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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Quranists don't want the baggage of defending ridiculous Hadiths
  2. @Mohammed-Mehdi For me money doesn't exist. For me, community, character and Allah's guidance is my currency. For me , counting my blessings is wealth. You have your opinion, I have my opinion. Salam.
  3. Don't let these numbers fool. Money doesn't exist. Those who live in poverty are the ones without friends. Wealth is counting your blessing.
  4. There's a hadith can not remember where but I go something like this. Don't defecate under a tree, for a tree provides shade from the heat. Something like this. Profound wisdom. If people only took care their own personal garbage, we would have a clean environment . Climate change is not our domain, Allah Domain.
  5. Drugs and Denial are the American way of doing things. It could be an option for who ever is in this situation. Just remember that. Drugs AND Denial.
  6. Many differences. Depends on what subject. Some brother like ti focus on one core issuse. But from my research we have many similar practices but the differences on theological, social, philosophy, etc list goes on. It's better to start with , what do you believe in.
  7. I would like to share a cherished animation that I l loved to watch when I was a child, this is my Disney. I apologize about the low quality
  8. Glasses and Silk is very fashionable, ill take your advice
  9. Anecdotal evidence nothing scientific, but I have noticed when I'm super focussed everything does seem "slower".
  10. Of Course. Sunnifcation of the north Africa and the Levant, was meet by Shiaifcation of Perisa. State-sponsored Sects developed in direct opposition to one another.
  11. Sorry I'm missing your point, Safavid period..... Equals what I said in the post is irelevant.
  12. I'm not a socialist or a free-marketer on an ideological basis. If you see me advocating some aspects of socialism, or some aspects of free markets, it's because I am advocating for them from a practical sense not an ideological sense. And another thing Iraqi's don't understand the socialism either. And the Iranian Revolution nationalized many Industries, and took them out of the hands of the Americans and since then the Iranian officials are smart enough to have cultivated levels of privatization that they see necessary to maintain a balanced economy.
  13. This images is of how some Muslim communities thought of the sword.
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