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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. chatting with the intention of marriage is not haram, as long as the intention and topic of conversation is marriage. of course you break the ice first else it would be weird, but as long as the conversation is clean then theres no haram
  2. Is it possible to move to a city with more Muslims? Dearborn, London, New York, etc This is good as stated above if you really need to have sex, you need to find an christian or jew to do mutah with. an escort is not an option
  3. Why is it that over 3 years they could only find 2 women? Are they able to get connected with masjids in larger cities that have more extensive matchmaking programs? Have you tried the online route? As far as attractiveness, go to the gym, groom yourself well, take care of your skin, dress neatly, take care of yourself. Thats all a man can do, we don’t have makeup, but it makes a big difference. The sin for fornicating is counted against a person every time they commit the act. Yes it is less severe for a single person than a married one (lashes vs death penalty) but it is still one of the most major sins regardless. As a shia you have temporary marriage available to you, which is something to be grateful for, but don’t let that detract you from seeking permanent marriage. Figure out what you’re doing wrong in your search for a wife, it’s mostly likely more than just your physical attractiveness. Without sounding like a jerk, and I mean no disrespect, why do you still live with your parents? Is it to care for them, because you don’t have the finances to move out, or because you are an overgrown man child? Genuine question, I’m not implying one way or the other, its just that this can be a factor.
  4. The right decision in this case seems pretty clear to me. She is a walking red flag
  5. Yes you can still make dua and pray even though you have alcohol in your system. And just so you know, when one drinks alcohol, the 5 daily prayers are still obligatory. It’s just that the prayers are not accepted. But dont worry about that, you are new to the religion and it’s a lot to take in at once. May Allah make things easy for you.
  6. I’m not sure about that dua, but as far as I am aware, you’re not supposed to read surahs in the sujood of your namaz. Unless you mean doing sujood outside of your namaz and then reading a surah?
  7. You don’t have to have a mahram present if you talk in a public setting and observe the proper social boundaries
  8. No, when you make dua for something haram it is never accepted
  9. Every single time its used? I usually clean it once or twice a week
  10. Most people keep their cats litter boxes indoors. Which means that there is no direct sunlight to purify the najasat in the litter box (unlike back in the day when cats would dig outdoors in the dirt). The cat will enter the litter box multiple times, stepping over urine and feces, making its paws najis. Is this not a major issue that nobody thinks of?
  11. Never, but it’s not the first time I’ve seen that accusation from certain uneducated brothers. Not sure where they come up with such things XD
  12. I think, if you are both young, then there is always room to grow and develop your spirituality. To me it seems that nowadays, a young person doing the wajib and avoiding the haram is a miracle in itself and rare to see. So don’t be too harsh on her, she is not at the level you are at but she may likely get there one day.
  13. Is it better/more effective to do one or the other? If one is making dua for something does it matter if we address it directly to Allah or ask the Imams
  14. Unlikely. The more probable explanation is that you are a normal man that hasn’t taken the steps required to reduce the heat so to speak. And so it’s at a high level as of right now. Is this something that has been going on for years, or just started recently? Take the advice given above and see how things improve for you, there’s no black magic in play here
  15. There’s no issue in it, as long as you are not being hypocritical and only wanting to marry a good woman with a clean past.
  16. Is this good advice for a man? Esp since testosterone levels are already at their lowest levels in history, men used to have much higher testosterone levels and still remain chaste. Not sure that draining away the very energy that makes you a man is a preferable solution lol, but perhaps I’m wrong
  17. Yes, even the arabic i believe you can highlight if you wish
  18. I was reading Hayat Al-Qulub by al-Majlisi and I came across this narration: By authentic traditions, it is related from ‘Abd al-‘Azim that Imam ‘Ali al-Naqi said that Nuh lived for two thousand five hundred years. One day while he was sleeping on the Ark, a strong wind blew and uncovered him. Ham and Yafith saw this and started laughing. Sam scolded them and covered Nuh. Nuh woke up and saw the two of them laughing and inquired the reason for that. Sam narrated what had happened. Nuh raised his hands towards the heavens and said, “O God, change the seed of Ham and al-Yasa‘ so that they beget dark-skinned children.” Nuh told them: “God has made your children the slaves of the children of Sam because he did good to me. You both are disinherited and your disinheritance will manifest itself in your children and the signs of notoriety will remain distinguishable in the progeny of Sam until the time the world will last. Therefore, all dark-skinned people are children of Ham and all the Turks, Saqaleyeh, Gog and Magog are the descendants of Yafith. I did a little research online and it seems to be one that is harshly criticized by Sunnis. Is al-Majlisi's work seen as reliable sources of information, or does he include hadiths that are weak? If this hadith is authentic, what are your thoughts?
  19. one day, not too far in the future, when we have mosques that encourage LGBT lifestyles, consumption of alcohol and pork, bestiality, etc, etc we still wont be allowed to say they aren't real muslims, all because they recited the shahadah once
  20. the majority of muslim women under 25 at the moment
  21. In addition, if we take the example you gave specifically, you would also be harming your marriage and leading yourself to a divorce that would harm your children as well. An alcoholic bachelor may only be harming himself, but an alcoholic father tends to harm those around him as well.
  22. I’m not sure what you’re asking. What does getting a wife have to do with staring at women
  23. Yes but currently, what is stopping us? Is there some requirement that you have to use one of their wahabbi guides or something?
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