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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So is this not a reliable hadith? And do we not follow it then?
  2. Three were lying to the Messenger of God (may God’s prayers be upon him and his family) 263 - Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Ishaq al-Talqani, may God be pleased with him, told us, he said: Abdul Aziz bin Yahya told us, he said: Muhammad bin Zakaria told me, he said: Jaafar bin told usMuhammad bin Amara , on the authority of his father, said: I heard Jaafar bin Muhammad, peace be upon them both say: Three were lying about the Messenger of God, Abu Hurairah , Anas bin Malik , and a woman. Is someone able to tell me the authenticity of this isnad and bring proof as well please. Thanks.
  3. Salam, what about in wasa’il al Shia where it says he burned them alive? This was graded sahih by several major scholars.
  4. Do you have any proof for this brother? The Hadith says he burned them alive and it is graded sahih by several scholars.
  5. There are Hadith I’ve read that have been graded sahih by al majlesi and khoei etc. Saying that Imam Ali (عليه السلام) burned homosexuals and other people is this true or what is the explanation for this as it’s graded sahih? Thanks.
  6. Although why wouldn’t he have judgement I k know it is a major sin however shouldn’t he be eligible to judgement?
  7. Salam, I was just wondering whether we believe in being a ‘dayooth’ like our sunni brothers. Also do we have a Hadith to support this?
  8. Salam, I was wondering whether there are any Shia Hadith available online or anywhere such as al kafi, Bihar al anwar etc. In English. And for that matter, are there any Hadith like al kafi which are filtered to have only the sahih Hadith in or a book which labels each Hadith sahih or daif etc. Thanks
  9. Many have said that sunni beliefs align more with the Quran than Shia beliefs. Can someone comment on this? Also what is our proof for the infallibility of the prophets and imams? Aren’t their verses in the Quran where the prophets made mistakes?
  10. I’m aware of our books and I provided a response but they are rather ignorant. Might I add it was also a 5 on 1 so responding is hard to people who disregard everything.
  11. I was debating with some salafi/Sunni and they brought up a Hadith saying that the imams know the unseen and know when they will die and are basically omniscient. What is our response to this?
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