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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I find the Shia position problematic. If you support Assad who does the same thing
  2. Sorry if my question if a bit loaded but it’s thoughts like these that go through my mind every single minute
  3. Let me just put a few things out there -I am not Iraqi -I’m not justifying Saddams rule But a question on my mind about Allah’s mercy has always been this. Say for example a man like Saddam for example, Gadaffi etc all had genuine belief in God, and they actually wanted to help there people but had to use cruel methods to achieve as such, would Allah punish them? I know Saddam attacked Karbala in 1991 and had the issue with the Kurds but if the battles of Jamal etc can be excused by some could Saddams actions be excused by some especially for the big picture which was to
  4. https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235067407-identifying-sulaym-ibn-qays/
  5. In Sunni Islam your allowed to eat cheese of zoroastrians even if the animal was slaughtered by them ;)
  6. This whole thread is mind cutting. Let’s say God is within us and we incline to do something wrong which we view as a right, e.g. we take one extra date from the market or we put one more minute worked it doesn’t harm no one of course but are we harming ourself and thus God? Or am I mistaken
  7. I’m 21 and I’m looking for marriage. My perceptions on girls have been skewed a lot because I was raised by a masculine code. It sounds awfully cringe but I have a very traditional view of females put it that way. I never had a girlfriend or even talked to a girl one on one for a long period of time. My family can’t find any suitable partner for me so now I’m out on my own. My attitude towards females won’t change, and I believe this is my nature. But I absolutely suck at talking to girls, I feel so awkward and uncomfortable asking about how did your day go etc. I want to have a partner so I d
  8. I know a person who was very religious I’d say but speaking to him I was shocked to find out he did drugs commited zina and drank alcohol. I never would have expected it from him as he came from a religious background and was a junior teacher at a mosque. Why do people like this end up leaving religion
  9. So pure the salaf had the most Muslims killed in any period of history, so pure one Madhab allows drinking, one allows the eating of dogs, one doesn’t allow questioning of anything, and all the Sunni madhabs takfir Ed each other
  10. Salam, Say for example I do wudhu in a kitchen where there is smell of haram chicken being prepared in the microwave is my wudhu invalid? I do this at work
  11. Salam, So I was at a checkout today buying my groceries and I’m pretty sure the checkout guy was Muslim. Anyways I saw him selling alcohol and pork, should I have advised him against it is it my duty?
  12. Imam Ali also thought of Abu Bakr to be a liar sinful and dishonest person during his life and up to his death. A Sunni will say haha its only in relation to Fadak and they sorted the dispute but the actual narration refuted this idea. Sahih Muslim 1757 c It is reported by Zuhri that this tradition was narrated to him by Malik b. Aus who said: Umar b. al-Khattab sent for me and I came to him when the day had advanced. I found him in his house sitting on his bare bed-stead, reclining on a leather pillow. He said (to me): Malik, some people of your trib
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