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  1. I mean is using the f word so wrong? Depending on context I wouldn’t think it’s a problem. Maybe if someone is disrespecting you. Sometimes I think some Shia chat members are some how saints. Like what about in the bedroom? Is it forbidden to use vulgar language? We don’t need to suck the fun out of everything. Im sure if the coworker is committing shirk that is much worse then him saying the f word. In security business, mechanic, warehouse workers and many other fields will routinely hear such talk. I talk a certain way with family, then another way with People my age or slightly older or younger. Sometimes when I greet another Mexican I might say orale or que paso ‘ese’. I don’t literally mean that he is a gangster. I couldn’t imagine someone stopping me and saying “hey Juan you referring to me as ‘ese’ is inappropriate”.
  2. Thanks akhi. Is there a specification when it comes to the Imam that calls to himself as opposed to imams of ilm? Or is the name imam equally given to both?
  3. An interesting question on my mind is the punishment for abortions. Many western Muslim believe in the validity of such a grotesque practice.
  4. Because of the concept of tawassul. Both orthodox Sunnis and Shias believe in the permissibility of tawassul. But propaganda from wahabis/salafis convinced many its shirk
  5. ........don’t be so sensitive. He’d likely laugh at you if you told him not to talk like that.
  6. Wa alaikum salam, I was unable to find any Hadith, but I get motivated by watching lots of workout videos on YouTube. You can look to me as your inspiration because my muscles are getting big and I’m so sexy. Just kidding but I will say when people notice my arms, chest and shoulders it’s a good feeling. Also being strong enough to lift heavy objects where as before I’d struggle. Also don’t fall for the crap that women prefer dad bods. Nah compared with someone that is in shape and masculine, they melt. I am trying to get my midsection back into shape as carne asada has took its toll. But when you feel strong life is just different. Someone warn mufti abu layth because soon I’m going to wear the tight shirts lol
  7. Indeed such statements appear ghuluw on the surface, however I wonder if this is an irfani type of view or concept. The imam in irfani views is like the sufi master that takes the devotee to annihilating in Allah. This sort of saying could coincide with such themes as wahdat al-wujud which to many means the Oneness of Allah. Allah being absolute and everything else being relative indicates to the arif that nothing is real but Allah and the imam is annihilated in Allah’s oneness and sees Allah’s face everywhere as this entire universe is Allah’s act.
  8. Th these poor young heads don’t know some of these legends. They are growing up in the mumble rap age.
  9. As-salamu alaikum, Sonce there are no current imams of zaydism, what is the role of laymen in these times. What are their roles politically. Would it be fair to say if there was an imam, the lay follower in a way could be regarded as a samurai, serving the imam as foot soldiers. In the absence of the imam dies the laymen seek knowledge from zaydi ulama? How do the laymen support the rise of the imam? I read on a non Muslim site that some zaydi ulama abolished the Imamate. That doesn’t seem right. Is there any truth to it?
  10. Hip hop causes some weak youth to think they are a G when in reality they are soft like marshmallows and may get them killed.
  11. Mija, you’re a baby still. most women don’t hit their wall till 35+, you have plenty of time inshaallah. I say work on being the wife a man would love to have, so you are not like the majority of women. Be unique. Don’t force anything if it’s not naturally happening. Take advice from an old man that has made many mistakes and learned from them.
  12. Why not ask whatever questions here on the rift between Shia and sunni
  13. You wanna do black magic on that girl who married your crush.
  14. There are many things in hip hop that are detrimental for the youth. The praise of gang banging is one of them. I’ll tell you all something recently that happened. Recently I was trying to get some money back that I let my ex borrow. She was condescending and calling me names, so I decided I wanted to go talk to her father to see if he can mediate and help me get what is owed to me so I can never have to talk to her again. Well he was out of town. Her youngest brother was home I knocked on the door and rang the door bell several times. I left a note with my number. Next minute I know both her brothers are calling my phone and they are talking like they gang bang. Mind you these are upper class silver spoon fed Palestinians that live in Farmington hills. They grew up in Farmington which is a great place for expensive homes. Anyways I couldn’t get a word in because they were barking so loud. They said they were gonna kill me, then went on a tangent on how n****s in Detroit are gonna kill me. Said don’t come to my hood lol which literally is the safest area around. Anyways they claimed they were gonna show up at my apartment and shoot me. Was I worried? Nah I have a back bone and even tho I always watch my back I called their bluff. There is a Mexican Spanish that goes like el perro que ladra no meirde. It means the dog that barks doesn’t bite. These wanna be young upper class thugs could have gotten themselves killed. Luckily I think their sister let them know to chill because she knows how I am. I also had a yemeni ex who tried to make herself seem super modest but made clear to me she likes music by cardi b. I let her know that cardi b is disgusting and that little girls get corrupted by hearing such disgusting lyrics about using sex as a weapon. with that said as I mentioned previously I do like hip hop in particular the 90s. However even that era obviously has a lot of gang banging lyrics.
  15. If you are looking for something to cut someone with, us Mexicans prefer switch blades or in more extreme situations the machete is perfect. Mine is under my bed.
  16. Witchcraft is also used for superficial stuff like trying to bind a lover to you or to harm someone. We have adhkar and duas that are affective for health, wealth, attracting a mate, safety etc
  17. And he lasted that long because of all his supporters including Sunnis that make up the bulk of the Syrian Arab army. There were endless militants being sent to Syria paid for by the west, Israel and many Arab nations, yet they still struggled. Part of the amazing strategy of the Syrian Arab army was placing some soldiers in their home towns and cities to give them resilience and pride to defeat the anthropomorphic wahabi swine. Respect to the Russians for stepping in. Although they did it for their own interest it created a great block against western intervention.
  18. Syrians celebrating. I think at the end of the day, the common Syrian wants stability. It’s similar to the anti government protestors who wanted economic relief. It all revolves around stability, safety and livelihood. https://www.rt.com/op-ed/525037-syria-election-assad-celebration/
  19. @313_Waiter akhi, I think your views are more in line with this Sufi master than Ibn Arabi. Just make sure you don't reveal your views to them headchopping wahabis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEWvErTBTrA
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