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  1. Thank you to everyone for their replies and yes it is true i am not very knowledgable in terms of the religion itself but i do read alot about our history, and im still coming to the conclusion as to why was there shia after the ahlul bayt? As in after the battle of karbala and after yazid and muawiyah long past away. why did we divert it into a whole new sect? couldnt we just stick with the majority at the time but also acknowledge the ahlul bait? It is common sense to stick with the majority instead of beinf seperated.
  2. @Mahdavist @layman @THREE1THREE @Revert1963 @Muhammed Ali @Sirius_Bright @Leibniz @Mohammad313Ali @Abdul-Hadi @Ashvazdanghe That is right, without umar and abu bakr islam wouldnt be what it is today, they had their mistakes just like every other human but they done very good for islam in general, and if they were as bad as they say they are then imam ali wouldnt of helped them during that time. Dont forget that shia is very iran biased, and i believe we hate all these people because they were at war with the sassanids at the time. i also cannot justify that we still hit ourselves and cry over imam hussain to this day, in which the prophet never done this with his close family members and he will never accept such things to happen. It is only common sense and no one needs to tell you that
  3. I am born and raised shia, i am having doubts due to reading on the history of islam. I do not have much knowledge and am here to learn so bear with me. We are Shia because we think Imam Ali should of been the rightful heir, which i understand because he is related to the prophet but was it so wrong that Umar and Abu Bakr ruled? Did they not achieve great things, and after all they were the companions of the prophet. Then after Uthman passed away Imam Ali wanted to rule and there was abit of disunity and what not and then fast forward with Imam Hussain and the Ummayads. After the Ummayads died ( Yazid and muawiyah) and the abbasid caliphate took over then shouldnt of it went back to normal? Why was there still Shia? Why did they hang on to the past with the disagreements and what not, couldnt they just move forward?. It seems to me that Shiism is just a political sect that is fixated on the past of who should of ruled. i honestly think who cares and we should just move forward for the better, acknowledge our history but dont dwell on it when there is absolutely no benefit to us and if anything just harm and war and oppression. Open minded people only please
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