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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dear "reformer", With a heavy heart I am sorry to inform you that I have, as with your other posts, popped your satanic trash comment into the bin. Maybe I'll read it later when I'm in the mood for a laugh. Go waste someone else's time, this is quite frankly beneath me. Well someone has to prepare the stage for dajjal, right? Let's thank these diligent puppets of shaitan who, knowingly or unknowingly, are hastening the appearance of the Imam of the Zaman (عليه السلام). They're laughable now, but in the future the status quo will change, and you will hear sheikhs on mimbars saying the people of Lot weren't actually homosexuals. People forgot that the shaitan has been actively scheming and plotting to ruin us since the creation of the first human, dedicating his life to leading as many humans astray as possible. But I think someone needs to have a word with him though because all this bid3a happens to be perfectly Islamic, is that guy even doing anything anymore? Who knew that, all along, the ancient religion of Fatimatul Zahraa (عليه السلام) just happened to fit modern neo-liberalism like a hand to a glove? Throughout the centuries all of these clashing ideologies have come and gone, but finally at long last Islam is reunited with its long lost pair. We will be put through many filters in the end of times, to distinguish the true believers. Maybe I'll get sifted out in a future filter, probably one of hunger or fear, but I am proud that I and some of the brothers and sisters here did not get sifted out of this particular filter. I won't die on level 1. But hey, no hard feelings for them. I'm sure we'll laugh about all this in the upcoming Shiachat pride parade.
  2. Didn't even bother reading that wall of satanic trash that you wrote. Don't want to do wudhu again after exposing my eyes to verbal najasa. Quite the shame what people will try to do to the religion of Imam Hussain (عليه السلام). You should have seen what the ummah did in the 20th century, as they tried to twist and conform Islam to communism. Now this is simply the next chapter and I hope it is the last or one of the last.
  3. I echo your thoughts. Honestly I'm surprised that this even managed to happen given the flood of support for abortions from the left and right. A Muslim hates haram. Do not passive aggressively give her slack for disliking that which Allah, the One who created marriage, has forbidden. Especially since this sister has revealed to us in the recent past that she's dealing with some serious life problems a bit of tact is obligated onto you. @window I think it's curious how none of this is anything new under the sun. Every motion presented and supported by left was already in practice thousands of years ago, by the definition of the word you can't call anything they do "liberal." We dealt with the LGBT in the city of Lot, we dealt with people who killed babies in the Prophet's era, sex work was an accepted and respectable profession in the Prophet's era, nothing is liberal about any of this. Somehow in the past we managed to civilize ourselves, and now we're regressing to be like apes as our morals crumble. I ask Allah to protect us and our children from the shaitan.
  4. I heard that if halal meat is served by a Muslim, you can assume it's halal and eat it no problem. Even if in reality it's haram, Allah made it halal for you. But if a non-Muslim restaurant served the meat and says it is halal, then you must investigate and verify. There's a Chinese restaurant near me that serves halal dishes among haram ones, and I did investigate, but I personally don't eat there because I don't know if they're making sure to cook the halal meat on a separate grill/fryer from the pork. There's 1000 other restaurants, I'm not missing out. I missed the food, so Allah in His mercy made my mom learn the recipe and cook the dish for me at home (and it tastes better too). I didn't ask her to learn it she just did it on her own, so Allah does recognize and appreciate us being respectful to Him. As for the second thing: If the Muslim restaurant says it's halal then you just eat the food with no questions. You don't need to investigate and check if all the workers are Muslim. Just assume they all are, even the ones who don't look like it. And if you know they're not then assume they're not a cook. And if you know they are then assume they didn't touch your food with their hands. Imam Ali rebuked the khawarij for being like this when they buy food. He said (paraphrasing) that they've put on themselves an unnecessary burden. If you look at any food with a magnifying glass you'll find that somewhere down the line it's haram for this or that reason, even lamb from najaf. Here, I'll prove that pasta is "haram": I would recommend you look up the Islamic Law of Certainty, it made my life a lot easier.
  5. Salam. Here is some more important information I wanted to add to this topic in case some people didn't know: An abortion is only permissible if the birth results in a form of considerable and serious harm to the mother. If this condition is met, THEN we can abort the fetus before the nafs enters the body. Sayyid Sistani: Question: Is a mother allowed to abort the feotus, if she does not want it while the soul has not yet entered it and there is no serious danger to the mother’s life? Answer: She is not allowed to do that, except if the continuation of the pregnancy would considerably harm her health or put her in an unbearable difficulty, then it is permissible before the soul enters the feoutus (i.e. the fourth month). Sayyid Khamenei: According to religious law, abortion is Haram, and it is not allowed in any condition; unless continuing with pregnancy endangers the life of the mother which in this case, there is no problem with abortion before the soul enters the foetus; but it is not allowed if the soul has entered the foetus, even if continuing with pregnancy is dangerous for the mother; unless continuing with pregnancy can be dangerous for the mother and the foetus, and saving the baby is not possible in any other possible ways, but saving the life of the mother may be possible by abortion.
  6. I'm sorry to hear this happened. Insults hurt, I'm not going to pretend like I'm a stoic. But what helps me feel better is thinking about where the words come from. If a respectable person who cares about me said I was an idiot, then I'd take it seriously and adjust myself. But if it was a disrespectful, low-akhlaq loser who has no manners, then I try not to put much weight into their words because they come from a satanic and pathetic place. I knew a guy whose tongue dripped bitter poison and his words did affect me. Now I feel sorry for him. My strategy is to not put myself in a position where anyone could say much about me. I don't share my dreams or ambitions with anyone so they can pick at them, I'm only vulnerable with people I respect, I hold myself to act like a good person in my words and actions and not say anything negative that can be held against me, I make myself look presentable. And from my end I did what I'm obligated to do. If they then make fun of my shoes or nose or voice then they can go straight to Hell, at that point they're pathetic and should be ashamed of themselves. And limit interactions with them.
  7. A clear mark on history from them is the Imam Redha (عليه السلام) coin which was made by the tyrant of the time because he was scared the people would overthrow him and place Imam Redha (عليه السلام) on the throne from how amazing he was. He hoped that by bringing Imam Redha (عليه السلام) ostensibly close to him it would appease the people who were foaming at the mouth from how badly they wanted the Imam to be caliph. Eventually the tyrant just killed him because he realized he could never win. And this coin verifies that story. And there was also the Sayyid genocide, you can find murdered Sayyids buried alive into walls because the tyrants were afraid the ahlul-bayt would overthrow them. Part of the coin reads: lillah / muhammad rasul Allah / al-ma’mun khalifat Allah / mimma amara bihi al-amir al-rida / wali ‘ahd al-muslimin ‘ali ibn musa / ibn ‘ali ibn abi talib / dhu’l-riyasatayn “for God, Muhammad is the messenger of God, al-Ma’mun is the Caliph of God, among the things ordered by the Prince al-Rida, Recipient of the Oath of the Muslims ‘Ali ibn Musa ibn ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib, Possesser of the Two Headships”
  8. Call this number and book a free phone appointment (313) 432-8722.
  9. God almighty what am I reading with my own eyes. We really are living in the end of times where good and evil are flipping. It is so explicitly obvious that the story is about homosexuality. Just like how it is so OBVIOUS that the Prophet (عليه السلام) didn't use the word "wali" as friend. And you even dismissed the scholars because it's "an appeal to authority." Do you realize that you are corroding our religion with this argument? Never mind all you've said before, this is crossing a red line. Because our enemies will repeat them to confused Muslims and establish it as the Islamic position. And what will come next? The next step, which is to make homosexuality halal just as the Christians did. "Lot wasn't about homosexuality." If only you realized what abyss you've dug for yourself with these simple words... "Why do you ˹men˺ lust after fellow men, leaving the wives that your Lord has created for you? In fact, you are a transgressing people. They threatened, “If you do not desist, O Lot, you will surely be expelled.” Lot responded, “I am truly one of those who despise your ˹shameful˺ practice."" What makes me feel better is that you're going to explain yourself to Angels on Judgement Day, not your snarky sass. Well that's enough from me, now I'M running away with my sanity. I'm glad this thread was made because it uncovered what was really in the hearts of Muslims. I now know not to assume a Muslim I meet doesn't support the LGBT and will adjust my behavior likewise. Just one last thing: Based on obligatory precautions, you should make up your fast. Things that break the fast according to Sistani: 4. based on obligatory precaution, ascribing false things to Allah, Prophet Muḥammad (Ṣ), and the successors of Prophet Muḥammad (Ṣ) [i.e. the Twelve Imams (ʿA)];
  10. Salam brother you can call a mosque and have their sheikhs do a kheera for you. This one does it for free (313) 432-8722. You can't do a kheera by yourself you need expertise.
  11. I suppose all you can do to keep arguing here is play ignorant and not respond to people's points. Just like the brother above, you have intellectually run away. Look at the rudeness, the ad hominems, the accusations (of engaging in evil, inadvertent kufr, being a tin-foil hat wearer, anti-science, and more), the harsh language, the intellectual dishonesty, the sarcasm. By Allah, the way you two behave is a testament to your falsehood. I advise the people here to not get dragged into this intellectually dishonest mess. The discussion has shifted from why you shouldn't pull the flag, to why you should respect the LGBT, to why the LGBT has done no wrong, to why you're oppressing the gays, and now they're trying to argue about if it's genetic or environmental. You're not going to win, they can do this all day because as soon as you get them in a grip they bite your arm and change the discussion. Yeah dodge his argument and run away.
  12. I had to log back in just to stand up to this attack on truth. Why do you ˹men˺ lust after fellow men, leaving the wives that your Lord has created for you? In fact, you are a transgressing people. And Lot, when he said to his people, ‘What! Do you commit an outrage none in the world ever committed before you?! How disgraceful. May you be raised under the flag that you defend. And please watch your manners, the both of you. You are on a Shia forum. To those who fear Allah, here is a sign from your Lord, to serve as a reminder that He is king, not the liberals. The city of Lot has been found according to secular sources.
  13. Why don't you move? Maybe that's what you need...
  14. There's WISE academy in the Dearborn area of Michigan
  15. Hello, here is how I understand improving when you are already perfect. Say our hearts are containers which contain goodness. How can a container perfectly filled with goodness be superior to another which is also completely filled with goodness? By being bigger. Now the container has a greater capacity for goodness. I can from this moment become infallible and successful in all my righteous goals, but I wouldn't amount to the dirt beneath a Prophet's feet because my dinky little container can carry gallons while theirs can contain oceans.
  16. One by one and with focus brother. You need to give as much energy and focus to it as a college class or work, it should be on your mind constantly. It also helps to get rid of all triggers, anything that even reminds you of the sin. Everyone goes through a unique path to overcome their sins, but they all made a major commitment and focused on it intensely. And the majority of them failed dozens of times before they got it right, so don't beat yourself up too much if you give in one day. It's a loooooong process.
  17. No, you wouldn't be okay with Hindu children or children who fall between the cracks of the two religions. I've seen many similar to this, the kids need both parents to be unified by one religion, and even that isn't enough sometimes.
  18. Loose/baggy clothes are our friends. A buff guy in the right button-up will look normal.
  19. Salam, a part of me thinks you should call him out for watching gay stuff, so you can defend yourself and let him know that even in his delusions he's wrong. I don't want him to think you were unfair or wronged him in any way. Do others agree with me or is it better for her to hide this?
  20. Brother from now on even if they tell you "the sun is hot" go ahead and throw that information in the trash. If a someone lies to you 100 times then whatever they tell you just dismiss it. Only when someone respectable tells you something you doubt should you verify it.
  21. If something doesn't make sense then it's not true. Like imagine if I told you "In 1998 I went on a trip to Canada. I packed my clothes, my toothbrush, and my iPad." Right off you know it's nonsense because iPads didn't exist in 1998. In the same way, if someone tells you something that goes against Islam, or something about you that you know is not true, then you can feel free to disregard it. And remember where the information is coming from. Did you hear it from a scholar or respectable Muslim, or was it one of the people who bullies you? If it's the latter then you can just dismiss them.
  22. Salam. It helps to take Allah more seriously, like actually listen to Him more. Take avoiding sin more seriously and pursue halal more eagerly. And then orient yourself to be more selfless and think about what special thing you have to offer with what Allah has already given you whether it be a talent, ability, resource, or a special concern that He planted in your heart. Personally, I had a less than ideal experience with the education system where I live so I want to fight that issue. I'm not a talented academic or a gifted teacher, but I have a deep drive to right this wrong so just from that I can have a purpose in this dunya. That's the dunya, for the akhira my purpose is Houris.
  23. I believe a just God has to communicate with His creations, it does not befit Him to abandon anything. Because he is omniscient and omnipotent he gives attention to every creature simultaneously as if it were the only thing He created. A leaf doesn't fall without His permission. How is He going to ignore His sincere believers who love Him and dedicate themselves to Him? That would impose all sorts of negative anthropomorphisms on him.
  24. You're absolutely right about this and I apologize and ask for forgiveness, this was a big error on my part. In fact recently I even heard a narration specifically saying something along the lines of "Giving a Muslim brother private criticism is a good deed, giving a Muslim brother public criticism is a sin." So I really have no excuse for my poor delivery. I assure you that I was/am sincere, so I won't dwell on this any more out of respect. Have a good night and may Allah bless you.
  25. Salam, I don't think you should consider others because the main thing I'm saying is deterioration and that's limited to the individual. If someone's manners were questionable before then whatever. But if someone has unusually exceptionally good manners and then they deteriorated, then there is an issue. I can compare you to the banned member Cherub. He rarely said anything rude directly, and framed things in an innocent way. But the questions he'd raise, the way he'd argue (even if not blatantly rude), the threads he'd start, were all crossing lines that weren't explicitly drawn because they didn't have to be. Conversely, there are people like @iCenozoic who vocally disagree on way bigger things but they haven't rubbed anyone the wrong way because they handle themselves tactfully, explicitly and implicitly. Even this response is unusual, how can you suggest I look into your history? That implies I didn't before I made my post. SubhanAllah. A brother offers you sincere criticisms for the sake of Allah, and you dismiss it as "unnecessary emotional rhetoric." Did you make the prayer that I asked you to? Why do you want me to find you examples? You can't practice introspection by yourself? Brother this isn't a debate. It's a concern that I'm sharing with you. I don't even have to go far to find an example. If you disagree and don't think there's a problem, then okay. At least I shared what was on my mind.
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