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  1. I’m surprised that more people do not have these conversations and get on the same page before marriage to avoid any “guilt trips”
  2. Why in the world would that be haram? To find peace in the same place that one prays. Often times I find that older folks have learned incorrect things in their childhoods from scholars at their small, local madrassahs. And they continue to spew those things their entire life
  3. Anyone from this forum going to be attending the Muslim Congress conference this month in Houston?
  4. It seems to me that you are being slightly judgmental but i could be wrong. He hasn’t had any outbursts and is normal and functional enough to hold down a job and a relationship
  5. Is he receiving medication and therapy? If they have been together for years and he has not acted in any violent way then perhaps there is no reason to be concerned, although I understand your uneasiness. Many people who suffer from serious mental health disorders such as BPD, split personality disorder, schizophrenia, etc can lead relatively normal lives with the right treatment
  6. Or insulting their honor. Reminds me of the movie scene from Taxi Driver
  7. Brother is bad taste, you are lucky that this interaction was online and not in person else you might have been left with a handprint on your face lol
  8. Baqer Qazwini, Jawad Qazwini, Azher Nasser, Mohammed Hilli, Modarresi
  9. When chatgpt gives more sound advice than some real human beings XD
  10. This is how i felt before but society cares little about what Islam recommends people to do. Most of the women I come across that are my age are looking for someone older and established which does not leave me with much to work with currently
  11. I’ve been looking for a wife for a few months now with zero returns not even one exchange of contact. About ready to give up because I will most likely not be looked at seriously until I’ve finished my education
  12. Our faulty human perception of whether or not a procedure/rule seems wise and logical or seems absurd is irrelevant
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