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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I know some sisters can dress good with hijab, but those who say it usually want to dress like westerner and they dont believe hijab is essential in Islam. Thats true, this is a complex issue and again when speaking with someone, then we need to understand their point, as well as to understand the marja, or scholars they follow, cultural background and so on and so on. Religious non middle eastern muslima who dont wear it will usually see it as cultural things than religious duties. I am at the point to respect my sisters decission either to wear it or not.
  2. I notice this topic has been discussed in different threads. But I keep it simple, I am happy if at least they are still performing salaah, fast, read the Quran. And let Allah decide the best. I would rather to pray may at least they are istiqaamah in praying, fasting, and religious duties.
  3. I live in Indonesia, a sunni majority country. Wearing hijab (or not to wear) is not an issue. However some sisters (even fee of those Ahlulbayt follower) do that for reasons like; 1.want to looks "progressive or modern" muslims, or 2. according to their islamic education hijab is middle eastern culture and not something essential in Islam (they said that Jews, Christian, Majusi, Yazidis,etc who live in middle east also wear veil), or 3.they are just not religious muslim. More religious knowledge needed when talk with (2),
  4. No, I dont think so I cant give an oppinion without knowing the person or just make general oppinion. Anyway I have never met anyone who leave hijab because of job. But I wont condem they will go to hell !! We muslims are taught to solve and discuss under four eyes with علم (knowledge) we have, and to present ourself with a good sample for her (telling others to do without practicing for ourself is نفاق )If we can not, then pray and pray.. Saying something like they will go to hell to a person who dont wear hijab or who leave their hijab wont solve a problem but just caus
  5. I wont judge you. But my advise is simple: Dont leave wajib things; prayer (salah), fasting, and so on and so on.. And its good if you can do mustahab things too... The rest is my prayer with you..
  6. Keep in mind Allah loves you! Never give up and try your best. We are here virtually if you need to talk... The rest is my prayer with you
  7. I think you are just a hetero man who want to look as attractive as the man you see. And I dont see any homosexual tendencies in your stoey. Thats normal! We all want to look attractive. And it should not be confused with what people today define as sexual orientation. My advise : Just keep in mind that Allah create us unique and perfect. To be thankful with who you are is the key rather than seeing another man's attractiveness and make us inferior than him. Let me know if I am wrong to understand you. With prayer
  8. Bro, I am a man.. I can understand your situation. In my oppinion dont leave your religious obligation (Salah, fasting).. but dont forget that we live in this world, and Allah create lot of joy for us to enjoy. Fun and joy is not only in sex. So I an advise that you need to keep spiritual balance with worldly joy... have a hobbies (sport, nature, or whatever) and try to enjoy! Also I suggest you to join a positive group or community that you can involve with many people so you spend your time and disnt think much about masturbation. With prayer...
  9. I am sad to read this. But I doubt those who support it are Twelver Shias and write here only based on their religious perspective and NOT mixed with their cultural view about this matter? As I know Ayatollah Fadhlallah and Ayatollah Sistani clearly discouraged this practice. And I am shocked to read someone wrote something like "Shia way to do that".. So what next? Shall we discuss invent tattoo ritual, teeth-cutting ritual in "Shia way" to make it looks islamic?
  10. I believe that the quality of ummah is more important than quantity. Simple
  11. I have read it, and will read again to gain a better understanding. My position is not to say what is haraam as halaal. Even I need to study with the knowledable live Imams as every word said by our Masoomeen has a meaning on their context.
  12. May I know the refrence that saying this? As far as I know there are big difference between being kuffar and commiting sin. And second, I was always taught we need to be very very very careful when pointing a muslim as kafir.
  13. I can only say God knows best. But that's why I dont want and never interested to mix religion and politics as it is too confusing, particulary for the converts who just sincerely seek to close to Allah and close his ears about what happened in Iran, Middle East. I respect my muslim brothers and sister in Iran or another countries where they want to have Mullahs, Ayatollahs as the leader. But this is not a system that can work in a country where I live. As long as the secular system guarantee my freedom to practice the teaching of Quran and Ahlulbayt, then this is more enough. And f
  14. I think.. just take it easy. You are in the early 20, I believe there are still enough time if you are not ready yet. Keep praying and best wishes!Insya Allah
  15. The action is a sin, that's right! But they are human and it is only Allah and state law (if any) can punish them. We, as a human who commit sin as well, should give a chance for a repentance. Bullying is definitely have no place in Islam. So if your LGBT friends are muslim, its wise not to bullying but let them feel comfortable with ibadah, join the congregation and to get close to Allah. We just pray the best. May He guide them to straight path. The rest is none our bussiness.
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