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  1. Wow, the hadith thing has blown my mind, I just double checked my self, I can't believe I never noticed these before, very interested points, thank you! Regarding the 80 chains hadith, what exactly is your counter?
  2. False, polytheist actually believed their idols were intercessors for Allah aswell, just as 'lower Gods'
  3. Forgive me I made a mistake, Mohsini wasn't supportive of the Talibs in anycase, it was another Party
  4. chose yathrib / Medina for his great school where about 4000 students were studying, This is a bit of a strange issue. The Imam had the means to teach Shia fiqh and theology at large, but infact it seems that this was not the case, which is why you'll find stuff like Malikis praying with their hands down but having very open food laws vs Hanafi seafood laws but praying with crossed arms, I'm just giving an example here, but you see what I mean? I don't get why this wasn't the case however and there are many disparaging views, amongst the sunnis who could have learnt the correct way, the reason why I cited the Maliki and Hanafi example is because of the case of their leaders studying under Imam Jafar al Sadiq..
  5. So, I guess we all know the situation now in Afghanistan, and Afghanistans history with the Shi'as is a funny one. On the one side is the issue between the Hazara and the regime, history isn't forgotten nor forgiven, Mazar in the 1990s will not be forgotten nor will the incidents that have followed on. Hazaras in general are more open minded and progressive, on the otherside of the fence you have a weird chasm between the Afghan Shi'as of Asef Mohseni who consisted of a mix of ethnicities rather than a solely ethnic group, his followers were very diverse especially in Kabul. From my understanding Mohseni was very supportive of bringing Islamic rule to Afghanistan, even if it was run by Sunnis, which is why there's quite a few reports of Mohseni and agreements with the Talibs before. Now I guess the discussion should be, if a Shi'a community is without an Imam, should they really consider moving abroad if there is no perscution. I remember seeing a hadith about not leaving countries of Islam, these were from the Imams who lived in countries ruled by Sunnis btw. If a Sunni rulership implements hudud and Islamic law, what is the duty of the Shia? Consider this, not only did the Imams live in countries ruled by Islam under Sunnis, but look at the battles that Abu Dharr and Hassan and Hussain fought, these battles paint a more nuanced picture of the relations between the Sunnis and the Shias..
  6. Okay before anyone assumes wrongfully of what I'm about to argue let me just lay out a few points -The Kharwijites disavowed Ali because they believe he violated verse 49:5 or 49:9, they were willing to die for him in anycase and would have continued fighting for him, this shows there level of loyalty to what they interpreted to be the correct Islam and to their leader, it also means that whatever Ali thought prior to this issue of arbitration they were likely to follow and agree with it, if they believed Imam Ali was divinely appointed they would have this in this there own theology, they saw as the rightful leader but nothing about divine appointment -Abu Bakr and Omar are viewed as righteous by the Kharwijites, unlike Uthman, this matches up with the pretext of the Battle of Jamal (whatever your opinion of it), it also links up to Tabari's history, where he discussed the relationship between Othman and Ali in Othmans final days, which makes me think this was the actual Alid view considering kharwijite offshoots the ibadhis used to hold the same views, and could technically claim they are oldest form of Islam in a general sense. - Sunnis hadiths show Abu Bakr and Umar being praised by Ali quite a bit, infact the sermon at the Mosque of Kufa has 80+ isnads going back to Ali in which Abu Bakr and Omar are praised, infact look at all these hadiths which Ali praises Abu Bakr and Umar https://sunnah.com/search?q=ali+umar+abu+bakr ... The weird thing is hardly any mention of Uthman at all! This relates to the earlier points, suspicious right? Basically it seems Imam Ali wasn't on totally bad terms with Abu Bakr or Omar as the now Shi'as suggest, yet history shows a bit of a funny history between the Alids and the Umayyads... Even more suspicious is this hadith from Imam Ali's own son Mohammad bin Hanafiyyah https://sunnah.com/bukhari:3671 I'm wondering what your opinions on all this is, I mean once he had control did he really have to do taqiyyah anyways? I mean if we do say that he was divinely appointed, then he had the perfect opportunity to show this to his original followers (funnily enough even though they thought he was the rightful leader they seemed to forget the whole Ghadir incident...)
  7. So a close friend of mine made this PDF, if any of you guys are interested you guys can check it out here. It's about the history of Nass Imamate in non Twelver sources. https://payhip.com/b/NKMpr
  8. I guess what I'm trying to say is how are you guys so certain in your beliefs?>
  9. Salam Alaikum, I'm going through a bit of an existential crisis. Over the past year or so I've been trying to find the haqq of life. I'm come to the conclusion that there is a cause and that this cause is one and powerful, albeit Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). The thing I find so hard to do is deciphering truth and falsehood between the 3 monotheistic religions and sects I guess. You never know what is right and wrong. Sunni/Shia polemics is by far the hardest thing though as you never know what is the truth and what isnt, no matter how much you read, at the back of my there is always a niggling thought
  10. Do I have to celebrate Eid? I'm the only person in my household doing it tomorrow I guess and I have school so should I go? I got nothing else to do
  11. Salam, I was engaged in a polemical discussion and I was bought forward a point which I found very good, and I would like to see your opinions of it here. So the point of the discussion is as follows: If you accuse the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) of being a bewitched, you are a wrongdoer, as stipulated by 25:8: Or [why is not] a treasure presented to him [from heaven], or does he [not] have a garden from which he eats?" And the wrongdoers say, "You follow not but a man affected by magic." However not all the wrongdoers accused the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) of being bewitched, there were other wrongdoers who just denied the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) or fought against him, therefore accusing the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) of being bewitched doesn't automatically make you a wrongdoer. If we go by propositional logic: Group A = The wrongdoers Group B = The people who accused the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) being bewitched. Therefore Group A would all fall into Group B if it included all of them, so technically, the quran doesn't say that whosoever does this is a wrongdoer, because if you find a wrongdoer who doesn't say this then it's problematic right? Just looking for an understanding I guess [12:17]
  12. Salam Alaikum, I need advice. This post is going to break my heart because I know how my father feels. Basically the story is this, my family aren't religious Muslims per se but cultural Muslims who came to this country in the early stages of migration so they have more cultural then religious beliefs. I'm the most knowledge and most practicing person in my household. Now that you have an idea of what kind of household and family life I come from over the years me and my dad have had conflicting ideas on what to do with life and how to live. See my father has an idea of me being the oldest son to be the role model of the family. So he wants me to get married and get a house/flat etc. This is all fine until we go into the details of these discussions. My dad has been asking me to save money and once I'm ready to get a mortgage and buy a flat/house. He's desperate for me to do this because we live in cramped conditions and believes that me and my wife will need to move out. I understand his sentiments completely but I told him Islamically I'm not getting a mortgage. And this is where things started heated. See I know the rulings and the reasonings behind Ayatollah Sistanis permissibility of mortgages however I don't feel comfortable as I still am actively choosing to engage in interest and know that I will need to pay it back, so I'm against the idea. My father however doesn't islam like I do and sees his friends who are mortgage advisors and muslims in society dealing with interest and says that if I don't act quickly I'm going to miss out and that it's impossible for me to get a house/flat. This is where me and my dad will split up, he also asked me to send a CV to his friend who works in a bank, I told him no, and he got super angry saying I was lazy and not doing anything with my life. I know my dad is not bad intentioned and wants the best for me, but our views on life differ completely, I don't mind renting my whole life, moving abroad, and if so be it I cant find a good job to support a women then I won't get married. But my dad thinks I'm a unserious person because of my worldview which I have developed from Islam, being Muslims we know a lot of Muslims of course and he's seeing everyone's sons my age and stuff getting married, he believes that if I don't listen to him I'm setting a precedent for my brother and sisters (who bear in mind are not as religious as me) to go against his word and therefore maybe even become deviant. The issue is so complex and I have no idea what to do, I am an independent thinker I guess, just because everyone else does something doesn't mean I'll engage in it, like Muslim friends getting mortgages and stuff but on the other hand it's deeply effecting the relationship between me and my dad and I think it'll effect my whole family. I have no idea what to do.
  13. The truth is a lot of aren't, if you're a person who works towards being part of his companions dedicated your whole life for it, but it turns out he didn't pick you, would you be heartbroken, dejected, resentful? A lot of people would be.
  14. I guess what prompted me to write this post is that I'm looking for advice. I'm 22 and to be honest me and my friends were all the same. We work low end job with no real future in sight. We dont care about getting married, getting houses or anything like that at all. My family want to get married soon, but I can't even talk to women, I don't feel like interacting with family in law and stuff. It's not just me who feels like this but alot of my friends, we dont have to pay bills, we just eat sleep, and just spend our days on our phones or playstations. I tried to cut it and create a fulfilling life but I just cant be bothered, I don't know why. Religiously, religion is all I really have to be honest, apart from that I just can't seem to care. I was wondering if anyone has ever been like this and how they climbed out of it? It's not depression because I feel content and dont really feel low mood. Maybe its just the impresison that people give of like thats how LIFE has to be, not what it is? This is quite common around people my age, especially in Muslim communities, is this a concern?
  15. I agree, Ayatollah Sistani is the one who holds various Shi'a factions together, from the Rehbaris to the Shirazis, all of them mutually respect Sayyed al Sistani.
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