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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I am asking about the unknown verses in Quran.
  2. Salam, Thousand years ago if you show people television, they might take you having Satanic power and have you hung. But today, having cell phone and going to space is well understood. In Holy Quran, we have many password; Alif-Lam, Meem. and more, What is is purpose have creating password for man? what is the game? Today,Password are used for security. why do we need to decode a password to gain a "----------"? what is the purpose of this game? We follow sharia and do our daily routine, what does Allah S.W seek from His creation? Thank you, Ma Sal
  3. SA, Eid Mubarak. Glory to Allah. Thank you for your reply. So, the question remains, what attribute these creatures posses on earth that grants them neither Hell nor Heaven? Ma Salam
  4. S.A Thank you for your reply. No, I was not referring to Barzakh. I need to seek and find the verse which refers to be holders.\ I do understand the figure of the speech,even though is from Allah and not mankind! His signs are very clear for the believers, as it may appear different for our imagination. Thank you Again, WS
  5. S.A Brothers, The Holy Quran refers to some creations (Human,Jin,etc) that are in waiting period. They are neither in Heaven nor in Hell. What attributes do they posses which grant them neither of these places? Does Holy Quran refer to these creation when states ' The camel passing through an eye of needle', is it then that their path granted.? Thank you, Ma Salam
  6. S.A, Thank you for reply. Is Shaytan,"Iblis" a disbeliever? or a be holder only? Since he rebels against the will of Allah to bow to Adam after creation. Ma Salam
  7. Salam, Your comment regarding that we posses different spirits has no merit. There are some creation of ALLAH who are in different category and should not be judged, like prophet and apostle. There is in a different bubble than us. We on the other hand, have the potential become "Asfalasafeleen or Ala elleen" by feeding our spirit the food that nurtures this status. Following the path of Allah will lead us to HIS "muhebboon" or going astray and becoming the devil's allies. That is how our spirit changes. Ma Salam
  8. S.A Brothers, Thank you for the replies. I am new at the site and can't find the correct button to reply to your's and mine posting. Appreciate the help so I could continue the discussion. Ma Salam
  9. S.A. Brothers, May you all enjoying the Ramadan and its blessing. As stated in the Holy Quran, the devil refused to obey Allah and he was granted as" the be holder " until the day of judgment. His followers will be punished in hell fire.We also know that he is made from fire and Adam from dust. How is he punished in hell fire when he is made from fire? And the spirit has not blown into his body? Why those whom fallen into his path should be burn in hell while the original of the deceiver (Iblis) goes free? Thanks, Go In peace
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