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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you for this I do have a question. What is "Completion of Qaza namaz and rooze with the applicable kafarah."?? My arabic isn't that strong at all. May Allah bless you inshallah!!
  2. Hi, I am a girl Thank you for the kind words. I will definitely take your words to heart. I guess all I really needed was something to keep me going and not to lose faith. But, you are totally right. Maybe not now, but maybe I'll get my acceptance next year. I will definitely keep reciting my Duas and inshallah, Allah keeps me on the right path. I wish you the best as well, Thank you!!!
  3. Hello, I am a sister. I understand what you're saying, but if you're not in this field, then you wouldn't understand the determination. It's not just a "noble profession". It's not just helping people and earning a halal income. My dream to be a physician is no different than wanting a spouse, a child, or whatever it is other people may want in life. It is a literal lifestyle, it is who I am. You can't just tell someone "it will be something else". There is no something else for me. Besides Islam, this is the most important thing in my life as it is the only thing that gives me a purpose in this dunya. I have never found anything else that has made me this happy - not materialistic items, not traveling, not even a man. I'm not going to take offense to your comment as I know it was not your intention, but please tread lightly. Thank you. May Allah bless you
  4. To all the other responses, thank you for your input (especially to YoungSkiekh313 for the dua of etiquette post). I appreciate the words of encouragement and may Allah bless all of you.
  5. Hello, thank you for the response (to all who responded). I wasn't expecting this many replies! I know a couple of people have mentioned working towards the dua. I guess the biggest hurdle I'm facing right now is that I am on the waitlist for my medical school. It was a masters linkage program. Get the required grades, get a guaranteed acceptance. I was the only student who had all the requirements (good grades, good test scores, YEARS of extracurricular, killer letter of recs, a good interview, etc). Yet, I was still waitlisted. Almost all my classmates got off the waitlist. I am one of the few who still hasn't gotten accepted, and everyone else who still hasn't been accepted has bad/mediocre grades compared to me. I worked my entire life for this, worked 3 jobs in undergrad, studied everyday, took thousands of dollars of loans, etc. I worked very hard, but honestly, all I feel is Allah putting roadblocks. I'm stuck, and I don't know what to do. Medicine is my entire life. I'm going to apply again this year, but it'll take another year of just waiting with no guarantee (like my current program was), so it's going to be even more difficult. I don't understand why everyone else in my class is getting accepted/off the waitlist, and I'm one of the few people left. The school won't give me an answer, just telling me to wait, but it's been constant agony. This is my current story. My past Duas included other things, but they were never answered either. I know people think I'm overreacting, but I have nothing else in my life - an unstable family home (loving parents, alhamdulahh, but just toxic environment), no husband, no job, no nothing. I feel lost. My future is uncertain right now. Years of hard work (especially the last 10 months of my life, where I had to study 24/7, didn't sleep for days, etc ) - all for nothing. I guess that's what also hurts. Not only my Duas aren't being accepted, my hard work hasn't been acknowledged. In a response to the other kind people who responded and tried giving other methods, I've done all of those as well. I accept that there is nothing I can say or do, no dua in the world is a 100% guarantee. But, I feel like my spirituality right now is really lacking. Thank you
  6. Hello. I hope you’re all doing well. I’m not really looking for a Dua or a “fix all my problems” prayer, but I would appreciate some insight/advice. My heart feels heavy. My soul is tired. Basically, my main problem is that my duas are never answered. I’ve asked for multiple things throughout my short life, and it never works out in my favor. There was one thing that I asked Allah since I was 16. 7 years later I gave up after no response. Now, there’s something else I really, really, really want. I’ve done every dua - Tawassaul, Mashool, Kumayl, etc (multiple times each) I’ve written countless of letters to Imam Mahdi , as well as nidther . Nothing, no response. I’ve watched countless of videos and scanned many websites and books on the Etiquette of Dua. I’ve stopped listening to music, fixed my prayers, stopped doing a lot of sins. Still, Nothing. This Ramadhan was the first I ever truly took seriously, the first Layatul Qadr I stayed up the whole night as I truly became a better Muslim. The last thing I’m trying out now is Ziyarat Ashura. I’m on day 10. Once again, I’m not looking for really a solution as I feel like i am knowledgable on this type of stuff, but the reality is hitting me. I feel as if God is breaking my heart. I hear no response. I gave up my other wishes/hajat because I didn’t get a response on those either (legit prayed for 7 years and once again, no response) I know the Quran says we might love something that’s bad for us, but I’m not wishing for anything bad. In fact, the thing I’ve prayed for 7 years would have prevented me from sinning and is advised in Islam. So, I don’t understand. How is it that everything I wish for is bad for me? I don’t doubt God is real. I love Allah, the Prophet, and the Ahlulbayt. But, why is it everything I ask for goes unanswered? I’m always returned empty handed. I’m crying every single day. My parents are worried, and praying for me, once again no response. They don’t know what to do, and just told me to give up and move on. The anxiety is killing me. i can't sleep, I've lost my appetite, I'm going to the bathroom multiple times (this happens a lot when I'm anxious). My body is physically reacting to the depression i am going through. I just would like some insight on why the silence? Is Allah upset with me? Or am I just the person He decided will never get what she wants in this world? I'm not looking for an answer on how to get my dua answered. I know there isn't a 100% guarantee. But, I feel abandoned. so any advice on how to stop feeling as if Allah failed me/disappointed me would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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