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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, Not sure if you read the whole comment, please go ahead a re-read it. Not a positive/ negative affirmation, however, just a generalized opinion on the topic. Normal suggests this sin is common amongst humanity, similar to other major sins such as lying. No need to hide it to cherry coat the issue. Is it normal ? Yes. Should he be doing it, no. Does he have the means to marry or do mutah, maybe.. if he doesn't the brother must reduce, or eliminate this action. Pretty logical/sound advice I would say. Of course you did not provide any form of advice/guidance so yo
  2. Salam, It's sunnah, and recommended by the ahlulbayt to keep ALL hair on the body nicely trimmed.. this includes head hair, beard, nose hair, ear hair, armpit hair, chest hair, back hair .... you get the point. You can still pray if your downstairs area has excessive amounts of hair, but it's considered makruh. WS
  3. Salam, What does 1+1 equal? If you answered 2 then you have your answer. By committing one major sin, and another major sin, you have ultimately done 2 major sins LOL. Anyways, this sin is quite normal, and you should attempt to reduce it as much as you can if you do not have the means to marriage, OR mutah. Don't commit zina. Mutah and marriage are you two options. WS
  4. Salam, Yes, you can still talk with her while she is on her period .... If a muslim is on a match making site, and talking to the opposite gender technically it's haram as per the most purest Islamic Laws (1400 years ago LOL)... but times have changed and Sistani is quite vague on men and women talking... he generally says if it may lead to sin then it's haram. Your intentions seem pure enough as you want to get to know her for marriage purposes. Just keep it respectful and you should be okay. WS.
  5. Salam, stay at home and ask for the event to be streamed virtually. Why do you care more about music than your community/local members lives during covid19? Of course I do not know your local public help advisories so I will give advice on a general basis. You SHOULD not be attending large gatherings to being with. If you possibly infect someone, and they pass away... you ARE 100% liable and MUST pay the Diyah. Our miraja have also requested we follow public health advisories. Also, music is haram, and possibly infecting/killing someone is also haram. You can make the d
  6. Salam, Depends on a case by case basis. You have left out crucial information such as finances, house owner ship, assets, children etc... AND I ADVISE YOU DO NOT INCLUDE THESE PERSONAL INFORMATION!!!! TALK TO A LAWYER. Anyways, it depends. You may not be legally bonded by married, but under some states there is a term called "common law marriage". This is when there has been no formal declaration of marriage such as documents. Usually you see common law marriages with boyfriends/girlfriends who have moved in to live together for long term (1 yr or more this is call cohabitation), in
  7. Salam, Do not worry about the progress as there is no time limit on knowledge. Keep learning till the time of your death. You'd be surprised that most muslims don't even have 10 Surah's memorized, or even attempt to increase their knowledge on a daily basis. Remember, this religion is not a burden, and you should not feel anxiety over your progress. Allah understands this, so just take it slowly. You need to realize that all of our affairs are in the hands of Allah, and he is the only one who can help us. Be patient, and have trust in Allah as he is the best of planners. Most of our
  8. Salam, Depends, where did you see her? If at the mosque, then I highly encourage you not to approach here due to the environment. The best thing is to ask a community member if they know who her father is. You can speak to her father, and you guys can figure things out from there. At the end of the day the father approach can go so far, if she's not interested, or not looking for someone then her father cannot force her to meet you LOL. You just have to wait it out, or try to find someone else. If you've seen here around town, for example at the local coffee shop, or just walk
  9. Salam, This is true, if one is attempting to follow a marja such as Sistani, it's a wise idea to read their published Islamic Law book, and come to a conclusion on whether this person is one of the most learned persons of your time. Of course the average Joe living their day to day lives with work, family, and various other obligations does not have the time to read the Quran, understand the language, historical events, hadiths, and does not have the proper resources to research Islamic law. Depends, if you have two marja that are equal in knowledge, then you can as stated by Ay
  10. Salam, Let me give you an example: You have a health issue, let's say for some reason you feel weak all the time. You go to your walk in doctor, or your family doctor. This is similar to an Alim, shiekh, or moalana. The doctor is pretty well verse in the medical field, BUT requires more resources if your health issue is serious. Let's say you go to your doctor, and they think it's a bit serious. They may refer you to a hospital that has a bit more resources, and people who specialize in certain areas. This is similar to a mujtahid. They have more knowledge, and resources to di
  11. Salam, What's more harmful, not working/being lazy? Or going into work, and earning money the halal way. All companies regardless whether they are muslim run, or not, have some sort of corruption. This comes with running a large scale company. Our very Prophet, and Imams also worked. The prophet himself helped build the first muslim mosque in Medina, there are countless narrations that narrate Imam Jafer as Sadiq did farm work. Prophet Adam did farm work, Prophet Nuh was a carpenter, Prophet Yaqub was a shepherd, Prophet Dawud was a blacksmith, Prophet Mohammad was a shepherd/busin
  12. Salam, Nothing is wrong, just make sure you place it in a safe place as to not get najis, or damage as the papers have the word of Allah on them. WS
  13. Salam, I work 12 hr shifts as well, with 1 hr breaks. So I have some experience. To note it's in a very busy environment, and I usually do not get any downtown until either my break (which gets interrupted 90% of the time due to work), or when I finish. So I have some experience as I work in a time sensitive setting, and I always complete my prayers without an issue. Work not effected, and my colleagues do not mind. Anyways, I've come to realize although prayer is highly important, Allah/the prophet also stressed upon work (career, or some sort of earnings). This is way Islam, and
  14. Salam Depends on a multiple of factors such as your mothers age, pre-existing/underlying health conditions. If your mother is over the age of 60, and has diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, etc, she is of higher risk of becoming hospitalized. If you are young, and decently healthy, you really don't have much to be worried about since your body will slowly eliminate the virus. If you are under 30 years old, you have roughly 0.001% to 0.005% of dying. Anyways, within 5 to 8 days is when most people either become very ill, or must go to the hospital. Usually shortness of breath isn'
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