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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Post with your real account and I might tell you
  2. Hello and welcome to Shiachat. The hadith that says that is inauthentic according to both Shias and Sunnis. It's only a minority that believes in it and they're often terrorists. Why are they obsessed with it? Everyone has their motivation "Imam As-Sadiq [as] said about the meaning of worship: “Worship is of three kinds: some people worship Allah, because they fear Him – so it is the worship of slaves; and a group worships Allah, Blessed and High is He, to seek reward – so it is the worship of hirelings; and a group worships Allah, Mighty and Great is He, because of (His) love – and this is the worship of the free, and it is the most excellent worship.”
  3. It may be shayateen playing tricks. The best attitude to give them is a "I couldn't care less" one, that really annoys them and lets them know they're wasting their time. It's a very unique feeling that almost never happens to me outside of religious matters so I suspect shenanigans as soon as I feel it. If I forgot to say something in salah, I should know it as I would in any other context, not wonder if I did. And if I wonder, I should ask myself if my mind was drifting while praying. If not, I just carry on with the prayer, not caring if I accidentally did 37 ruk3at. Let your qareen know that you don't care. It's like how people overcome OCD, they have to stop caring Sorry if that was incoherent, I'm sleep deprived today
  4. No. But you may find reuploads on YouTube edit: I found this. But I'm more interested in the videos that were removed
  5. Do you live in a cold environment? The extreme temperature resistance is very attracting
  6. It could be a shack, sweater, a teaching course,a game, a video, a goal, etc
  7. Stumbled upon this incredible documentary that shows us the locations of where the stories of Prophet Musa s.a took place. What do you guys think of the video? I was particularly blown away by the cow drawings and the eroded stones
  8. If it goes wrong, it goes horribly wrong and for that it's not worth it. And what someone says and what someone does are different things. He might be saying "Yeah yeah sure, of course!" just to move things along to get married asap, then once a child is born new rules will come out of nowhere. I really recommend you listen to this
  9. Siri, pull up "early life of Alan Dershowitz" "Sure! Dershowitz was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on September 1, 1938, the son of Claire (née Ringel) and Harry Dershowitz,[11] an Orthodox Jewish couple. He was raised in Borough Park.[12] His father was a founder and president of the Young Israel Synagogue in the 1960s, served on the board of directors of the Etz Chaim School in Borough Park, and in retirement was co-owner of the Manhattan-based Merit Sales Company." Almost every time....
  10. Hey don't look at me! I just left my room for 5 minutes and hopped on my computer and left that reaction. Please forgive him.
  11. If there really is a moon landing conspiracy, why wouldn't they match the 3D model to the video? Doesn't seem that hard to fake if there was indeed a conspiracy
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