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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm not abusing you, I am not a school teacher and you're not my pupil. I'm not threatening you with a big ruler. For asking the wrong questions don't be silly. Who call circumcision, genital mutilation. This is condescending. Christopher Hitchens and his team call circumcision genital mutilation. This tells me you have adopted their terminology which is condescending. You are not an atheist asking your Imam questions. Don't play that car, don't play games. I read your questions and I seen the video, you are pushing an agenda. You have become an agent of the opposition and you don't know. Now you trying to play the victim. I noticed a lot of times this happen alot on the Shia forum but I held my tongue. Because he received resistance from me I'm the bad guy. You need bad guys like me.
  2. Lol sure. You accused me of Vice Regency of God on Earth. This title doesnt belong to me. Never made this claim. Your imposing your Prejudice you have twords Muslims on me. Christopher Hitchens is the biggest KAFERrr. I do not need to be logical and rational this is not my job, do not need to teach you you are not fit to be my student. If you read this thread. I have place every reason points. But you and your friends support the opposition like they are enlightened and they have something to teach us. Never. And I never call musilms KUFARrr.
  3. I am not here to stroke your intellectual and academic ego. I'm not here for your pleasure or you're entertainment or appreciation. Answer the question. Why do you seek appeasement and capitulation from the opposition?
  4. You adopt the talking points of Christopher Hitchens. He is your Sheikh . This way you defending him. Do you not understand the anti-Islamic talking points in your questions. I expect this from non-Muslims ,why would you adopt their talking points? I want to ask you a simple question? Why do you seek capitulation and appeasement from the opposition? They will not celebrate you, they will use you and parade you as an enlightened idiot.
  5. I'm exposing the stupidity of this argument. Some Muslims love adopting the talking points of those who hate us. The champions of this anti-circumcision movement are kufar.
  6. It's not sarcasm this is practical advice. If he follow advice, he will be helped.
  7. There was a time in the history of the Muslims, if you express the love If you express love to the household of the Prophet, people with the label you rejectionist, this is why The famous Imam Shafi said" if love to the household of the Prophet is rejectionism then I am a rejectionist." Meaning you know the meaning
  8. 1. You think Muslims do circumcision because we think there's something wrong with foreskin? 2. Yes, because we all give birth to sons like Imam Jafar As-Sadiq. 3. YES BROTHER, Circumcision has nothing to do with Covenant. Mashallah. We stupid Muslim masses just like chopping off little penis skin from babies just like Sheikh Christopher Hitchens says our irrational religion causes us to maintain barbaric practices. Death to Genital Mutilation.
  9. Don't circumcise your kids, if you and other people on this forum feel so strongly against some thing monotheists have done for 5000 plus years.
  10. Circumcision is good for Zina. Mashallah.
  11. You don’t have monopoly on bidah. It being fabricated or bidah in not good enough. When Omar have dream, musilms create Azan. This is Sahih Ahadith.
  12. Islamist have no future in Iraq wishful thinking. It's like saying evangelicals have no future in American politics. OR wahabism has no future in Saudi Arabia. Or Buddhism has no future in Thailand. Islam in the Islamic world has major role to play now, tomorrow, and yesterday. Islamist politicians have a future in the region. What I worry about the Revolution and Civil War that will mostly develop thanks the kurds in the north and para militaries in the south.
  13. Me personally after reading the writings of John Locke, Adam Smith, Voltaire,Karl Marx, Frederick Nietzsche and the list goes on and on and on I studied in the West I learned that most of our problem is us trying to Reconcile their tradition with our tradition and it's just messed up. So when people bring up European Western thought , I like to toss it to the trash bin of history. Because we are an Islamic Nation we have our own ideas we have our own thoughts and we will come up with our own Solutions. And we will produce our own leaders our own intellectuals our own Heretics our own blasphemers our own thinkers our own radicals. Did you hear what the MBS The Crown stink of the kingdom of sand, said this year? He said" we are going to turn the region into the new Europe." Do you think any European leader would have said we're going to turn the Eurozone into the new Arabia? My apologies if I come off a little rough around the edges.
  14. Mashallah praise be to Muhammed and his family. (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) my Allah bless this child and his family. I handing out chocolates. Hamdullah.
  15. We don't need kufar Europeans people to teach us how to share amongst ourselves.
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