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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother that is the Shaitain speaking. Does that make any sense? How can the doors of Allah close in your face like that? Wallah to think like this is the true shame.
  2. Salam Brother. It's good to see that you are sensitive to mistakes, but we should have a can-fix-it attitude, we shouldn't wallow in our misery for months. Removing a tattoo is difficult and expensive, it may be difficult to do soon. But, you could go and draw over it, I think they call this a "cover up." Brother the solutions to our problems are never far, go and fix this problem.
  3. Salamu 3alaykum, Let's say you have to travel 10 miles on foot, how would you approach this? Would you sprint as hard and as fast as you could to the finish line? Of course not, you would burn out and quit before you make it 100 yards. What is more logical? To walk. Slowly, steadily. We humans are not the fastest land-creature, but we are able to hunt down every animal because we were built for STEADY endurance. When I would do these prayers I used to blitz through them. I'd say recite as fast as I can, I'd get up and down at lightning speed, I'd complete an entire day's worth of salah in 10 minutes. But I could not maintain this, I would burn out and get tired. I'd do a day or two (max), then quit for a week. Now I do them steadily and calmly. I treat it like working out: I do something light, then rest between sets. If I get 2 prayers in 2 hours, I consider that a success. I now think of it as a marathon, not a race. You also have the option of doing your prayers separately. You could do all your fajirs in a row. However, you can only do asr AFTER dhuhr, and you must do isha AFTER maghreb. So you couldn't make up all your asrs and say "great I got those done!" I printed a calendar of the period I've missed and when I do the fajir I put a slash, when I do the dhuhr/asr set I put another slash giving me an "X", then when I do the maghreb/isha prayers I put a line through the "X." I hope some of this was useful, and I would appreciate advice you've found on making up missed prayers.
  4. There is an event that is relevant to this. Imam Ali s.a was once on the verge of becoming the 3rd Caliph. The rough idea of the story is that he was selected to be the next caliph, but he just had to do one thing: Say he will lead by the Quran, The Prophet s.a, and the first 2 caliphs. Imam Ali s.a said he will follow the Quran and the Prophet, but not the first 2 caliphs. And thus, he lost his opportunity to be the 3rd caliph and Uthman was chosen over him. From this we know that in Islam, the ends do not justify the means. And what end at that time was more important than Imam Ali s.a becoming the caliph? He could have easily told a little lie and then go back on his word, who was going to stop him? Be he refused to employ sin to achieve good. If this is an important issue for you and you wish to dedicate yourself to fighting this injustice, then there are other ways to fight drugs.
  5. Good for you, brother! When we're only enslaved by God, we feel free. His shackles are a mile wide and lighter than a feather, the range that we are free to roam is the entire universe, and when He wishes to provide for us, He will give us more than everything and anything we want. There is nothing we can do for Him, He doesn't want anything from us except to be successful. I know what you're talking about, when I make the deliberate decision to sin less and get closer to God, He provides me insights into that sin which make them repulsive to me. These aren't arbitrary rules that He made up to restrain us, they are wisdoms that are meant to free us from bad situations and encourage good ones. To realize how this works for each sin that you leave and each good that you take on is a GOOD SIGN. I hope you get closer and closer to God, thanks for sharing your encouraging experience!
  6. Salam, brother why not take this as an invitation from Allah to cut down on the consumption of these processed foods? Sometimes when He closes a door in front of you, it's to lead you to another better one.
  7. My thoughts are that you are correct. But I fear that people will now argue with you because of the aggressive and instigative tone used. It puts people on "defense mode." Nobody likes being told what to do/think, especially when they're being told to stop doing something wrong. A more effective way of persuading people is as a suggestion, or a kind share of an insight, or just putting your thoughts on the table. A present is a nice thing, but what if you gave it to them by beaming it at their face? Suddenly they won't be so pleased. You just put on us the sin of demonizing POC and glorifying white converts, now you've gotten all the people who don't do that (a lot) mad. They will either deny it, or say the issue is not as bad as you propose. I see that you have many ideas and insights to share, but you often find yourself in arguments. It is not because of what you say, but how you're saying it.
  8. That is true. If you seek knowledge, Allah will send it to you whether you ask it from Him or not. I don't think I've ever seen anyone consumed by a question that did not get their answer, though sometimes they won't accept the answer. You've already seen it many times, in Youtube comments where people say "I was just thinking I wanted to know about this and this randomly pops in my feed/was recommended to me."
  9. Of course, but if anyone was not on Shiachat when they were alive, they can't come.
  10. You could be a tutor. You could learn algebra 1&2 at a deep level in not much time, then you could apply at a local institute or go to some online website that takes on tutors (there are many). You won't have to deal with pork and alcohol, you won't have to support a corrupt industry, and you will actually be benefitting and helping people. I would suggest this job for anyone looking for a part-time thing but can't figure out what to do. If you don't want to deal with adults then you could teach children, and if you are shy then some websites allow you to teach through text. I hope this was of some help. I also was beside myself thinking about what I could do when it seemed like every job was stupid, but alhamduliLah I realized that you can do this and it would be a job that is pleasing to Allah because you are helping and teaching people.
  11. Salamu 3alaykum. A big problem that I have is that I keep putting unnecessary burdens on myself. Sometimes I'll have a bad plan and commit to it, justifying it saying "I'm halfway up the mountain, I may as well finish it." But I was not going up a mountain, I was sinking deeper into an abyss. The next level is when I had a good plan, but I approached it in a foolish manner. How? I would do things that I did not have to. I wasted nearly 2 years developing a very difficult skill, to little success, when I could have simply hired someone to do it for my and focused on the more important things. It was like I wanted to open a restaurant, so instead of improving my cooking and restaurant management skills, I go and get a degree in law and accounting to deal with legal and tax matters, a degree in architecture to design the building, 5 years experience in construction to build the restaurant, etc. Please don't make the same mistake as me, when it comes to achieving your goals and plans, think deeply about if you are putting a burden on yourself that you don't have to. Think about all that you need to do in your plan, is there anything that you could get someone else to do so you can be freed to focus on the main things? Are there alternatives solutions you can consider? Take Khomeini (رضي الله عنه) for example. He accomplished, with the aid of Allah, something very great. But keep in mind that he didn't do everything himself, he very wisely got help from experts. He wasn't an architect, or a doctor, or a military man, or a scientist, or an engineer. He was a sheikh and a revolutionary. So he focused on what he can do, and when he needed skills that he didn't have, he got help from someone who did. Please make sure you are not placing unnecessary burdens on yourself. Take a kheera of if it's good to leave X. It's advice that's not relevant to a lot of you, but I sure wish I had this advice in the past so I'm sharing it with you.
  12. Wow never thought I'd hear that series mentioned on Shiachat. I also am a fan of the series, but like you I can't keep up with it anymore since it costs too much time and energy. Instead I just watched a walkthrough of the latest game and it hit the spot just as if I bought it and played it.
  13. Salam, The issue is that they don't consider Caliphhood to be the same thing as us. While we consider it to be religious guidance and leadership, they consider it to be the leader of the Islamic Ummah. For them it's more political. If you asked Sunnis in the past, they would have said Ali s.a would have been better, and throughout history and especially with Imam Redha s.a, they always thought that the 12 Imams, whether they believed they were Imams or not, would have been fine caliphs and they did give them support of some sorts. But the thing is they weren't bothered if the best man for the job got the job or not, because in their eyes the second best or fourth best was good enough. Sort of like how if your sink breaks, you're not going to be fussed if the greatest plumber in the world isn't the one who fixes it, you'd be fine with whoever as long as they got the job done. But of course, us Shia consider the job to be radically different than what they consider it to be, and we insist that for the role of Caliphhood, only the best can take the job.
  14. It depends on what kind of person you were. If you were bad then you don't get any cool privilege. If you're good then you can go wherever you want and frequently visit your family. I think the bad actually are forced to witness the bad moments which bring pain to their heart, and the good are spared from any hurtful family moments and can only see the good times like your son's wedding. If I get such a freedom I will spy on many of you, curious to see what you all look like.
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