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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, What do you mean by break ties? Does this mean you never talk to them?,or leave them alone for the rest of their/your own life? Or you abandon them, and would not help during challenging times in their own life? If you mean this, then it's haram. There is nothing wrong in Islam if you don't get along with a friend, relative, or family member. However, Islam stresses upon developing, and maintaining good ties with each other, whether it's your friend, family member, neighbour and so forth. Nobody expects you to be best friends with this step parent, and there is not expe
  2. Salam, At the end of the day everyone shall taste death regardless of your age, gender, sex, status etc. Mankind has a soft spot for children, and young people who die at a very young age. This is because they are quite innocent at the time of death, and would not get the chance to experience this life. It also represents how attached we are to this world, and how misinformed we are of death/the afterworld. Our Prophet, and the Imams have warned us of this world, and the greatness of death/the after life. Of course it's very sad when innocent children, and young people die. M
  3. Salam, When young, sometimes we don't understand the importance of salat, and its value. So we sometimes think of it as a chore, and rush through it. With that thought when we are younger, it transitions into our teens, and adulthood. We sometimes postpone it for various things such as school, work, or various other worldly things. This again reinforces that psychological notion that pray is a chore that can be left after more valuable things. Most of the time people postpone prayers out of laziness, procrastination, work/school, and not understanding its value. Of course this shor
  4. I stopped reading when you used memes to prove a supposed academic argument......
  5. Salam, We have many narrations from the Prophet, and Imams that recommend believers to do hard labour, or simply work. There is a narration that the prophet once kissed the hands of a believer with calluses from hard labour and said " This is a hand that allah and his messenger love" Anyways, you should find a balance between work, and devoting yourself to Allah. If we look at the life of our Prophets, and Imams, they also had livelihoods such as farmers, tailors, shepherds, etc.. and also guided mankind towards Islam. You can very simply gain the afterlife by doing your waji
  6. Salam, The liquid that is seen before ejaculation is pure, and does not require ghusl, or any sort of washing as our brothers suggested above. WS
  7. Salam, Although soap does make you feel clean, in Islam running water is the key to making things pure when a njiasat comes into contact. You can either throw the clothing into the washing machine, and it'll eventually fill up with water and remove the nijasat, throw the clothing in a large tank with water, or you can just run water over it and remove the nijasat that way.... both these three ways will make the clothing pure again. WS
  8. Salam, If you have doubts whether water has touched all parts of your body, keeping in mind you are following the steps, simply, pour as much water as you'd like until you are absolutely satisfied the water has touched all aspects of your body..... physics suggest that once poured, water will be effected by gravity, will fall down, and follow the easiest route.. meaning once you have poured for example 3 to 5 times you should be completely wet.... If it takes 2 pours from a jug great, if it takes 100 go for it. Take things slowly, and make sure you are 100% satisfied before continui
  9. Salam, @El Cid I would advise you to please apologize to brother @Abu Hadi as I think your completely misunderstood, and took his generalized comment out of context. I read over your little debate, and brother hadi was nothing but respectful, however, you did not show him the same respect. Firstly, this is a public forum where users comment questions/topics, and users comment their opinions. It's very ignorant to ask brother Hadi not to comment of a public forum because he isn't a particular race.... that's actually racist in itself....... I am Pakistani, I found no offence in his
  10. Salam, Many pieces of the puzzle are missing to this story-however, I assume you would like some matters of the story to remain private. When it comes to Islam, both a husband, and wife are maintainers of each other. The husband, and wife both have rights, and the husbands obligation is to provide the necessities for his spouse in a way that her quality of life is comfortable, and social status isn't negatively effected.. Things such as food, clothing, health care, security, happiness, access to clean water and etc, fall into the maintenance of quality of life... The perfect
  11. Salam, Umer was the one who innovated this finger pointing while in prayer, and there are many hadiths in sunni sources that discuss the finger pointing but its authenticity is questionable. The Sunni sects don't have a unanimity on why they point the finger/point the finger up and down. Some say it's to proclaim there is only one god, other schools point the finger up and down to signify they are smashing the head of shaytan... other schools completely reject this act. So you can see there is a lot of confusion on this act even within the Sunni school. As for turning the head
  12. The three reasons I have provided are controllable factors that an individual can work on to increase his changes of finding a spouse... of course I could have provided an answer similar to yours, and would have either discouraged the brother, or provided no advice that would have aided him. At the end of the day all of our affairs are in the hands of Allah, this is no new news, and quite simply a band aid response. If this person cannot find a spouse, he should simply step back and analyze what's not working, and readjust his approach. We have many people who say "it's up to allah, and
  13. Salam, The real question is are you making marriage more difficult than it needs to be? Within your 2 years what resources have you used to find potential spouses? Have you spoken to your community elders? Have you attempted to use sites such as Shiamatch? How high are your standards? Could you possibly be the issue, and what have you done to improve yourself? Many men nowadays talk about how hard it's finding a spouse, but they forget, the women is also evaluating you to figure out if you are the right match. It goes both ways LOL. So if you haven't found a potential spouse within
  14. Salam, I'm very glad that the story of Imam Hussain has inspired you to make positive change in your life. You should try to mend things with the people you have wronged, and apologize. When it comes to wronging other people, Allah will not forgive you unless you have made some sort of resolution with that person. If they don't forgive you after you have apologized, and tried your best, then inshallah Allah will forgive you as you attempted to fix things up. This will hopefully remove the guilt you are feeling. WS
  15. Yes, and because he is a rightly guided Imam. At that time we the Shia should have uprise, and supported the government of Ali, but with the advice of Imam Ali they did not. Similarly, although it's not wajib on us to struggle towards an Islamic government, the key here is "it would be nice too have a just government".
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