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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I was also thinking about this. I was gonna bribe but the person above convinced me not to. I guess I'll should start building my parkour and ninja skills lol
  2. I'm Guest 2025 because I want to see what happens to me by 2025
  3. I heard (from I think a Sunni hadith) that if you apologize and the person is being unreasonable and stubborn in not forgiving you, then Allah will give you the forgiveness. I was hoping the same would be truth with rescinded forgiveness, since the action is immature.
  4. Salam, are you emphasizing being in a state of wudhu or being in a state of wudhu and also praying 2 rakat?
  5. I also sometimes spend some time in the mosque and watch videos. What if the person in the video rarely swears? Like in 10 minutes of talking there would be one swear word?
  6. I think that the death of Sayyid Sistani (may Allah make prolong his life) will spell the end of an era and that the Shia world will be severely shaken by the sudden vacuum of authority. He is like a glue that holds us together whether he's your marji3 or not.
  7. As a lurker I used to be very grateful for this site. My devil must have wailed in agony when I found this site because my faith was much more secure now that I could turn to a group of people with any questions I had. Before, an anti-muslim would say something stupid like "there is X contradiction in the Quran" and it would actually bother me and inspire doubt in my heart. Then Allah guided me to this site and now my faith is much safer from the devil l.a. l.a on the devil and l.a on the enemies of Allah who wish to turn people away from God.
  8. What are you going to do if you end up getting her pregnant? Are you okay with the idea of bringing a child into the world from a mother like that? If you're not prepared to raise the potential child that may arise from a Mutah relationship, then stay away.
  9. Salam Please send an email to your marji3. I would do this in the meantime
  10. Hello. One key difference between our societies is that in ours everybody knows everyone, and reputations are very big. Once I visited the Middle East and was surprised when my friend was able to name everyone as we were walking through town and he could give me little tid-bits of information about them. Conversely, I've been living in my town for like 16 years now and everyone is a stranger. So if a parent recommends somebody, it's only because they already know quite a bit about the person in terms of character, level of piety, habits, what sort of friends they have, what their work is, etc.
  11. Hello. It's mentioned in both of our books that even Biblical Prophets had multiple partners. Prophet Moses p.b.u.h springs to mind. To be fair to us, mutah is considered something you can do, not something you should do and some high Islamic figures have even discouraged it. And even with mutah there are many limitations. You can only do it with divorced women or widows or independent women. You could get parent's permission, but good luck with that lol. In order to do mutah, the woman has to have lost her virginity through a lawful marriage (except if she has parent's permissi
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