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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Unfortunately, according to ayatollah Sistani, there is no justification for abortion after 3 months, even in the case where the mothers life is at risk. Not something I entirely agree with but that’s the fatwa Question: Is a mother allowed to abort the feotus, if she does not want it while the soul has not yet entered it and there is no serious danger to the mother’s life? Answer: She is not allowed to do that, except if the continuation of the pregnancy would considerably harm her health or put her in an unbearable difficulty, then it is permissible before the soul enters the feoutus (i.e. the fourth month).
  2. No definitely not. Life does not begin at conception. Abortion is allowed within the first three months in the case where it would harm the mother. I believe there is disagreement in the case of a rape some marjas allow it and i believe others don’t. All abortions are haram after the first trimester.
  3. Abortion in the context of American politics has always been something I felt conflicted about. On one hand, pro-life groups often place ridiculously strict bans on abortion, such as banning the termination of epcotic pregnancies, which is wrong in Islam On the other hand, if I was to support pro-choice groups, I would be supporting the abortion of hundreds of thousands of second and third trimester babies (10-11% of abortions occur after 13 weeks) which is also wrong.
  4. I wouldn’t think so, the damage done to the individual soul as well as the damage caused to society is less with this sin compared to zina. If you absolutely had no choice between the two, then yes this would likely be the lesser of the two evils. That being said, any form of sexual pleasure outside of marriage is considered a major sin and should not be taken lightly
  5. Why do you think we are seeing increasingly common cases of men being boys, compared to past generations?
  6. then why the initial comment brother :p
  7. This is a ridiculous piece of advice. 95% of men do not have the mental fortitude to remain chaste until their mid to late 20s (or their 30s for those who pursue medicine!). And the adults who recommend this to their children are inflicting unnecessary pain and stress on their children at best. At worst they are driving them to sin and have a share in the blame.
  8. Worsening economy, climate change, government corruption, pandemic, increasing rates of violence (not just mass incidents but local crime as well) etc all create a sense of uncertainty and despair regarding the future. Combined with rising levels of atheism and I can see why most people are becoming callous. Social media doesn't help either And in terms of what can we do about it, in my opinion, nothing. It’s just something that has to run its course until the Imam reappears. Maybe I have become calloused as well, in the sense that I don’t really care that society is deteriorating because there’s nothing we can do about it. Just try to keep the sanity within your own home
  9. I have yet to watch this show but I hear that the Muslim representation isn't half bad compared to the oppressed-hijabi-saved-by-white-boy Netflix series
  10. With each passing generation, society is only going to get worse in terms of people's ethics and morality. The "adults that are the problem" were probably also amazing when they were innocent little children. What age group do you work with? If we're talking about things like climate change and racial justice, then perhaps yes this generation of children will be the ones to fix these issues that previous gens have failed to. But in my opinion, on the issue of moral decline, things are only getting worse and this is clear if you spend enough time closely around teenagers today
  11. Series is currently sitting at over 15 hours in length, I will start it after I finish the series by Hussain Makke which I am struggling to finish
  12. They are stupid foolish immature and have not been raised well. Usually by college age, people stop bullying and taunting as they have grown out of it. But even most middle and high school students (age 12-17) would not do such a thing to a little boy.
  13. On the other hand i know parents that tried to bring their children up correctly to no avail. Only some of the credit/blame goes to the parents as it depends on the fitra of the child as well. OP the solution is simple. Very difficult to execute, but simple. Get married as soon as possible, and have self restraint in the meanwhile
  14. Given this additional context, i feel my comment was misplaced. You did what felt best for you in your circumstances, which were stacked against you. Best of luck
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