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  1. You are literally talking about the type of people that are ushering in the end times with the destruction of societies. If we are too soft our communities get swallowed up in the absurdity and the truth is it already has happened. I’ve come across many Muslims that support lgbtq and neo feminism that is destroying the family unit and targeting our children. I am not advocating attacking them like that idiot in the UK did to that silly woman at speakers corner, but we are not to be soft and ‘accepting’. Hell no.
  2. Smh. Another whiner and defender of the destruction of society.
  3. Brother id love to be the first to purchase it once you have completed it.
  4. My Allah restore your fathers health and regenerate him to have many years of life. A lot of superficial prayers have been answered for me. But outside of that there has been many reckless things I’ve done that could’ve got me killed or in jail that I believe Allah protected me and I sincerely do not know why. But I can’t attribute it to other than my Rabb.
  5. Socialism only works in the family unit, not as the political ideology. Socialism is not compatible with Islam. It always leads to tyranny. And socialism isn’t about taking care of the less fortunate. That is the way they sell it, but giving zakat and sadaqa is one thing, taking peoples wealth is another thing which is called theft. It also is overly secular and uses lgbtq as a weapon to enforce its control over the populace under the guise of tolerance. On top of that it leads to atheism. Socialism originally is seen as a precursor to communism. To hell with Karl Marx, Engels, Stalin, Trosky, Fidel and Che Guevara. Note that socialist leaders always live in luxury while the masses starve. Recall Madurai of Venezuela eating a damn empanada while his people ate dogs.
  6. Akhi aside from this silly topic no offense to this goofy ukhti, I’m a jerk I know, but it is difficult to lower the gaze but nonetheless it’s a beautiful concept that Islam advises and i wish people would follow it but I don’t know anyone that follows it. Are there men and women that practice this now in this age?
  7. Like why is this a thing? Are we not allowed to feel attraction for the opposite sex? If not than I’m in deeper need of intersession than I thought. With that said I respect your modesty, just don’t over burden yourself with rules.
  8. Do you vatos believe that what we think affects the outer world? I’m big into law of attraction but not so much the new age interpretation of “universe” providing for us. That is shirk.
  9. Yup and fools like Abu Khadeejah likely think it was wrong for our Imam Husayn (عليه السلام) to rise. I heard him praise Saudi government and said they are conducting real jihad on Yemen. A statement that is laughable if it did not have such a serious implication.
  10. Then choose to lay down if the government does ever become tyrannical to the level the Nazis and communists have done. I’ll take my chances. I rather die on my feet than on my knees.
  11. Akhi what you think of hossein nasrs view of perennialism? He is kinda of getting me to open my mind about it. Not the mistaken view of universalism but something else.
  12. Um bro because it is an awesome feeling to be strong. Like literally lifting heavy things easily makes life a lot easier. Yes of course women like a fit guy, but there are many other benefits. You have to experience it to know.
  13. Your argument is the age old liberal argument of “what type of weapons should we be ALLOWED to have”. I don’t really need to rebut that. My views are my views. My sword is my rifles and pistols. I mean no harm to anyone that doesn’t wish to harm me.
  14. Armed? Check the story again. Btw not defending them but they were ‘let in’. It’s game of thrones.
  15. @Ali bin Husseinmaybe you zaydis are right. Muslims in general are so complacent and just accept defeat from the elite.
  16. Well we are currently not in the state of emergency to have to use it. I was simply pointing out that the purpose of the 2nd amendment is to defend against tyranny. I do not dream of rising against the government. I don’t glorify or romanticize that sort of violence. I hope Americans never have to experience a civil war like the war between the states.
  17. Ukhti if they were useless against the government then the government wouldn’t be trying to ban them. This is discussed in this short clip:
  18. So if an army came to enslave your family, you’d just accept it because you think it will allow more people to be alive. Imagine if the Nabi (sawa) or imam husayn (عليه السلام) thought like this or perhaps our current Imam the great Mahdi would think such negative thoughts. Smh defend your family akhi.
  19. Yea do you have actual statistics to back that children are being murdered in school so prolifically? And to think some vatos here think jihad of a physical nature needs to be executed, yet most men of this ummah are soft like silk Victoria secret garments.
  20. Is this the only proof? It could be due to praying behind a sunni imam and he wants to mimic them. Syria had a very inclusive and tolerant culture until western nations hired anthropomorphism goons to cause instability.
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