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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Any notion that bitcoin is haram is ridiculous. The claim that it is used by criminals, therefore making it haram, makes no sense either. Any form of payment that the government can't track will be used by criminals. That includes paper money. Bitcoin is a way for people to take power away from governments and banks, and unfortunately some scholars that are older don't understand this
  2. Are dissections of animals and human beings allowed in Islam for the purpose of education? If not, how do medical school students learn about the human body in countries like Iran? In western schools, students dissect bodies that were donated to science.
  3. As Muslims, we believe that the Torah and Bible were corrupted by man, but that the Quran has not been, as it is under God's protection. When debating with non-Muslims, they find it ridiculous that we believe the Torah and Bible have been corrupted, but the Quran has magically remained untouched. 1) How do we know the Quran is under God's protection for sure? 2) If the Quran is under God's protection, why did he choose to protect the words of the Quran from corruption and not do the same with previous holy texts?
  4. qumayl

    Gold Jewelry

    True but i feel like gold matches better with white in any case, thanks
  5. qumayl

    Gold Jewelry

    most are still gold plated, thin outer layer of real gold yea i probably wont end up getting any, thanks
  6. qumayl

    Gold Jewelry

    Does anyone know where a I can find some fake gold necklaces? Gold in color but not containing any actual gold (i.e, not gold plated)?
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