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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm sure they're juggling many, many factors. It's easy for us to talk, but for them they know that whatever they say millions of people will do and that added pressure does affect what they end up saying. I personally don't plan on taking the vaccine, but I am open to the possibility that what I think may be wrong. If I were a marji3 and this happens then millions of people abstained from medicine when they didn't have to, endangering their lives. If I were a marji3, and believe it or not I am not, I'd tell them I don't forbid you from taking the vaccine, but it would be better if you practic
  2. I sort of agree. The only measure of value for a human is their level of piety and the content of their character. So the differences between all types of people is irrelevant, but we should not ignore that men and women are DIFFERENT. Men have their roles, women have theirs. But the beauty of God's mercy is that He compensates one sex's weakness with the opposite's strength. One has the other's back. The secular world does not respect this team designed by God Himself, it has contempt for it and wishes to tear it down. On the main topic: I loathe them. Them and masculine women. The devi
  3. You can't be blamed for something you did unintentionally. If this happens you can swish water in your mouth then spit spit spit in the sink until there is nothing left. Hopefully someone can confirm or deny what I've said because I may be wrong.
  4. He didn't even say it didn't happen, he basically said we don't have enough to confirm OR deny it.
  5. It makes me more certain that he was right. Just like how the entire world saying Khomeini and Khamenei are evil tyrants makes me more certain that they are right. When I see an idea or person get attacked, not to be confused with argued against, then I wonder if it is the truth. Though I'm not talking about the scholars, I can't say anything about them because they are on a higher level and are considering ideas that are beyond me. I am referring to the laymuslims whose behavior turns nasty when they talk about FadlAllah. They are composed and fair when talking about atheists and anti-mu
  6. If anyone tries to talk to me I'd stop praying there. And I'd call beforehand and ask what school they follow, cause you never know if you'll end up in a salafi mosque. I think there's even one on Warren.
  7. Ahh, then the time I visited Iraq for 30 days I should have prayed all of them qasir because I was constantly jumping from province to province.
  8. You are risking getting someone pregnant. I wouldn't do it. I know several people who were accidentally born even though their parents used contraceptives with 99% effectiveness. Are you willing to take such a risk?
  9. What if you travel WHILE you're travelling. Say I travel to Karbala, stay there for 12 days. Then I go visit Najaf for 5 days. Would I have to pray qasir in Najaf?
  10. Thank you very much. I take it he didn't literally say "He's out right now," but he's explaining how the Imam will come out when he does. Plus, that article was published in 2015 (unless google translate is wrong), also making me think he wasn't announcing the return.
  11. @Ashvazdanghe Salam, could you please confirm or deny if he said this? I can't find it in English. That is an incredible claim to make, and from an Ayatollah no less. And I would also like to know when he said this.
  12. I don't remember names. I think the detrans community on reddit would be able to point you towards one. Surely one of them has found help and can recommend you the same professional. Or if you've ever seen one in a documentary, reach out to them on email. No one is off limits and no location is too far. It's their job to help you, and dealing with this issue is worth a journey. What I mean is don't give up on the idea of finding a professional just because right now you are unable to. Set it as a long-term goal to meet with a therapist. Like how language learners study knowing t
  13. You will really have to double-check this one because I'm going off my faulty memory; but I read in a narration that if a person suffers from the abuse of a family member, a chronic illness, and another thing I forget, they will be resurrected with no sins. And for what it's worth, I don't think you're worthless. Quite the opposite, I strive to be like you and am struggling. And maybe your mom is saying these things from an emotional place and not from her mind. What does she say about you when she's in her nice moods? That's her true opinion of you when she's not clouded by emotion.
  14. I didn't mean to say it wouldn't be difficult for me. I want to stress that it would bother me differently due to the different ways we perceive gender. To me, it's not what defines me, for you, it is. I'm not a man, I'm guest 2025. If I woke up as a woman I would still be guest 2025. I'm not saying this to try to reason you out of your condition, just giving you a reference of how "normal" people think. They don't feel about gender in the same way you do. I would specifically seek out one that is willing to help. They do make themselves known on the internet. There are definitely ther
  15. Salamu Alaikum. I think there are pills that makes such feelings go away. But I hear you have to keep taking them, it's a treatment not a cure. I forgot what this medicine was called so you'd have to find them on your own. Also have you deeply questioned why you have these feelings, and what they are in the first place? Do you feel frustrated because you feel like you're betraying your "true identity?" For your reference, as a person who doesn't have the same thoughts as you, I wouldn't care as much if I woke up tomorrow as the opposite sex with my same brain. I would of course be extreme
  16. I keep seeing really good posts that I'd like to save but my only option is to bookmark them. I would like it if I could save the post like in some other forums.
  17. This isn't the official position of Islam just my opinion: Marriage has the potential to destroy a woman much more than a man, so we need more checkpoints. Throughout the marriage the woman is much more vulnerable than the man. If she's dealing with a scumbag he could leave her and she's left to take care of the kids alone and support herself at the same time. The man could live like he never got married in the first place. Tell your friend that there are a lot less Muslims single mothers than non Muslim ones. In the US, roughly 10% of households are single mother, and about 25% of those are i
  18. I went for Yemen instead of Saudi Arabia due to what the Bible mentions: You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. They do have the best hijab in the world, they do respect God's boundary between man and woman, they do recite Quran more than anyone else, but they don't do the big picture justice with their akhlaq. They have drawn a photorealistic painting with perfect shading, anatomy, and perspective, but they got the proportions wrong so the piece is ruined. My opinion.
  19. This chip may do exactly what they say it does, but we should look at the bigger picture here. This could open an avenue and they'd use chips for this and that purpose, the technology could improve, then somewhere down the line when we are completely used to the chip they say "Hey we made this special chip that makes life so much easier for you in X Y and Z way," and it would be so convenient that even I would be tempted to take it.
  20. That's interesting, I didn't realize it was to combat infanticide.
  21. Thanks for sharing. May we be protected from the agents of satan, and may we serve the Messiah as he fills the world with justice and drives out evil.
  22. From what I've found, the Jews do not consider him to be the messiah. https://www.israellycool.com/2021/04/11/antisemites-allege-jews-have-anointed-a-messiah-called-jizkiahu-ben-david/ And this video also explains things: We should wait and see what unfolds. Let's see if he himself makes any serious claims, or if they build the third temple, etc.
  23. I'm impressed with eastern European countries like Russia. These agents of satan tried it and their government wasn't having it for a second. (WARNING PROFANITY IN TITLE). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ozhx7TirRg
  24. I think what's next is prostitution. I expect prostitution to be legalized, accepted as completely normal, and to have a massive boom in the industry. We can look to Japan if we want to see the future, as prostitution there is as simple as buying groceries and as cheap as it too. And this is one of the most advanced countries in the world, not a third-world slum. According to some reports, 1 in 10 Japanese women have worked in the sex industry in some form or another. It is quite disgusting, and a lot of the women do it out of desperation. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/08/17/nati
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