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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. first of there are. secondly answer my 2 questions thirdly if you cant/don't wanna please dont reply thank you
  2. my question is how to detect if authentic painting or not plus why is the depitction on my profile for example Imam Hussein (ASWS) is depicted as having a very light tinge of green in the corner of the beard? explain pls i wanna know
  3. 1. bukhari and muslim arent authentic according to shia (and i generaally agree) 2.) if Imam Ali (ASWS) disagreed you havent told me A VALID reason why he would advise the 3 so yh. and btw Apparantly Imam ALI (pbbuh) didn't give bayah to Abu Bakr Umar or uthmaan according to shia because of the sermon of shiqshiqiyah DISCLAIMER: I BELONG TO NO SECT NEITHER SUNNI OR SHIA HOWER IM SUNNI IN THAT I FOLLOW SUNNAH AND SHIA IN THAT I'M A SHIAN E ALI (ASWS) I do belive in imamate, karbala, ik that Umar didn't marry our first imam's daughter I know Khadija (ASWS) is the most prestigious and most elevated in position among the wives
  4. Strong points but the fact remains The Holy Prophet (SAWAWS) said: "After me caliphate shall last only 30 years." so the caliphate of Abubakr Umar and Uthmaan is not rightfull according to shia therefore not a caliphate but dictatorship if this is the case then well.... it cannot be as we all know the Prophet is always right anyone who denies this is Kaffir so yh. could you explain that to me and if it is illegitimate Then Imam Ali (ASWS) would've never posted Imam Hasnain (ASWS) outside the house of Uthmaan for the sake of an example that caliph shouldn't be opposed bcoz according to shia It isn't a caliphate in the first place but a usurpury and my point is further strengthened by the fact that The alleged attack on house of Fatima (ASWS) had already happned giving even less reason for Imam Ali ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) to do this! May Allah forgive us if we r wrong. please answer everything
  5. abu sufyan (la) and muawiyah (la) didnt stay near the prophet (SAWAWS) nearly as much and our prophet said to Hinda or abu sufyan i think one of them to NEVER COME BEFORE him EVER again. but he didn't say this to Abubakr Umar or Uthmaan so if the attack on the house would've happened then... also didn't answer my question are u saying they werent inspired by the Prophet (SAWAWS) Maaz Allah ? and about Imam Hassan and Hussain (ASWS) at the house of Uthmaan shia don't deny this and by this time the alleged attack and burning of the house had happened so why would Imam ALI so this
  6. couple questions. 1.) three people who the Prophet SAWAWS kept so close and arojnd him most of his time yet you imply that Perhaps Maaz Allah The Prophet (SAWAWS) coudlnt' inspire them with his personality btw no point in saying but muawiyah (la) or Abu sufyan (la) because the Prophet (SAWAWS) didn't keep them around in the same way he did the three caliphs AND the prophet SAWAWS was aware of karbala and of muawiyahs future fitna thus didn't stay around him much at all so you imply that despite knowing the ALLEGED attack on the house the Prophet SAWAWS still kept them around so much? also didn't Imam ALI (PBBUH) Post Imam Hasan and Hussain (ASWS) in front of the house of the 3rd caliph btw shias accept this as true aswell sooo.... and on top of that the Hadith "After me caliphate will last only 30 years" so if abubakr umar uthman were usurpers or wrong or killers maaz allah then that means their caliphate is illegetimate meaning its not 30 years and the Prophet SAWAWS cannot be wrong (Nazoo Billah) so please answer every one of these questions. please W/Salaam
  7. SOOoooo i remembered this, according to obligatory preacaution shaving the beard is haram and we also know Hazrat Ali Akbar (ASWS) was 27 in karbala (sunnis say 18 but thats incorect) now by 27 a beard is fully grown so someone explain the accuracy of this... there is no beard. either i stop doing taqleed at all change my marja and have second thoughts about Khamenei or Someone justify the no beard??? Or this is inaccurate ? which one SORRYY if the image isnt there go to google type in Hazrat Ali Akbar face and youll find there is no berad explain???
  8. brother this topic is old I read more there are historical evidence of attack on house of Fatima (ASWS)
  9. brother this topic is old I read more there are historical evidence of attack on house of Fatima (ASWS)
  10. well, simple if you have an atoms weight of slight mild dislike towards ahlulbayt (ASWS) your are kaffir simple God's words not mine
  11. really? I'm a descendent of the Holy Prophet (SAWAWS) and I was never told I had to wear a green scarf? (Kaazmi btw) :curious:
  12. thank you but what about hair color/ beard color/ turban color after Karbala look at the beard depicted in my profile pic color is righ?t look close??
  13. https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235067774-urgent-about-shabisdepictions/?tab=comments#comment-3303304 this topic here seems ive won my case check it out can you argue any case versus mine in this
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