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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. New Zealand earthquakes: Tsunami warnings lifted after evacuations Published 2 hours ago IMA Three earthquakes, including one of the strongest ever to hit the region, struck off the coast of New Zealand on Friday, triggering tsunami warnings that have now been stood down. Thousands were evacuated from some coastal areas of the North Island after the third, 8.1-magnitude quake struck.There were reports of traffic gridlock as people tried to reach higher ground.The national tsunami warning was lifted at 15:43 (02:43 GMT), some 1
  2. Oxford Covid vaccine has 10% efficacy against South African variant, study suggests Small-scale trial of vaccine shows it offers very little protection against mild to moderate infection Mon 8 Feb 2021 13.54 GMTFirst published on Mon 8 Feb 2021 09.38 GMT Scientists still hope the vaccine can offer significant protection against more serious Covid infection. Photograph: Alain Jocard/AFP/Getty Images The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine offers as little as 10% protection against the Covid variant first seen in South Africa, research
  3. I am also not taking the vaccine and I am a nurse, same goes with other families but they are doctors and pharmacists.. and no in our country we arent obligated to take one same goes with all medicle-staff. also there came on news that 15 people died of the vaccine (my country) https://www.rivm.nl/nieuws/lareb-meldt-nieuwe-meldingen-van-overlijden-kort-na-vaccinatie also I have never been fan op phizer that brand had never a good quality and was about to get go bankrupt and lose. But the corona vaccines sort of saved them.. this is their latest news.. {it got translated}
  4. the scandal of Jeffrey Epstein isnt a false claim nor a conspiracy theories but rather a fact ..even in my country we got complete disgusted by his network and with whom he is befriended. it has been found out Jefrey epstein was also great befriended with Biden. human-trafficking is real .Even I dont see a reason why it wouldnt exist or be a soo called "conspiracy theory".. even in the time of our prophet himself such people did already exist and lots children got kidnapped just like Zaid and got later on bought by Khadijja (عليه السلام) and then raised up by the prophet himiself and after he
  5. wow mashallah thats soo good!! is that voice you? really well done brother!!! i am soo proud
  6. Yes they can.. i myself am A mix of it. Its long story if you want to get it mire detailed you can send me.. we shias arent like sunnis we are complete opposite, we rateher belief that if you follow the killers of ahlalbayt are the most bad people on this world..basically sunnism is based on following their killers and the sunna of those killers, thats why you see all terrorist organisations made by them . shia islam is much different.
  7. Andrew, i know how you feel, i think you are revert.. My mom her family are also non shia or even non muslims bu are rather orthodox and to be honest Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is the most righteous. We pften dont understand history why lots changed into people not trusting muslims etc but in my honest opinion these orthodox show better behaviour than most muslims these days.. soo neger underestimate the power of Allah
  8. i wouldnt suppart such thing that easy.. for exmaple ahlalbayt also didnt forgive yazid. And so did allah either. Some happenings including killing,harassing,bullying,Rape,gossepig etc... cant be forgiven that easy, and allah is the most just.
  9. no not, all of the 313 will be living people none of them would be brought back to live, its basically allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) wait till finally 313 righteous people at the same time are ready for it..at least thats what i think.. because i asked diverse shia sheikhs all of said" the 313 will be living people none of them would be dead and brought back to live." The truth is a lot of aren't, if you're a person who works towards being part of his companions dedicated your whole life for it, but it turns out he didn't pick you, would you be heartbroken, dejected, resentful?
  10. I totally agree!! I know from my own family on mom side they are orthodox from Bani-isaac and even they show huge respect/interest to our promised Mahdi. (obviously not all but at least there are) same goes with the hindu friends I have.. more and more people are starting to hear who imam al mahdi is.. I am also starting to ignore step by step what those fully arabs are stating like they are the ones that are promised to serve imam mahdi while in fact he will be really strict at them and i think its well deserved to them. that can maybe lower their arrogance a bit
  11. completely agree!! i also just made a topic about it more specifically. about how much shias will actually turn away from imam mahdi himself. i started the topic because it getting more and more obvious that lots shia are getting astray. i witness such bevaour too from my own damn familly from my dad side ( Its sickening) i know how you feel
  12. I wouldnt advise to get into cosmetic surgery for fun. but if it has a medical reason in it then i would say go for it. sometimes yes, life sucks and causes lots people to be born with crooked face,crooked jaw or nose (really common) or even limbs. In my honest opinion i see such surgeries more as part of medical surgery instead of plastic (cosmetic) surgery. everyone has a different nose shape and we live in such times that lots people are starting to feel insecure for their own appearance to me thats really unnesseserally and i think such thinking can even be haram ( not Islamic schola
  13. the other problem is thes people see only 1 side.. not realiszing how much mistakes we make in medicle field including in sugery room or even when you are a scientust..it shows enough we cant be masoom (infallible) and I would also not mark us as hujjat because we dont deserve that title. that basically would say that we in huge ignorance and lots doctors who are fully kaffir are hujjat to people? and about marjas, that can be a different story.. but still they arent masoom and are taking conclusions trough what is written by ahlalbayt. a merjaa is someone who has studied his lifetime abou
  14. soo to you everyone is masoom? do you realise all knowledge we learn are based on west-europe (they have really bad history written) i am at university and trust me there isnt soo much knowledge we learn ( all of it is from west europe) we lack lots knowledge thats because lots scriptures are lost and so people use their own philosophy to find answers at their questions.. and those theories are getting passed to researchers and they find if its good or not... do you realize as us medical employees that we make soo many mistakes including in surgery room and nothing is going perfectly same goes
  15. I really have a bad image of biden in my opinion he can easilly be sufyani. I remember that dude getting on his first day as president and Isis didalready got a comeback in iraq and on same day there got a suicide bombing in baghdad... also i am wondering why the soo called shia leaders who wanna be scholars, are now silent after they supported and promoted Biden to become a president.. i mean i belief all of them are really bad but now ( i cant belief i will say it) it looks like i am going to miss trump that dude was just the most stupid version of yazid while the Biden is like the smar
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