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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Umm.. so we know trimming moustache is Sunnah but when we draw Shabis/depictions of Imams (ASWS) the moustache is seen so is this not in accurate ? Also I even seen a shabi of Holy Prophet (Maaz Allah, ik thats not even allowed only imams and ahlulbay men no holy women or the holy prophet can be depicited with face) anf the moustache was present this confounds me care to explain (thougroly) i WAS of opinion that shabi is okay after realising this im haviing 2nd thoughts
  2. So yh i need proof to prove tp spmeone that beard is WAJIB so please submi tlots o proof bois i need it help hurry YA ALI ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) HELP ME!
  3. SO YH u probably heard this famous quote by who I hear u ask? WELL by Allah "When I created Humanity I made Mercy WAJIB UPON MYSELF" Subhan Allah BTW I'm pretty sure this applies to animals does it apply to Jinn aswell??
  4. So Abu Bakr went upto Hassan and Imam Husayn (ASWS) and they where children rather they were playing (Abu Bakr was a bit older But still played alongside) then Al Hasnain (ASWS) you are our slave so do as we say (or something like that God forgive me if i'm wrong) so like just how kids play kings and other stuff today too). So then Abu Bakr went home to his father and told him what they (ASWS) said then his father said "This is great news please just get them to write down this statement for they are the kings, leaders of heaven" so he went and got it written down so HIS father was overjoyed um.. yh that's it Q. PLEASE give the reason you think he said this I have my opinion already comment your reasons (opinions)
  5. SOOOOO I know that Taboot e Sakina has the original 10 commandmants, bible and torah (the ones engraved in stone) So then I hear they are in Al-Jafr someone clear this up or is it just that the original in al Jafr mean the orginal unaltered text and the one in taboot e sakina are the ones engraved in stone and divinely given? Someone explain
  6. I'm pretty sure anyone with the the Prophet (SAWAWS) would feel tranquil though he is the mercy of the worlds p.s. u didn't answer about the warning and q1 and q2
  7. thanks but not my question why would Prophet (SAWAWS) take abu bakr to cave if abu bakr was to deviate plus they say that no sahaba would raise their voice louder than the Prophet (SAWAWS) so why would Umar deny the the pen and paper ? So answer Q1. about Abu Bakr and Q2. About Umar please thanks
  8. title says it all but if they deviated why would he take abu bakr with him (SAWAWS) in the cave so why would he take a treacherous person are you saying the prophet didn't know they will deviate?? COZ HE PROBABLY DID KNOW
  9. IDK about that I know he burnt the one guy alive y know the guy who said that Maaz Allah Ali un Allah yh he burnt him and another guy who commited a crime i will not write down but i heard this somewhere aswell remember Imam (ASWS) did things for a reason he is wiser then the whole ummah put toghehter x100000 x every ummah before x500000 x angles because he is teacher of Gibrail (ASWS)
  10. READ: sermon of shiqshiqiya Nahjul Balagha IMAM ALI ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) did not pledge alliegence/Give baya to abu bakr he never gave bayah it's a lie so 786:) you can know if by help you mean baya ur r wrong my brother. w/salaam
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