org) The website doesn't have an original reference but I have read it before in books. Where I come from, tashayyu community is less than 8% of Whole muslim community and revealing faith often leads to isolation from whole society and aversion. Everywhere we used to pray in Taqiyyah, also avoided Iftars arranged by Sunni people. Also, in books, the above mentioned hadith was explained as Taqiyyah being a necessity. That is very apathetic to say that my patience level is low. Calling wife haramzaad during the day and call her to bed at night is okay?? My patience level is low?! I am sorry but this is not helping anyhow. So, you are suggesting that I shouldn't even mention why I decided to seperate?! What if she questions me and wants evidence of his behavior towards me? While she observes that he loves her, she also notices the verbal abuses and my cries. Children may be small but they do observe.
  9. While I do want to get freed from him, I want to proceed in a manner that Islam recognizes. So of course I want an islamic divorce before I leave. I don't want to live with any further guilt of causing trouble to anyone. In case you haven't read the original post of mine, I had already filed a case of domestic violence two years back. Hopefully those statements and his legal record will help me with custody fight. I still don't want to seize his rights of keeping in touch with his daughter, which will become an obvious thing if I involve legal aid before I leave.
  10. No matter how much I wish I could disagree with you, I can't. To be honest, I was married off before my elder sister, who had rejected minimum of 10 eligible suitor from Muhibbeen of Ahlul bayt because they were not having similar or higher certificate qualifications than her. But no suitable Sunni match came for her, that she would have agreed to. This person was the first proposal for me (maybe because our social circle of Tashayyu belief didn't think I would be married off before her or maybe because I was considered 'overqualified' due to educational background) and was thought as ideal one too, because of similar educational background and potential to settle abroad. Maybe it was also a medium for expiation of many of my sins in sha Allah. But well, then again, it was written in my fate too I believe. Otherwise my child wouldn't have been born despite the initial intention to enforce abortion by her own father. I just pray that I can guide her to the right path of Ahlul bayt and that she be safe from all vices and evils in this world. She is my biggest asset now and in sha Allah will remain so. My marriage is a teaching for every Muhibbeen of Ahlul bayt to never compromise on the faith of potential spouse.
  11. The above mentioned hadith is mentioned here according to the website. Wasaael al-Shia, vol. 20, p. 157, H. 25300 P.s. I couldn't edit my previous reply. Hence completing my previous reply
  12. Baqir ((عليه السلام).) narrates that a woman came to the holy presence of the Messenger of Allah ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم).a.) and asked for the rights of a husband over his wife. His eminence ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم).a.) replied: “Obey him, not to disobey him, not give anything from his house as charity without his permission, not even keep recommended fasts without his permission and submit to him. She should not step out of the house without his consent. If she steps out of the house without his consent of her husband, then all the angels of the heavens and the earth, the angels of Allah’s wrath as well as His Mercy, they curse her till she doesn’t return home.” 15 Source: al-islam.org
  13. We got married using nikah back in home country and my witness (who was also the qadhi on my behalf) was of tashayyu beliefs. About leaving his house without telling him, I had done that during my maternity leave after filing a case of domestic violence wgen he had 1st (& also the last time) hitted on my head twice. I still feel guilty for leaving like that because of the hadith that prohibits wife to leave husband's house without permission even if he is oppressor. Just to clarify a bit on a previous comment by another brother , I wear hijab and also don't want to leave to commit sins. In fact although I want to end this toxic relationship, I want to end it in a way, recognized by Islam. If not by our way, at least by Sunni way since he is a Sunni. But iddah will not be possible for me because in an earlier fight in the year after case filing steps, he told me he won't tolerate me for a single day after divorce and he doesn't believe in iddah. Keep me and my daughter (whom I have named after the main female character of Karbala ) in your duas please.
  14. I read that according to sunni, it should be said when he is in sound mental state and not in anger and also in presence of 2 male and just Muslims. Which has never happened but he did mention in anger many times that I will give you talaq.
  15. During my years of no income when I was in my last stage of pregnancy and during the time I was on maternity leave, he paid for my sustenance but his language was still abusive. After joining a job, I started contribution, to maintain peace but he counts every week how much I have and this Muharram when I wanted to send a small amount of money to my father for contributing in azadari majlis (obviously I didn't mention why I wanted to send money and he didn't even know which month was going), he rejected the idea and started saying that I shouldn't send money unless absolute necessity. But he often sends large sum of money to his family for birthday gift, tech products etc. Then why tug at my money?! I have seen sunni brothers (husbands of known Sunni sisters circle her) who are really nice to wife and children. But maybe my patience level is lower because he is a liberal Sunni AND verbally abusive. Because I feel that the worst shia is still better than the best Sunni because of their belief in Wilayat and tabarrah towards their enemies. All observed before marriage but wasn't checked as red flag by my parents. This is something that is very important. I haven't thought this way
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