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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I heard that with people in high spiritual positions (like arifs), they don't eat anything unless they KNOW it's halal. I think it's okay if the cashier touches the box and fork, we just won't ask for a fork, and boxes don't taste that good anyway lol. I think the issue lies in them touching the food itself which should have been already packaged by the cook. Some respectful restaurants actually take their gloves off when they use the register so I guess you'd have to order something they'd get sued if they touched like a smoothie and pay attention to the level of sanitation in that part
  2. It's unusual for a cashier to be handling both money and food, that's unhygienic even by non Muslims. The animal fat is the least of your worries, money often has traces of drugs and human fluids. Go to places that have a designated cook and cashier.
  3. In this particular issue yes it's negative, but look at how much he cares about not disobeying God. If he maintains that sensitivity until death, I think he'll be in a good place for it on Judgement Day. Plus you gotta start somewhere, right now the questions that are obvious to others aren't to him, but in time he will have an impressive knowledge of jurisprudence because he keeps thinking about these things
  4. It's very good that you take halal/haram that seriously, you will be compensated for your sensitivity (if you want to take this further, look into makruh/mustahab rulings). Since you don't know if it's halal or haram yet, the food is okay. Until you get that response from the office, it is okay and you didn't do anything wrong. And I hope it is okay because my arabic grocery store puts up halloween decorations.
  5. Unfortunately I don't know, maybe go to a different store to be safe or send an email to Sistani. But if you do something wrong while not knowing, then you didn't do anything haram.
  6. https://islamicpulse.tv/contact-us/ Shoot them an email, I'll send one too. Maybe if multiple people complain they will reconsider things
  7. If that's in the 50s then I can only imagen what they get up to in 2020
  8. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuQJjxZ0-gIXlfR6R0r3Zow This is a youtube channel about the experiences of a Canadian man living in Qom as a Hawza student. Shoot him a comment, he is very responsive and helpful. He has given me detailed advice in the past even though what I asked had nothing to do with the video
  9. Do you go to people's homes and perform your service? I'm considering learning a trade but the idea of going to stranger's homes does put me off. Who knows what nasty characters I'd run into, I just might do backflips if I knock on the door and see 2 gay husbands or a transsexual and their house smells weird.
  10. Yeah that really left a bad taste in my mouth. I go to Hassan Qazwini's mosque and believe me they don't say anything fishy, they just focus on their mosque and are up to their necks in work. He likely took the opportunity to speak at that convention, it doesn't mean he's a zionist puppet so I'm mind blown at the serious accusation thrown against him and those other American clerics. I am really disappointed in Islamic Pulse but such blunders are not normal and I'll still watch their useful videos
  11. Sorry for the late response. I'd find a book on fiqh (jurisprudence) and start following what it says. Avoid haram and perform wajib, then try to perform mustahab and avoid makruh. That will have a massive impact on your character
  12. If only there was an expert to help you people
  13. I guess the first step is finding your way to a Hawza in Najaf or Qom
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