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  1. its a sunni lie that she was in her 40s.. her eal age was around 27 when she married our prophet sawa
  2. I am really ignorant about this topic, but everything you said i remember a sunni person i used to know used to tell this too exactly same as what you said. the thing i never used to understand how are people in contct with djinn and vice versa?
  3. hi, i send you a message but it looks like you didnt answer back. 

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      @F.M I replied to you on April 29, through your profile account. See the 0 point notification, not a warning.


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  4. i also dont see a link. if he would have children then true they would raise by him and grow up with him. soo according to that hadith, the imam would impregnant a women and then the children grow up without their dad. anyway i do remember there where hadiths similair to that one but they have been marked as not authentic because there was also grammar and other mistakes in the hadith. At the end only Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) knows best
  5. did i talk about war, what is wrong with you?????? Covid caused lots problems including lots people are getting bankrupted,the poor are getting more poor, people starting to become homeless etc..covid caused a huge crisis for lots people. more and more people are dieying of the impact corona did to the world. not neseserilly they died because they had the virus
  6. F.M


    i was always used to think that too. And my conclusion was i would still do my work, because i fell in love with my job.
  7. lets also not forget how crisis is also causing huge death rate. not only the crisis many other problems are piling up because of the pandemic that has less then 3% death rate.
  8. tell us what the total death is and show us what the total infected are. yallah
  9. obviously both. but i mean about covid,the poor are getting more poor. and its sad. more and more people are starting to have it extreme hard and a huge crisis is comming up this is something i would definetally proof complete wrong. because i have patients, my mom has patients too, and we both have seen people who got vaccinated, yet they still got corona even after the second one
  10. exactly!!!! i was about to say that too!! completely agree
  11. i think you arent even aware of what is happening world wide, that is a shame and sad, it proofs that you only follow media. and it doesnt show what really is happening and how lots people are even more struggling then before
  12. how about yemen?? how about central africa? how about iraq? how about afghanistan? How about syria? how about sudan? lets also not forget how these people even got it more hard and it breaks my heart that the corona lockdown did such an impact to them. they dont deserve this torture. All these and even more countries are falling appart as well as financially as material. more and more people are turning homeless and in my country we gathered people together to help them. its egoistic to only look at the dramatic media. while in fact lots people have it extreme hard and struggling in this time
  13. well said. people dont unerstand this either. i have also met waay to many people who still got corona after they did vaccine
  14. which conspiracy theories do i send and use?? yallah name it. I only sended facts. what is wrong with not taking the vaccine because we want to wait also I see more then enough what happens with patients. But obviously i cant reveal everything because there is at the end no proof exept my own witness after working in hospital. its not me that follow constantly what the dramatic media is saying. according to media we muslims are also all terrorists and opressing women!! are the ones who deny that called "conspiracy theory thinkers?" answer me!
  15. what has certain political leaders to do with it??
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