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  1. Salam Alykum, There's only a limited amount of sins that will earn you a sentencing of hell for eternity. You really have to be the worst of the worst to dwell in hell for eternity, as most scholars agree that if you were a believer, you'd spend time in hell and inshallah be purified from your sins and enter paradise. Those who were not believers, and never received the revelation of Allah, Allah will look at their good deeds and base hell fire or heaven off of that. Just examine the personalities mentioned in the Quran such as Pharaoh, Abu Lahab, and various other communities to get a better picture of who hell is destined forever. They shared many similar characteristics such as arrogance, pride, shirk, oppression, heedlessness, and various other sins even though they were delivered a message with clear signs. They had all the chances in the this dunya to repent, and once they were punished their time was up, and thus will remain in hell forever. You really have to have a lot of arrogance, pride, heedlessness, and accumulated sins (big and small), to really get sentence to hell forever... Gods mercy and justice is that great. Even if you did an atoms weight of good, Allah will consider that when sentencing you to hell or heaven. Some people are even punished in this dunya, the grave, and barzakh as a mercy to purify them for the day of judgement. But, no mercy is shown to those who allah has cursed... For example, if you received clear signs from you prophet say Prophet Musa, and you continued to oppress your prophet, call him a liar, act arrogant, walk this earth with pride, continue worshipping idols, and mock allah..... why would Allah have mercy on you in hell when you your self had no mercy on your soul in this dunya, and mercy on Allah's elected representatives? You deserve to remain in hell forever, since you acted foolish in this dunya for your whole life, and if sent back to this dunya after death, you'd remain foolish as mentioned in the Quran.
  2. Salam Alykum, Hell is described in the Quran has an environment full of blazing fire/heat, agony, despair, and sadness. It's inhabitants are fed the fruits from the tree Zaqqum which is thorny and bitter, and lastly drink molten boiling water. These inhabitants never die, and wish for death. In Surah 90 verse 19-20, the hell fire is described as an environment similar to a pot, that burns both inside and outside ( see Surah 104- 5-9). It's depths are only known to allah, and its blaze is high as palaces as mentioned in Surah 77 verse 32. It's also mentioned in an Hadith that when the prophet visited heaven and hell in his mir'aj, he heard a loud noise. He asked angel Gabriel what this noise was, and he explained to the prophet that. stone was dropped from the peak of hell, and just landed at the bottom after 70 years or so. Below are are few passages from the Quran describing hell fire: "But if you do not—and you will not—then beware the Fire whose fuel is people and stones, prepared for the disbelievers" - 2:24 "He will be in a pleasant life. But as for he whose scales are light. His home is the Abyss. Do you know what it is? A Raging Fire" -101:7-10 " Here are two adversaries feuding regarding their Lord. As for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be tailored for them, and scalding water will be poured over their heads. Melting their insides and their skins. And they will have maces of iron.Whenever they try to escape the gloom, they will be driven back to it: “Taste the suffering of burning.” -22: 19-22 "Is this a better hospitality, or the Tree of Bitterness? We made it an ordeal for the unjust. It is a tree that grows from the bottom of Hell. Its fruits are like the devils’ heads. They will eat from it, and fill their bellies with it. Then, on top of it, they will have a brew of boiling liquid. Then their return will be to the Blaze. -37-62-68 "As for those who disbelieve, for them is the Fire of Hell, wherein they will never be finished off and die, nor will its punishment be lightened for them. Thus We will repay every ingrate. And they will scream therein, “Our Lord, let us out, and we will act righteously, differently from the way we used to act.” Did We not give you a life long enough, in which anyone who wanted to understand would have understood? And the warner did come to you. So taste. The evildoers will have no helper" -35: 36-37 There are also narrations that suggest that one part of hell is blazing heat, while another part of hell is bitter coldness. once your soul leaves your physical body, it remains part of you forever. Your soul after death goes to barzakh, and after that on the day of judgement either on the right hand (heaven), or on the left hand ( hell). Similar to heaven, hell has various levels and gates. The worst level of hell is full of hypocrites, unbelievers, oppressors and so Forth. You'll see your Yazid's .Farouns, and various generations of communities such as the people of Madyan at this level.
  3. Salam Alykum, Imam Ali's description of Allah's Tawhid that can be found in his sermons included in the Nahghul-Balagha "Praise is due to Allah Whose worth cannot be described by speakers, whose bounties cannot be counted by calculators and whose claim (to obedience) cannot be satisfied by those who attempt to do so, whom the height of intellectual courage cannot appreciate and the depths of understanding cannot reach; He, for whose description no limit has been laid down, no praise exists, no time is ordained and no duration is fixed. He brought forth creation through His Omnipotence, dispersed winds through His Compassion and made firm the shaking earth with rocks. The foremost in religion is the acknowledgment of Him. The perfection of acknowledging Him is to testify Him. The perfection of testifying Him is to believe in His Oneness. The perfection of believing in His Oneness is to regard Him Pure. The perfection of His purity is to deny Him attributes because every attribute is a proof that it is different from that to which it is attributed and everything to which something is attributed is different from the attribute. Thus, whoever attaches attributes to Allah recognizes His like. Who recognizes His like regards Him as two. Who regards Him as two recognizes parts for Him, and who recognizes parts for Him mistakes Him, and who mistakes Him points at Him, and who points at Him admits limitations for Him, and who admits limitations for Him numbers Him. Whoever said in what is He, held that He is contained, and whoever said on what is He held He is not on something else. He is a Being but not through phenomenon of coming into being. He Exists but not of non-Existence. He is with everything but not in physical nearness. He is different from everything but not in physical separation. He acts but without connotation of movements and instruments. He sees even when there is none to be looked at from among His creation. He is only One, such that there is none with whom He may keep company or whom He may miss in his absence." WS
  4. Salam Alykum, I would say yes the Shia are heavily reliant on the Imams has key narrators, interpreters, and explainers of Allahs religion, Sunnah of the prophet, Quran, and so forth. The Imams came after the Prophets final revelation of Islam, and the final book. By the Shia heritage, the Imams are the most qualified to look up to as role models to understand how to be successful in this dunya, barzakh, and the hereafter. That is why we Shia are heavily Imam centred, as they have the knowledge to further explain matters pertaining to the sunnah, or Quran for example. For example, I would not narrate from prophet Adam in regards to how to pray, as he came before the divine revelation of Islam, and or may have not left behind hadiths that support praying.... I mean try to find hadiths that date back to Prophet Adam.... it's pretty difficult. The same can be said about our four other great prophets such as Musa, Ibrahim, Noah, and Jesus. These prophets came before Islam, and brought knowledge pertaining to their divine regulations such as the bible for Jesus. Whatever knowledge they brought was time specific, and unfortunately their books have been changed over the course of time..... In that regard, the Imams are the perfect role models, teachers, or whatever you would like to call them to further expand our knowledge. Also, the prophet as given us advice to follow the Quran, and his Ahlul-bayt. So the Shia are in respects following the guidance of the prophet by keeping hold of Allahs rope which is the Quran, the prophets and his Ahlul-bayt. For example, the prophet is the CEO of Islam, and his second in command are his most qualified workers which are the Imams. They may not bring new knowledge, but are the most qualified to talk about Islam, promote it, and teach it. The imams know exactly what the CEO expects from them, and the various goals Islam is attempting to promote. Similarly, our Sunni brothers revolve around the four Sahaba to expand knowledge after the prophet. I do believe the Shia need to talk more about the Prophet, the Quran, and the various other Imams besides always quoting Imam Ali, Imam Jafer As Sadiq or Imam Hussein. (BTW not saying these personalities are not worth quoting, just saying we have other Imams who have amazing knowledge that do not get the credit they are due).... For example do you have hear narrations from Imam Al- Rida in any Shia lecture? Did you know that he is famous for his debates with muslims, and none muslims and that he promoted unity /respecting one differences? Anyways, that's my two cents on this topic. WS
  5. Salam Alykum, I don't really understand your question, however, I will try to answer it as best as possible. Children who die before they reach the age of baligh, or baligha ( age range from 1 to 14), are not accountable for the sins they may have committed as they are not at the level to distinguish from right, and wrong. Children are also evolving, learning, and understanding the world around them between the ages of 1 to 14, and Allah enables this period for them to learn (even if its through sinning such as stealing candy from a store, and learning from their parents that this is wrong behaviour). Therefore, if a child passes away young, they are essentially pure, and have not committed sins due to not understanding right from wrong. For example, if you asked a 5 year old child what the sin of not praying is, the child would most likely not comprehend the concept of praying, nor its rewards. Similarly, those who have severe mental illnesses that interfere with thought such as severe autism will go to heaven even if they reach the age of 60 . This is Allah's justice, and Allah will not punish those who unfortunately do not have the capacity to practice free will, or understand the difference between right and wrong. The same can be said about converts, who when they convert are like a new born baby. If someone converted for example at the age of 50, then essentially all of the sin they committed under 50 are not counted. Sometimes, a Childs death may be a tribulation for its parents. Sometimes parents forget that a child is a gift from Allah, or that to Allah we will all return. Maybe taking away a child at a young age is to remind its parents that death is always near, or that we must always trust in Allah and his plan. Similarly, if one is over the age of Balagh, and has the capacity to distinguish between right, and wrong, and does not know he is committing a sin.... then allah will not punish him, however, after he has committed a sin, and learned that it is a sin, and does it again, then allah will punish him for that sin.. Yes, some parts of our lives are predetermined by Allah, and constantly changing, while, a large chunk of our life is passed on our free will and the actions we put out to the world. One aspect of our life that is consistency changing by Allah is the time of our death. Imam Jafer As Sadiq has narrated that those who disrespect their parents and family will have a shorter lifespan, while those who honour their family/parents will see a lengthy life. Good deeds also lengthen ones life, but again this is constantly changing. For example, if you become an aalim in your community, and Allah had predetermined your death at 60, he may lengthen it to inshallah 100 due to your good deeds, and importance in the community. We are created to praise allah,and worship him alone. Free will, and aqal is a tool that enables us to understand Allah, distinguish what is right from wrong, and become successful believers in this dunya, barazkh, and the hereafter.
  6. Salam Alykum, Bilal was born in Abyssina modern day Ethopia in around 580 to parents Rabah, and his mother Hamamah who was a former princess however fell into slavery due to military defeat. His slave owner was Ummayah Ibn Khalaf who was a powerful, and wealthy leader in Mecca. Long story short, when Bilal heard of the prophets message, he accepted Islam and was tortured. Eventually, the prophet heard about this and sent Abu Bakr to pay for Bilal's freedom. Bilal was one of the Prophets most reliable, and respected companions. He was present in ALL of the earliest Islamic military campaigns such as Badr ( the first Islamic military confrontation with the Meccans). He was also appointed as the first adhan caller that represented Islams unique call to unite society as equals in humanity that was unheard of in Meccan society before Islam. Bilal represented that no matter your skin colour, economic status, or background, Islam is a religion that accepts all with open hands. Imam Jafer As Sadiq also mentioned Bilal's amazing character, and stated he was one of the prophets best companions. Essentially Bilal left Madina because he did not pay allegiance to Abu Bakr along with various other personalities such as Ali Ibn Abu Talib, Abu Thurr, Ammar Ibn Yasir, Abbas Ibn Abdul Mattalib and many more. Also, Bilal may have also left due to the volatile situation politically that took place after the death of the prophet, and due to not paying allegiance his quality of life may have been effected ( prosecution or discrimination for not paying allegiance). These are all theories BTW. Therefore, he migrated to Syria to get away from all of this deviance, and possible danger. I do remember hadiths pertaining to Abu Bakr having a dialogue with Bilal in regards to bay'ya however, I cannot remember the exact commentary. Bilal left towards Syria, Damascus and only recited the adhan a couple of times. He spent roughly 8 to 10 years in Syria and died at the age of 64. He most likely practiced his faith, further educated the people in his area. and wrote some hadiths ( not a lot ). He is buried in Damascus. Anyways, hope that helps. I cannot find a lengthy book in regards to his life.
  7. Salam Alykum, Depending on the age, and how much knowledge they already posses. Try explaining to them the Usual E deen ( 5 pillars of islam), and then introduce the Fur' E Teen (10 wajib acts). Maybe explain simply why Usool E Teen, and Fur E Teen are important to follow as muslims. When the children understand these, you can introduce prophetic stories, or stories from the Imams that demonstrate the aforementioned principles in effect. I think starting off with the 5 prophets stories would be great, you can even open up the Quran, and read their stories out loud. You can explain simply what struggles each prophet faced, their lessons, and so forth. When it comes to Imams, it's important to explain how Prophets and Imams are different, as sometimes children don't really understand their differences. Also, very simply teach children Akhlaq which can be taken out of the life of our last prophet, and the various lifestyles of our Ahlul-bayt. When it comes to teaching children, you have to get creative since their attention span is very low. Visuals, and games are pretty useful. And keeping things simple never goes wrong with kids. Here is a Sunni Youtube channel that contains stories of the Prophets/companions- Of course you'd have to watch them and make sure that the videos contain reliable information, however, most of the stories are pretty neutral and contain information that both Shia and Sunni agree with... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvWyP-vFhlS1-XENpD6w68A/videos Here is another Youtube channel that I believe is made by Shia's as it contains the stories of our Imams https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMPQ7WjVm9nnGop2jDhCcFA/videos Best of luck, Ws
  8. Okay and what are you doing to promote a positive image of Prophet Muhammad and Ahlul-bayt LOL? Example of unity in the Quran..... “And hold fast, all together, by the rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah's favour on you; for you were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace, you became brothers; and you were on the brink of the pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make His Signs clear to you: That you may be guided.” (3:103) Anyways all the comments you've written are delivered in such a way that I question your sanity. Brother, take a step back and read the comments you have written, and ask yourself whether the Imams or Prophets delivered their sermons like that. Please brother, I am scared for you sanity, if cursing the sahaba means that much to you wallahi go ahead, if that improves your mental state. Don't you think there is a better way to express your love towards the family of the prophet other than negative energy through cursing? My brother, if someone did me wrong, I wouldn't curse them but ask allah to guide them, forgive them, or even plainly leave them to Allah. Imam Ali gave water to Ibn Muljim, and even asked his cuffs to be loosened. He even told his people not to kill him or tear apart his body. I assure you that if you stop cursing, and attempt to actually spend your time doing something productive that positively impacts someones life our prophet and Imams would be far more proud than your cursing. And inshallah your mental state will improve. Nothing but the best Duas for you brother, wish you the best and I hope your sanity clears up these are quite depressing times and very understandable. WS
  9. -_____- Have a nice night brother ........ and please next time when another brother is replying to you with his intellect, have some humility when you're just googling and using whatever hadiths pop up to support your views...... Wish you the best, WS
  10. LOL then why are you using hadiths that you google searched, do NOT know its chain of narrators (for authenticity purposes), and then arguing with other members ? The other brother is kindly replying with his intellect, and here you are googling hadiths off of sites that you do not even know are from reliable narrators........
  11. Brother, you google searched these hadiths.............. where are the chain of narrators.................... https://hubeali.com/books/English-Books/Book-Flowers-of-Devotion.pdf
  12. Salam, As I mentioned, I am not denying that Imam Ali could have gave life, or taken a soul at death. But the key here is by the will/permission of Allah. Allah does not need permission to do things, he says be, and it is created. If you believe Imam Ali could have gave life without the permission and will of Allah, then you are assigning him to a level that is similar to Allah.... that is a big no no. That is why I am carful with the language I am using here. However, I do not believe Prophets, and Imams have this luxury. A prophet cannot simply create something, they would require the permission and will of Allah. This is similar to Imam Ali, he cannot simply do something for the sake of doing it. He is an Imam, and is directed by Allah alone like prophets. Everything the Imam does, is a complete representation of what Allah has ordered him to do. That is why I provided examples from the Quran that highlight that these personalities required direct permission from Allah to do the extraordinary things they did. I am not comparing Prophets to Imams, but again stating that with the permission and will of Allah anything is possible. whatever knowledge Imam Ali has is by the will of Allah, whatever success he has is by the will of Allah... WS
  13. Salam Alykum, With the permission of Allah, Prophets, Imams and even us regular humans can raise the dead, cure the sick, and other miracles such as talking to animals. We know that with the permission of Allah Prophet Issa cured the sick, raised the dead, and various other miracles, Prophet Musa split the sea with his staff with the permission of Allah, Maryam had a child without ever touching a man by the permission of God, The people of the cave slept for around 309 years with the permission of Allah, Prophet Noah lived for over 100 years with the permission of Allah, Prophet Muhammad went of Miraj with the permission of Allah, so nobody can deny that if Allah wills he can enable man to be able to do extraordinary things. I have not come across any Hadiths that suggest Imam Ali ever put life into a womb, or took the soul of a person during death. However, maybe through prayer or dua he asked Allah to? Such as praying for rain for crops, or praying for pure sons? Imam Ali's role in this dunya was to preserve Islam, guide mankind, and establish Allahs divine laws. I don't think creating life, or causing death was part of his job description. But, who knows? With the permission of Allah anything is possible . Imam Ali for sure did many miracles if that counts.... BUT, this is all with the permission of ALLAH...... Ws
  14. Salam Alykum, Imam Hasan has said that death is gift to a believer.... But, this does not mean we should run towards death, or commit suicide. We should prepare for death by doing good deeds, and looking forward to meeting with our prophets, and Imams in barzakh, and Inshallah Allah on the day of judgement. Death can be a scary thing as there are many misconceptions to it. Imam Jafer As Sadiq mentioned in Al-Kafi that only three out of two people will be tested in the grave .... the very best such as the sahaba or companions of the Prophets/Imams, and the very worst such as Yazid, and or people who oppressed others. The middle ground will not be tested ( this most likely makes up 90% of the Earths population). The middle ground contains people who lived a good life full of wonderful deeds, but may have sinned. Did you know that when a believer dies, they witness Imam Ali welcoming him? Did you know when a believer dies Munkar and Nakeer send their blessing to him in the grave ? Did you know that a believer in barzakh can be visited by the Prophets/Imams? So why be afraid of death? If you loved Allah, the prophet, and the Ahlul-bayt sincerely, and lived the life they promoted... I see no reason why you should fear death? AND worst comes worst...... only the very, very, very bad people will live forever in hell. Maybe if you haven't lived the best life full of good deeds, inshallah Allah will punish you in the grave or in barzakh, and inshallah you will have intercession on the day of judgement. There are many factors that go in to play when Allah determines if someone goes to hell or heaven. Work towards death in this world, and when death knocks at your day... inshallah you can open the door and say Salam. WS
  15. AHHHH this explains it, are you a youth who has taken on Ammar's extreme views from Ayotullah Shirazi? Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you have to be carful when posting your lectures on Youtube.... you can easily influence these youths to become extremists. Prime example with this brother. Are you actually looking up to Ammar who is a self taught lecturer who spent a couple of years in Hawza in Syria? yes, he has done a lot of Shia Islam and is very knowledgeable, but he himself does not regard himself as an Sheikh LOL......... This explains everything now LOL..........
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