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  1. If your intention is to get to know each other for marriage, constant compliments are not an indication of anything, just that there is some infatuation. You need to be having more serious conversations with substance rather than joking laughing and smiling. Being kind, sweet, “smooth” with a lady does not indicate anything about a persons deen or akhlaq
  2. This is obsessive compulsive disorder. Seek a therapist or medication. Your condition will not improve with just dua
  3. Love the famous psych expiriments, especially Milgram's shock experiment
  4. Your case seems to be an an outlier, or at the very least it is not the majority. Most people who have gone severely astray have genuinely done so and I see so in the community with my own eyes.
  5. I think you may be projecting a little
  6. Should an Islamic government regulate the clothing of its citizens to prevent indecency and if so, how should it be done? My personal opinion is yes, there needs to be some legal dress code to prevent society from devolving into the indecency that we see in the West. A complete removal of all dress code laws is out of the question for me. However, one can dive deeper and question what these dress code requirements should actually look like. Should women be required to cover their entire awrah, hair and body? Or should they be required to cover their body but given the choice of covering their hair? The second option, one where the hair covering is optional, seems reasonable to me on the surface however it brings one concern to mind. The concern that once the law goes from requiring full hijab to only requiring partial hijab, it opens the door to the entire law being slowly eroded. The next generation will protest for the right to wear short sleeve t shirts and knee high shorts. And the generation after that will protest for tank tops and short shorts, etc. This is the issue that I see in having a partial dresss code where the clothes must be modest but the hair can remain uncovered. Modesty is subjective and can be argued one way or another, but the Islamic laws of what is wajib is static and has persisted for 1400 years. Thoughts?
  7. Agreed. God forbid OP ever finds herself in an abusive marriage and rationalizes that the best thing to do is to stay
  8. I would leave him to his own devices. Questioning and disbelieving is one thing, mocking and taunting is another.
  9. sexuality can be twisted with enough brainwashing. So many young people nowadays experiment with the opposite gender, one can say that such a high percentage of the population is naturally bisexual. One may have slight inclination towards a member of the same sex and not act on it. This sort of normalization to children will only make it seem like an ok thing to do
  10. exactly, its about normalization. children wont turn gay from seeing an lgbt couple in their cartoon but they will start to see it as normal. and then what stops them from "experimenting" when they grow up
  11. That ali from ali hadith is apparently from bihar al anwar vol 56 but ive yet to find the specific hadith that lady was referencing
  12. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02RJopwSNmHYWaUEPjdKWiSakrq3YTLed3z6eAfcDNSC5NYS4EjcnCbHWXC3Xk9jUEl&id=100010246389227
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