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  1. Opposite of crop tops, exposing back, breasts, legs, exposing upper body, in shirt basic modesty like Maryam the most of Jesus for women, and not wearing shorts above the knee caps and exposing upper body for men.
  2. Jesus used the Talmud for his quotes and some of his parables and teachings also Talmud is needed for how to slaughter and what to day, modest dress code and jurisprudence
  3. If it absorbs into the scalp then you should be fine but if it does not get absorbed then you must remove it then you can do Wudu, I recommend you find a organic leave in conditioner.
  4. No the sayyed is not wrong but the pope is not solely coming to see the sayyid, the pope is coming to spread nonsensical word’s and God’s knows what rubbish behind the curtains.
  5. God’s essence is distinguished from His attributes. Justice is an attribute given to God because that’s a part of God’s personality the same way you and me have a personality.
  6. It’s never positive if it’s a Catholic or an orthodox, it’s like a Salafi trying to get along with a Shia....
  7. His a Catholic..... the Christians over their are not all Catholic many are adoptionists and this guy here wants to strengthen the Chaldeans white supremacy religion Catholicism to the adoptionists and brain wash the Chaldeans even more. I hope they don’t let him in, he will bring the corruption of the western culture (to be exact the brits.... I hope y’all know what implying) In the name of God and Jesus. I’m planning to make article to expose him and his teachings and most importantly his religion Catholicism, the truth needs to be shown and told in order to reduce corruption from spreading.
  8. Once ur a cheater it will always be known at some point you were a cheater although your good now and if God wanted to cover your shame then He would cause to them forget these shameful stuff about you but they still remember them but don’t mention them because you proved you can be better. God only causes the angels not to remember the bad once you have repented and followed God’s ways as Ezekiel 18 shows, if you try to misinterpret it then you’re falsifying Ezekiel 18 since many people can tell you of a person who had a shameful past who is now good and God fearing; they did not forget the persons shameful past but they recognised that person proved himself/herself wrong and became good.
  9. If God dislikes a thing should we also dislike it? Matthew 23: 33“You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? Jesus calls another fellow humans “snakes and brood of vipers” and he implies they are already condemned to hell and they can’t escape it. Was Jesus wrong for saying these things? Was he wrong for pointing out arrogant people and exposing them ?
  10. No that’s a load of nonsense, I find it Funny how when you try to use ur head you fail miserably when the scripture goes against ur not-so-well-thought opinion. Many times do you see the prophet’s say the Lord is slow to anger, meaning His wrath will not be ignited quickly rather there is a chance for you to make things right before you reach the no point of return and God’s punishment comes upon you, we can see that manifested when God gave chances to the people Moses when they disobeyed and also pharaoh but he persisted with his arrogance and God sent His wrath upon him. When a person repents of his sins follows God’s ways because of his righteousness God would forgive his sins but sometimes God gives him consequences to deal with(Deuteronomy 8:5) so he may not face the harsh punishment in the hereafter. So when a person has done good deeds but may have slipped but got back inline and then slips again but goes back inline again as long as he keeps repenting and tries his best to say inline and continue to do good he can hope for God’s mercy on the day of judgement. If God can forgive all the sins of a sinner he has committed in the past, despite not God punishing him, if he adheres to God’s ways then God can certainly judge by his Mercy if He wants to. Ezekiel 18:30 30Therefore, every man according to his ways I will judge you, O house of Israel, says the Lord God: repent and cause others to repent of all your transgressions, and it will not be a stumbling block of sin for you. As long as a person keeps asking forgiveness and tries to adhere to the law then he shall have no fear. Lol desperately trying to find a loophole, you just said not long ago that if we hope God to Judge by His mercy and not by his Justice we were essentially hoping God would not be true to Himself since He is just. What’s the difference between hoping and manifesting.... you just shot yourself in the foot and showed that, according to your Pauline faith, God wasn’t true to Himself.....He manifested it.
  11. prophet Noah’s son disbelieved in Noah’s message and the righteous men who believed in the message of Noah did not look at Noah with shame; Lot when his wife was betraying him and the righteous knew about it they did not look at prophet Lot with shame. Only the ignorant and arrogant look at people with shame. their perspective is of no value, as everybody agrees on that rather it is the righteous since they JUDGE with justice.
  12. You cover your own shame by obeying God’s commands and no you cannot bring shame to God it is irrational and impossible, your being shame only to yourself, God has set clear commandments which is proof against you and the whole of mankind. you ultimate goal is to try twist the word “Love” to suit ur irrational barbaric doctrine of jesus dying for your sins. Like mentioned before justice and love cannot contradicts each other so the nonsensical words that your saying which have no basis are not valid. God‘s love is simple He loves the ones who do good hates the ones who do bad but out of His mercy gives them chance TO AN EXTENT to come to the right path. Story of pharaoh shows that likewise the people of Noah and Lot. Deuteronomy 8:5 read it, it’s clear as daylight how consequences happen.
  13. The Jews who don’t believe in the last day are will not be in paradise since the DONT meet the criteria that the Quran has clearly set and for the “Christians” none of them will he seeing heaven except the true Unitarian ones who follow the closest teachings of prophet Isa ((عليه السلام))
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