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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Would it be hypocritical to wake up for tahajjud to pray for something you want if you are already inconsistent with waking up for fajr?
  2. What a terrible thing to even think of suggesting
  3. What are small changes we can make to our daily lives/routine that will become habits and in the long run benefit our imaan and increase our rewards?
  4. Our grandfathers also used to ask their wives to go halves on his duties. In the sense that cooking and cleaning is not islamically required for the wife to do. They split the responsibilities of life in half: husband does all the effort outside the house, wife does all the effort inside. (Yes, islamically a man must help his wife with the chores but as we know many men did not in the past). A husband and wife coming to an agreement that they will share both the financial and domestic responsibilities does not mean that they have any excuse to oppress each other. In my opinion this is an older way of thinking that a man has to carry the entire financial burden with little help while the woman carries the domestic burdens with little help. Of course he should not force his wife to pay bills but there’s nothing wrong with them coming to such an agreement with each other. Especially nowadays when most young women are educated i think it becomes a point of good akhlaq on the wife to ease her husbands financial burden in this difficult economy. Similar to how a husband may forgo intimacy if his wife gives an islamically invalid reason that she is “tired” or “not in the mood”. Its akhlaq furthermore, if we encourage people to marry young, young men right out of college will not be able to support their wife. You don’t make much money at entry level positions
  5. Meat is a want, not a need therefore you can not eat meat slaughtered by ahle kitab
  6. But right now you are in your third stable marriage? Or your second husband was your last
  7. That is the dumbest article I have ever read “2nd and 3rd generation American Muslims will have their own Islam that differs from others in other lands. However the American practice of Islam would be closer to the one Prophet Muhammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) practiced; a religion committed to building cohesive societies and caring for fellow humans and environment, in essence Islam tells you to mind your own business as you do on the Day of Judgment.“
  8. not haraam unless this was stated in the marriage contract however if it is only for a short period of time maybe it would be better for him to remain as patient as possible and not spoil relations with his in-laws
  9. He enjoys archery? Maybe start with cheaper equipment and see how that goes before you empty out your pockets. Unless you would also like to use the expensive equipment if it does not work out for him
  10. What are the main ones? I always see people mentioning red flags without examples lol
  11. I'm no scholar but I would assume it means that being on the right path in this life can be sour, in the sense that you have to abstain from certain worldly pleasures. But this leads to sweetness in the akhirah. And likewise things that seem sweet in this world (sins), lead to a bitter end in the next life
  12. Salaam, I recently turned 21 and I was thinking about how i should be taking full advantage of my youth while it lasts. To those of you who are older, in hindsight what are the best ways one should spend their time when they are young (other than the usual things like school and performing the wajibaat)
  13. Brother i think I’ve read your speech about men stranded on islands on about 5 different threads now lol kidding
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