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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Cherry picking, go to Mark the original one the most important commandment is Deuteronomy 6:4 which the Jews also believed so which Jesus confirmed Matthew 5:17
  2. Alykum Salam. YHWH is a pagan origin, if you look at the Yahwists their concept of God is like the salafi’s. the Elohists on other hand believe God to be transcendent, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent and nothing is like unto Him. So the actual name of God is “Alohim”
  3. I ran from the idea of marriage for a while now. The cons just outweigh the pro’s.... sorry lads but fantasies will be always be fantasies.
  4. Yes btw those Christians you are talking about are not Nestorian’s they find it as an insult to call them Nestorian’s, their theology (which Is adoptionism) dates back to the time of Paul right after his death. some of them believe Jesus is literal son of God. The wicked Catholics and Coptics accuse them of being “Nestorian’s” and call them heretics. These Christians hold many values of Christ unlike the trinitarians who are just plain stupid. the Chaldeans are cowards hence why they associated with the Romans originally they were also like the Assyrian Christians then
  5. The Catholics believe in this even the Chaldean Christians but the non Chaldean Christians don’t believe in that nonsense.
  6. Nope it’s not. It’s talking about the people of the book. Your interpretations have always been rubbish which is no surprising since ur a Pauline.
  7. Yes but trinitarians don't like history... They face problems that they can’t deal with. The bible was compiled in the late first century after the marcionite version was done, which included the gospel of Luke, John, Matthew, and Mark and it was in Syriac Aramaic it is called the Pe[Edited Out]ta.
  8. Always happening Already happened Very prominent in our generation. Already happening, vast majority of people are fake and are spinners. And trump is one example of not deserving authority many like him exist. EXTREMELY widespread and prevalent. Already happening especially in our generation. The ghetto’s... and Sydney Australia ghetto’s..... EXTREMELY prevalent. Already happening Sunni Islam.... Already happening. The women are loose as hell nowa days. Very widespread. M
  9. It won’t work unless ur not religious.... otherwise your just as delusional as the trinitarians and the Jews.
  10. He does make Jesus into a divine being as I have shown, Mark 10:17-18 shows Jesus not being God and John 10:28-39 Jesus explicitly denies being God with a clever argument. Luke 4:41 Jesus denies being the literally son of God. Also In John 5 Jesus denies being God after a false accusation.
  11. Jesus shows the way to eternal life through his teachings thus he gives eternal life hence why he is called “Eashoa” “life-giver”. He does not grant eternal life that’s only for God to grant. Ur interpretation is a pagan Grecian Roman. John 17:1-7 “Allaha, the hour has come. Glorify your messenger, that your messenger may glorify You. 2For You granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those You have given him. 3Now this is eternal life: that they know You, the only true Ilaha, and Eashoa Msheekha, whom You have sent. 4I have brought
  12. Is that why Paulines and other nutcases act like heathens & others dressing half naked and etc and use God to justify their wickedness and act like animals.... it’s very prominent and common. Rubbish argument as the creation self evident argument against ur wishful thinking.
  13. Thus God favours the righteous above the unrighteous... favouritism right their. God does not offer generosity to the wicked if we go by ur ridiculous delusional argument God was generous offered grace to the Jews that captured Christ since they had desired to capture him form day one of his public prophetic career thus their wish was granted. And also Yazeed the killer of imam Hussain had the best palace, food and etc does that mean God showed generosity and grace to yazeed ? Use ur head on that one and think really and don’t be silly.
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