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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have never seen Janab e Zahra (عليه السلام). mentioned in the same situation. At least Ayesha didn't go through the birthing process, but Janab e Zahra was married around the same age, had her first baby at around 12 or even less years old, conceived second baby only 6 months later, did the housework alone, and by the time she was barely 18 she was carrying her 5th child.
  2. They will say Imams don't create anything, that's the only difference between Allah and the Imams. As for a layman, just the shabih of Zuljanah has authority to grant such mundane wishes as sons and wealth. When talking about rejecting the shia beliefs, some of the practices make much of the reason in people wanting to leave..
  3. Salam. Can anyone help me understand the scope/authority/limitations (or rather the lack of any limitation) that befalls the role of Nabi Akhir uz Zaman and Imams, offsprings of Imams, Hazrat Abbas etc. Recently I heard a zakir say they all have knowledge and command over the entire world but of course with permission of Allah. If that is true, then they are not only alive but more powerful in their present state, they are not only alive in this world but also in the other world(barzakh), they benefit people of this world and also in and from barzakh, so why do we cry for their 'death'? I mean its not like the death of ordinary people, even the souls of ordinary dead people pray for their living relatives, visit them every shab e juma etc etc..
  4. You spend your life believing a "bunch of truths" preached from the pulpits. You Honestly, genuinely believe your faith to be the one 100% true, and are ready to die for it than to compromise and retreat even an inch, despite what others say. The gall of these people.!! Once a zakira told the people that someone came to an Alim and asked them why our youths go apostate when they come to the west, despite the fact that we adhere to the practice of azadari and even pray namaz e shab regularly. And the Alim replied you must be feeding them tiny bits of lies in your lives, like "Dad's not home, or i'm sick so can't come to the office etc" and these lies have infected your youth so now they mistrust the " Real Truth" You believe even that alim and stop lying even in joke. Then you find out what you have been handed out is a rotten bunch and you have to be very careful what you pick from the bunch. You catch tiny bits of lies, you brush them off as doubts Then the lies start getting bigger and bigger until you realize 99% of what you heard from the pulpits and formulated your beliefs on "cannot be verified from authentic sources" So at best, the probability of your being right is only 50 percent. I dared to ask a cousin who turned christain about why she did it. She said she lost a bet. My uncle had set out to Challenge a christain regarding his faith and prove him wrong by comparing his Bible to our Quran along with its exegesis and he Lost.. and she accepted christianity as per the terms of the bet. That was before we knew that there was a possibility of anything being fabricated, we thought it was the Ummavi propaganda. Our "Popular Version" Lost to a Bible !!! I'm sorry, I need some time off, I'm still reeling from the shock of the details of Hadees e Kisa regarding the sole purpose of creation being Fabricated. It says that the Prophet Swears by it !!! We are associating false swears to the Prophet saww every single day!!! At least give a little heads up.. Please keep me in your prayers that May Allah guide me towards the Sirat e Mustaqeem. At least I learned something, stick to the Ultimate truth.
  5. Do you realize that the "unverified popular version" is what formulates a person's belief (Aqaid)? People are willing to die to protect that belief. How come something that effects the 'basic beliefs' are the things that are left unverified and yet spread far and wide? Why not keep it to yourselves until otherwise proven without a doubt? But then one might argue that Christianity and Hinduism and other beliefs also claim to be true, we don't stop them, we don't formulate our aqaid simply because someone said so. We need some "verification" for that claim to be true. So that means essentially 'all' religions need an authentic source to be verified against. That means, I'm free to refute the Claim of Exactly 12 Imams until proven otherwise?! Provided that I can 'believe' in Islam first without a doubt.. This is how matters get complicated and people become apostate
  6. I came across a quote that said it's from Imam Raza (عليه السلام). The gist of it is something like this. "The real friend of a person is his intellect and his greatest enemy is his ignorance" (Kisi insan ka haqeeqi dost uski aqal hai aur badtareen dushman uski jahalat) Can anyone please help me find the exact Quote with reference?
  7. Even the hadees e kisa read every single day before majalis is fake?!! No one bothers to even drop a hint about this?
  8. Sure, its okay to fight for the freedom of expression, its your basic right. Even Aurat March is the basic right of the women of Pakistan
  9. Exactly ! I should learn Arabic, find the original 1000+yr old books of Al-Kafi in Arabic, and then go formulate my actual beliefs from there, because even the translations and texts taken from it can't be trust
  10. And here in lies the crux of the real issue. For a religion that is the Absolute Truth, the Haq, the One meant for the whole world, a remarkably small number of people can actually understand it, and even fewer can practice it correctly. And in order to do that and sift the truth from the lies, one needs proper Hawza education. I need to acquire a degree higher than the turban wearing 'scholars', who spend countless hrs preaching, so what exactly is their purpose? No wonder dimwitted persons like myself ended up exclaiming "Hasbuna Kitab Allah" (oh wait, for me even that's been altered) so in order to believe in the Quran, I need to first disassociate myself from the religious identity stamped at my birth and start from scratch..
  11. How do we stop getting email alerts for answers to post ?
  12. What to do when you read the Quran and the exegesis in the sidenote tell you it has been altered, that the actual verse was something different.
  13. Are you suggesting there's something wrong with their version and you can offer a better alternative?
  14. I want to know how the term Shia evolved from meaning "those who sided with Ali (عليه السلام) at Ghadeer" to those who believe "the AhlulBayt (عليه السلام). owning the entire universe".. that's shiasm in a nutshell and since I'm born into it, What responsibilities exactly do I have as a shia.. Inherited it, can't seem to 'practice' it. Having a hard time believing it as well..
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