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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I highly recommend you guys check out John Stuart Mill on free speech. Here is a link to what he has said, beautifully put together by Reeves, Haidt, and Cicirelli: https://indd.adobe.com/view/fe20936e-cc7c-46d7-ac5a-97d5f5c87d93
  2. It would be helpful to first define what we mean by "individualism" and "collectivism" In my understanding, individualism is the giving one's individual identity a higher value and priority over his/her group identity. Collectivism is vice versa, where the person's group identity is placed higher (and by that I mean deemed more important) than the person's individual identity. It's important to state that individualism doesn't mean that group identity doesn't exist, neither does collectivism mean that individual identity doesn't exist; it's simply a matter of prioritizing the two in relat
  3. We're not deviating from the topic, we're delving into the philosophical and historical depths the issue. If we can't do that then the solution to hijab won't ever come up. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know the answers, but I'm doing what I can to contribute to the discussion.
  4. By "progress" or "advanced" I don't mean just technologically. That's only a part of it, or rather a reflection of the real progress I agree. I hate the western foreign policy as it goes against the fundamental values it was based upon. When I say the "West", I don't mean politically, but philosophically and the core values the original political system was based on, not the twisted policies we have today. They believe in what they assume are western ideals, when in reality they're not. They don't need to look to America to see what western ideals are. The Qur'an is full of the
  5. I would say the fact that they couldn't even last a century is enough to refute that claim. The west has done something much more profound than just technological advancements. In social structure, democracy, and government they've made advances. One of the (if not the) fundamental ideas that the West established is that the individual is sovereign. And based off of that core value, it made progress in all sorts of different fields subsequently. This idea doesn't exist in the Islamic culture, and it's one of the primary things that's holding it back from progressing. I know that
  6. Exactly. I think we've long mistaken culture for Islam. And the reason the western world has more divorces than the Islamic world is that the west is more tolerant and open to divorce. There's plenty of women in the Islamic world that are unhappy with their marriage but they are simply not allowed to divorce. Divorce rates are low because women are essentially forced to stay in unhappy and even abusive marriages through cultural and family pressures. So simply pointing out that divorce rates are low in the Islamic world isn't a sufficient enough argument. In my opinion, the Islamic cultur
  7. Ayatollah Kamal al-Haydari points out that while hijab is compulsory, what constitutes as "hijab" depends on the environment around you, including the time period in which you're living in and the type of society around you. Doesn't mean you need to listen to him or believe him, but just know that even at the highest levels of Islamic understanding, differences in opinion exist, and we are free to decide for ourselves using the intellect Allah gave us.
  8. in my understanding/interpretation of Islam, hadith wasn't meant to be practiced timelessly, the Qur'an was. Qur'an was written by Allah. Hadith are selected out of context and written down as if they're timeless by people like you and me. the legitimacy of values can be seen in the way they spur human progress and englightenment. And in the Islamic world, we have none of that. I can only say for myself that Western values have brought me closer to Allah than the values espoused by the Islamic culture have. In my beliefs, religion was put here by Allah to guide pe
  9. We get most of our rulings form narrations, even though narrations aren't meant to be the "book of guidance". Islam isn't meant to be practiced on old hadith, told in narrations. The West is moving global society forward. We came up with the iPhone, the internet, put the first man on the moon, established freedoms and the separation of church and state. And what a resounding success the western system has been that the rest of the world has tried to adopt it too. All this came from the values the west set for itself. The culture and values in the Islamic world have produced nothing for humanit
  10. The Islamic world is so backwards. I'm convinced how we practice Islam is not the way Islam was meant to be practiced. We read faulty narrations instead of the Qur'an for rules and guidance. This is the reason why the Muslims haven't made any progress in modern history while the western world has made advancements on advancements. Hate the west all you want, but the results speak for themselves. The west has gotten something fundamentally right, something which the Islamic world would even refuse to touch upon, and call it heresy. From what I understand, hijab changes with time. If you need to
  11. Well why do non-muslim women hate you? If every woman rejects you, it's probably not them with the problem, it's you. Maybe figure out why you don't get traction from women, and work on yourself, build your character, and make yourself more attractive (not just physically) so that women could you see as a potential partner.
  12. and we need to show them that Shia Islam is radically different from the Wahhabi Islam they point to. They will reply back with "well don't you still believe in the same Qur'an that says kill the infidels, etc?" We have to show them what we really believe, backed with strong evidence and support.
  13. It’s on us Muslims to show the west the true nature of Islam. Because it’s not that people are scared of true Islam, they’re scared of different misconceptions they have about Islam. If we work to clear those up, islamophobia will surely decrease. But we must be educated, as the anti-Islamic people know verses of the Qur'an that they will point to, and we will need to counter. The general “Islam is a religion of peace” argument won’t work here, we’re dealing with some advanced opposition.
  14. Sometimes we take things as burdens that are not meant to be. Sometimes we create our own artificial burdens. We need to reflect and see which burdens we have created for ourselves and which burdens have truly come from Allah.
  15. Tell your friend to simply start talking to Him. Just have a conversation with Allah, maybe before he goes to bed. Maybe just talk about superficial things at first like how his day went. Don’t worry about sujood or reciting things a hundred times. Just open up the dialogue with Allah. Soon, he’ll start to reconnect.
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