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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaikum, I need advice. This post is going to break my heart because I know how my father feels. Basically the story is this, my family aren't religious Muslims per se but cultural Muslims who came to this country in the early stages of migration so they have more cultural then religious beliefs. I'm the most knowledge and most practicing person in my household. Now that you have an idea of what kind of household and family life I come from over the years me and my dad have had conflicting ideas on what to do with life and how to live. See my father has an idea of me being the
  2. The truth is a lot of aren't, if you're a person who works towards being part of his companions dedicated your whole life for it, but it turns out he didn't pick you, would you be heartbroken, dejected, resentful? A lot of people would be.
  3. I guess what prompted me to write this post is that I'm looking for advice. I'm 22 and to be honest me and my friends were all the same. We work low end job with no real future in sight. We dont care about getting married, getting houses or anything like that at all. My family want to get married soon, but I can't even talk to women, I don't feel like interacting with family in law and stuff. It's not just me who feels like this but alot of my friends, we dont have to pay bills, we just eat sleep, and just spend our days on our phones or playstations. I tried to cut it and create a fulfilling
  4. I agree, Ayatollah Sistani is the one who holds various Shi'a factions together, from the Rehbaris to the Shirazis, all of them mutually respect Sayyed al Sistani.
  5. To be honest, I feel like the work/field of medicine is becoming very haram, which is sad because we need more Muslim doctors but they are asked to study things that are unethical in our faith. I'm going to give up this dream.
  6. Avoid what dear brother? But seeing as I already know that most capsules contain gelatine I am not ignorant of it, I will have to be prescribing these day after day in the medical profession. Not to mention other key medicines which no doubt have some traces of animal. But the question is how do you deal with it? If I become a doctor I pledge an oath to do my best for the patient, but if my religious morals interviene then what can i do? If a women comes to me one day and says she wants an abortion, and I'm tasked with setting her up for one, I have to do it, but rel
  7. Asalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Whats the opinion of working in the medicine field based on, 1)Researching and editing genes, including stuff like viruses and such 2)Creating medicines with haram ingredients/administrating haram ingredient medicine, for example if I have to prescribe a pill that contains gelatine or a mind altering drug to an insane person. I am planning on studying medicine/biomedicine but I fear getting into these sorts of careers due to the issue of potential my working potential being haram. As we know as a doctor I may also be res
  8. Hello, My dreams are becoming increasingly more religious and I'd like to know if anyone might have any idea what they might mean? At 4am this morning I woke up unconsciously and the first things that came into my mind was I am a servant of the Shaytan. This scared me of course usually when I wake up I usually say the Shahadat in my mind. As I went back to sleep I had a vision of what looked like the Imams return almost rapidly the Kaaba was in the sky and the Imam had light covering his face and was wearing a white thobe and I felt an energy like I did a few week as detailed
  9. I wanted to share something I thought about not too long ago, maybe if anyone is good with polemics they could help me: So Imam Jafar AS supposedly taught both Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik. That’s fine for now, but then why are the two vastly different? For example: In the Hanafi madhab praying with a sadl position is not allowed, where as Imam Malik view adheres to the Shia one where it is okay to pray with the arms down. Then we have the rulings regarding food, for example whereas the Malikis are pretty lenient on the type of seafood they can eat, the Hanafis hold very simil
  10. For those of you who are unaware, Sheikh Yassir Habib has been working on a film depicting what happened at Saqifa and the story of Fatima Zahra SA, I believe that this will feature the door burning incident aswell. For more details: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt13097336/ It isn’t out yet but seeing the reactions online it’s got a mixed response, particularly within our own Shia community.
  11. ‏ورووا عن عمر بن ثابت قال: حدثني عبد الله بن محمد بن عقيل بن أبي طالب قال: إن أبا بكر وعمر عدلا في الناس وظلمانا فلم يغضب الناس لنا، وإن عثمان ظلمنا وظلم الناس فغضب الناس لأنفسهم فآلوا إليه فقتلوه. ‏تقريب المعارف - أبو الصلاح الحلبي - الصفحة ٢٥٤
  12. The first narration came in Sulaym ibn Qays collection, which wasnt 300 year after.
  13. I find the Shia position problematic. If you support Assad who does the same thing
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