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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Mashallah i don't have doubts anymore after meeting a brother who helped me a lot So my question is how true are paintings of imam ali (عليه السلام) And who drew them And there history
  2. Really couldn't expect better answer thanks bro
  3. Is it accepting there wilayah,imamah?or what is it
  4. Guys you all must be knowing i have doubts and we will debate i will talk from a hindu's perspective and you will talk from a muslim's perspective we will talk about principles of relegion
  5. Lower you habbits day by day e.g if you drink 1 ltr of that drink everyday tommorow drink 900 ml and same to internet download digital wellbeing and check for how much time you use mobile and if it is 10 hours tommorow use only for 9:30 hours and same with sleep if you sleep at 2:00 am tommorowsleep at 1:30 am and that way keep lowering it best way i have found to create and destroy habits and use the cue routine reward method e.g if you dink monster emergy you get such type of pleasure find another way that gives you same type of pleasure e.g play football instead of mobile as both are sources of enetertainment
  6. what made you call me sister i am brother bro
  7. I have asked but couldn't find a good answer and i don't have that much time to read every book to find answer for my doubts
  8. I want to meet an imam (عليه السلام) in my dream to ask questions of which nobody has given perfect answers is there any dua or ritual
  9. What are hindu gods and godesses are they jins?because in one videi during exorcism the jin said he is son of kali mata and how do you view when they visit their followers and many claim to see them while authenticity is beyond doubt?so are they jinns?
  10. Shirk is forgivable although it is agreat sin but it surely is forgivable even if done intentionally if one repents before death then surely he shall be forgiven
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