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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wow never thought I'd hear that series mentioned on Shiachat. I also am a fan of the series, but like you I can't keep up with it anymore since it costs too much time and energy. Instead I just watched a walkthrough of the latest game and it hit the spot just as if I bought it and played it.
  2. Salam, The issue is that they don't consider Caliphhood to be the same thing as us. While we consider it to be religious guidance and leadership, they consider it to be the leader of the Islamic Ummah. For them it's more political. If you asked Sunnis in the past, they would have said Ali s.a would have been better, and throughout history and especially with Imam Redha s.a, they always thought that the 12 Imams, whether they believed they were Imams or not, would have been fine caliphs and they did give them support of some sorts. But the thing is they weren't bothered if the best man for the job got the job or not, because in their eyes the second best or fourth best was good enough. Sort of like how if your sink breaks, you're not going to be fussed if the greatest plumber in the world isn't the one who fixes it, you'd be fine with whoever as long as they got the job done. But of course, us Shia consider the job to be radically different than what they consider it to be, and we insist that for the role of Caliphhood, only the best can take the job.
  3. It depends on what kind of person you were. If you were bad then you don't get any cool privilege. If you're good then you can go wherever you want and frequently visit your family. I think the bad actually are forced to witness the bad moments which bring pain to their heart, and the good are spared from any hurtful family moments and can only see the good times like your son's wedding. If I get such a freedom I will spy on many of you, curious to see what you all look like.
  4. I'm a fan of the update too, they added the option to be even more specific with how you'd like your notifications. And push notifications are very welcome, now I don't have to open Shiachat to see if I have to respond to somebody. The only thing I'd like that would make it perfect is if there was a feature to save posts. ATM my solution is to save them through bookmarks, but an official feature would be nice. iA. May Allah reward the developers for their efforts. Having a successful forum in the modern internet era is a big deal.
  5. A response to both your recent threads: I think you should find a youth club at a nearby mosque, find an older sister in her mid-twenties, and take her as your mentor. Just her listening to your problems helps a lot. We think we're alone and that only we are dealing with the problems that we're dealing with, but we we're going through is nothing new under the sun. Either she has gone through what you have gone through, or she knows somebody that does, or in the worst case scenario she can lend you an ear.
  6. Lol they think that's gonna do anything to stop the movement of Imam Hussein (عليه السلام)? Yazid freaking KILLED Imam Hussein, and that did nothing to to hinder the unstoppable force that is Shia Islam. Ban the websites, Allah will replace them with 30 more. They plan, and He plans.
  7. Usually it's a trigger that makes people fall into old habits. I find success in overcoming habits by running away from the triggers. You can't get me to lie if I don't do anything that would necessitate a lie. I know if I was put on the spot I would lie, so I don't do anything in the first place. I avoid gossip by avoiding bringing up people. If I'm cranky and snappy, I avoid people so I don't say anything I regret (but it's at the rare times I'm cranky that people are attracted to me like magnets lol). Even if we're talking about a masturbation addict, there is a great chance he would stop on his first attempt if he avoided his triggers. He only falls to relapsing AFTER going through the triggers of not controlling his thoughts then watching things he's not supposed to. If you want to overcome a habit you have to get smart, not tough. When Prophet Yusef s.a was approached by a beautiful woman to do an immoral action, he didn't say "Ha! I'm a prophet, I'm gonna tough this one out. I'm infallible." No, he bolted for the door. And I would recommend you also try to beat your habits with your brain instead of your willpower. Please think about every step of the process when you commit these sins, especially what happens before.
  8. It's goes by what your society defines as "water." Even though sea water is loaded with salt, we still consider it water so you could do wudhu with it. Muddy water is still water, but if there's too much mud then it's just regular mud and you can't do wudhu with it. So say you do wudhu using a bucket of water and you find a couple chopped onions at the bottom of the bucket. Do you think your society would still define this as "water?"
  9. What you went through is a special miracle where God made sure the message you needed to heard gets to you. The kheera is specifically for getting advice on an action you are considering doing. Like say you want to work with somebody but you can't shake the feeling that he's gonna backstab you, you would take a kheera. You may want to do it over the phone if you don't have access to a pious scholar (the better the man the better the kheera), but of course in person is better.
  10. It's tricky. Let's say there's red damage and blue damage. Red damage is when people physically assault the religion by burning books, fiery hatred, slaughtering people, preventing people from practicing, etc. Blue damage is when you do damage from the inside. I don't fear red damage, historically it has been proven that we are like an alien that regenerates from a single living cell. There have been people who have annihilated us such as the Mongols, the crusaders, the corrupt caliphs. If anybody had a chance to destroy us through red damage it would have been them. yazid l.a had a better chance than anybody. But surprisingly, we always bounce back and come back even stronger. It's as if the more you physically hurt us, the stronger we become. So I don't care about red damage, which these days comes from anti-muslims. Those guys won't put a dent in our religion even if they rounded half of us up and executed us. The people that I am concerned with are the slightly more clever secularists/liberals who don't target the Muslims, but Islam itself. They will smile at us, sit with us, eat with us, listen to us. Then once we've allowed them through the gate, they will attack from the inside. Not physically, but by corrupting the religion and culture. And by putting social pressure on the people. And a generous portion of brainwashing. So let's say I'm a 17 year old girl in the UK. All the women that are set to be my role models in the media are valuable in society because they are beautiful. So now I want to be beautiful, but I have to keep up with the unrealistic standards set on me, which have no room for the hijab. So there goes the hijab. Most of my friends do silly things like have sex with their boyfriends, smoke weed, watch/listen to vulgar things, waste time on social media. Some of my teachers say there is nothing wrong with these things, that they're normal teenage behavior and that they've done them too at my age. In fact my teachers were the ones who taught me how to put a condom on a man in sex ed class using a banana, so I take that as a greenlight to go ahead. But I still doubt if it's okay so I turn to the internet, not only do they say those things are okay, they recommend it. I have a trans man and a gay person in my class, I wonder if the lgbt is okay, but I'm assured that it's all okay by the internet and my teachers. My parents tell me that these things are bad and that I should get closer to Allah. My teachers and the internet tell me that this is a free society and that I have the right to do whatever I want, so I shouldn't listen to my bigoted parents. But I still value my religion and want to be a Muslim, so I turn to Muslim communities for guidance. So I find a group of people, called Progressive Muslims, who say that there is nothing wrong with what I am doing. Then I grow up and marry a Muslim who is also progressive, since the religious ones are way too restrictive of the lifestyle that I'm used to. My kids won't learn a thing about their religion or mother tongue because we're not all that religious. They'll become atheist/agnostic and I'll support them because they have the right to believe whatever they want and I won't judge them. And just like that they and their entire progeny will be cut from the Islamic link which has gone back for over a thousand years, and their identity would be absorbed and dissolved into a sea of non-muslims. Only to show up in a DNA test, "Wow it says I'm 7.8% Iraqi!" This is blue damage. It is a thousand times worse than red damage. In communist Russia everybody was atheist because the state forced you to be. Then as soon as it's gone they immediately revert back to being Christian. If a Muslim girl is brought up in such an environment, well no wonder she leaves Islam or her eman is nearly non-existent. Islam and secularism do not mix, they are like oil and water. Having the freedom to be religious means little when you also have the freedom AND encouragement to be a human animal. We are bombarded with temptations and pressures that our grandparents could not have imagined. If I want to be a good Muslim, I have to walk towards God on an extremely sloped hill. Meaning that if I only took a neutral position and just laid down on the floor, I would roll down towards wickedness. In the past if you liked to stick pinecones in your ears with the intention of getting yourself deaf, you would be called and idiot and be told to cut that out. Then you'd get over it and get on with your life. Now, if you like to stick pinecones in your ears with the intention of getting yourself deaf, you will find an entire community on the internet who will support and encourage you. I cannot wait until Imam Mahdi puts an end to this. Interesting and relevant quote by Malcom X: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/8869214-the-white-liberal-is-the-worst-enemy-to-america-and
  11. It's when you use the Quran to get advice on what you should do. You ask a question that can be answered with a yes/no/neutral/hard yes/hard no, then the scholar recites something and flips to a random page, on that page is a verse that is meant to give you guidance. Though it's not a magic eight ball, you can't use it to predict the winner of the superbowl or if your crush likes you, it's only for when you honestly don't know what step to take and want to know if doing X is a good idea. People often use them before marriages, and I believe in their authenticity because the verse is always dead accurate and relevant to the matter. If I ask about death, a verse about death will show, if I ask about money, a verse about wealth will come up. Somebody I know was looking to get married to an amazing person. You could not ask for a better person. He volunteered at a charity organization, he volunteered at a mosque, he taught kids in Islamic school, he supported his family financially, he ran the social media of a charity and worked at a mosque. Mr. Perfect. So a kheera was taken on him and to everybody's surprise, it came out bad, and said that this person was a liar (or a deceiver, I don't completely remember). The kheera was ignored, people questioned the ability of the taker and gave her crap, and things went forward as if it were all good. Well guess what, they did turn out to be a massive massive liar. That stuff I listed was utter bull crap. The mother of the girl went to the girl to accept the proposal, the mother of the considered had no idea what was going on and had no clue about anything to do with a marriage and set some lies straight. Then after this the man started to stalk the girl and shamelessly asked for a mutah relationship. So say you're considering moving to Texas. You would ask "Is it a good idea if I moved to Texas?" then the scholar would go through the process and give you your answer. They're normally done in person but people should know that you can just call your mosque or a mosque and get one over the phone easily.
  12. It's as easy as ordering a pizza. They ask for you intention and then either do it then and there or call you back after they've done it.
  13. Hard no. I can't wait until Imam Mahdi dismantles this nonsense. It feels like being stuck in a spider's web. Sure the spider leaves you alive unlike other predators that kill you immediately, but it's only delaying the same outcome. We can freely practice our religion but eventually we'd be manipulated into throwing it away on our own volition.
  14. It's like communism - only works in theory and will destroy itself. edit: When I say it works, I mean being able to last as a sustainable model. I'm not saying they're a good idea. There are societies based on Buddhism and Hinduism that have lasted for thousands of years. Communism and secularism don't have even that much, because they are as empty as it gets.
  15. It makes sense if we look at reality. When Israel caused that big stink a few weeks ago the Arab countries firmly and bravely.........asked them to stop. Some didn't even say anything and some are actively trying to forge bonds with them. But it was the non Arab Iran and Turkey that bothered to lift a finger. I'm sure Yemen would have also done something but they're not in the position to do so.
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