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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why not look towards what Imam Ali ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) has said in reference to the verse: 34. Abu al-`Abbas al-Fadl ibn al-Fadl ibn al`Abbas al-Kindi related to me in which he has permitted me [ajaza] in Hamdan in the year 354 AH that Muhammad ibn Sahl that is al-`Attar al-Baghdadi said word for word from his book in the year 305 AH that `Abd Allah ibn Muhammad al-Balawi said: `Umarah ibn Zayd related to me on the authority of `Amar ibn Muhammad ibn Sa`sa`ah ibn Sawhan that My father related to me on the authority of Abu alMu`tamar Muslim ibn Aws who said I attended a gat
  2. It has to be very clearly noted here that in Shia Islam in particular, existence is not a cosmic battle of good vs evil (as there is in Mazdakism, Zurvanism, Manichaeism and later Christianity). There is no battle. Good is a quality and an action, evil is an action. God is the creator of everything. The actual existential drama, as recounted by the Ahl al-Bayt, all of the Imams, and supported by the Qur'an's own cosmology is between the intellect ('Aql) and ignorance (Jahl). In the advent of Islam itself, it is crystalized in a historical form known as the Jahiliyyah, but also seen in fur
  3. It must be also added that these Christian apologists are fundamentally (through this argument) creating their own new creation cosmology, which bears a striking resemblance to so many of the pagan and folk religious creation stories I've studied. The essential idea is this: There was one deity, and he was all alone, he could not bare to be alone, so he created a lover. They loved each other and spawned children, these children grew up and did their thing, creating more children. All of these making up different ranks of deities. Some of these deities then mated with humans and voil
  4. If God at any stage (not that God is within time or space) *needs* anything, whether that be love or anything else, than the supposed "god" being put forward is not The God, only the vain creations of somebody's mind. The true God has no need, no restriction, no limit to be placed on it. Once you do these things, you manufacture what is essentially a pagan deity which psychologizes the God-concept through the societal lens of human needs, imperfections, desires, hopes and struggles into a merely symbolic construct indicative of the aforementioned. God is none of those things.
  5. Lol so much for Monotheism then. They're just biting off their own necks while outwardly professing to be celebrating it. God is not "all-Good" and "all-Loving", both contradict God's Justice and Judgement. As both the entire Bible and Islamic theology show, God "loves" those who love him, worship him, seek closeness/God-consciousness (Taqwa) and follow his commandments. God creates all things, not only good. God creates good and evil. "I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the Lord, do all these things." (Isaiah 45:7)
  6. From a great Hadith in Bihar al-Anwar (V3,Ch14) Very clearly demonstrates the differences between Imamiyya and Bakrism.
  7. Dualism is basically the embodiment of gaslighting oneself. Creation is matter of fact subject to opposites (as the Qur'an clearly states, and in spiritual ways) however that is creation and not God, and not the greater reality beyond the Veil (al-Hijab). It should be mentioned though that knowledge (ilm and marifa) is not ignorance (jahl), and the defeat of dualism is not the appraisal of ignorance or of darkness. It is dispelling their illusions and delusions and freeing oneself from them.
  8. In a similar meaning however to what we see of our Imams referring to themselves as the "Face of God", or to which the concept of the "Hand of God" is indicative of divine decree, revelation and so forth. https://www.academia.edu/4377414/_prepubl_Seeking_the_Face_of_God_The_Safawid_ḥikmat_traditions_conceptualisation_of_walāya_takwīnīya By extension we obviously have concept of the Nur al-Muhammad or Muhammad Haqiqa, of which is all the Prophets but culminating in Prophet Muhammad (عليه السلام). These are, in Shi'i tradition, not speaking of things that are God but things that
  9. I've read in Baha'u'llah's writings that even he always referred to them as Ahl al-Bayan. For whatever reason it became typical to refer to them as "Babis", probably in the same way that Christians are called Christians. Baha'i's call followers of the Bab "Azalis" as a pejorative, of a similar notion to Christians calling us "Muhammadans"
  10. In truth you are inclined to take your own interpretation over mine which is derived from the Ahl al-Bayt's. You are not representative of the 'word of Allah' through taking things literally or out of context.
  11. Lol, Surah 75:20-22 (before the two ayahs you quoted) No Indeed! Rather you love this transitory life and forsake the Hereafter.
  12. Yes All-Seeing and All-Hearing are among the 99 names, unlike face and hand. All-Seeing and All-hearing however, as we know from Imam Ali, is not indicative of Allah being something that perceives things (as if there was somewhere for Allah to look, lol) but rather that he generates them, everything that ever was and will be.
  13. Surah 55:26-27 is the same meaning at 28:88. Surah 75:22-23 is referring to the theophanic nature of Jannah. Imam Ali says that even in Jannah you don't see Allah, be cause Allah cannot be seen.
  14. وَلَم يَكُن لَهُ كُفُوًا أَحَدٌ wa-lam yakun lahū kufuwan ʾaḥad
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