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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalawailaikum, I need a little advice on how to convince my parents for my marriage. I am a 23 year old girl who has a very strict family and which thinks about society a lot. I like one guy and want to marry him the issue is that he is a revert. He converted to shia a year ago and is still continuing to learn. But my family isn't accepting because they say it's not allowed to marry "shia convert male" and mostly about "what will people say" 1) is it permisble to marry a covrert male? 2) how do I convince what do I do? As I really like this man and want to
  2. if i could tell my parents before falling in love i would have. They have a very old mindset and they wouldnt understand me. I know this is wrong but i want to make it right and i have spoken to thr guy about each and everything and his family. Even after he converts i dont if they will accept him because he wasbt born shia thats how mt family thinks. I just want a marriage and some solution to convience them or some prayers specifically for a spouse which can help me. I know in my heart that i wont be happy marrying a stranger.
  3. Because his is sunni background thats the only reason.
  4. they wont agree for the one i want to marry they will be against it and they are in hurry to get me married whoever they choose. A stranger.
  5. Salam, i am so greatful that everyones replying and trying to help me and advice me. Allhumdulliah. I will clear everything we really like eachother for more than a year And a half. And its not lust as we have not crossed our limits or done anything such we both just want a halal realtionship. And he is going to convert for both the reasons and his family is also ready. Its just my family which would have problem and are hurry for me to get married. I really wanna marry him. Please suggest some solutions.
  6. No it is not lust, its pure love and he is totally okay with the children being shia,plus he does come to majlises, and is learning and changing. I really do wanna marry him and make it halal.
  7. Asalamwalaikum, it would be a really great help if my brothers and sisters help me out with this. I want to marry a man i am in love with and make it halal but he is a sunni. And he is ready to convert too but i havent told about it to my family and my parents are behind me to get married to who they choose and i know i wont be happy as i want to marry the one i love. Is there any solution about this and also any duas and prayers to get married to a specific person. Please help me.
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