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  1. This ,,very old Religion" started in times of Roman Emperor Constantine who saw a Cross in the Sky and decided that all Roman Empire converts to Christianity when he converted on his deathbed in year 337, later this ,,Religion" came under Religious changes throught various councils which changed the Religion of God to Religion of 3 godish persons (so called ,,Trinity") because of some Epistles written by someone known as Apostle Paul which contradict other Epistles written by real disciples of Jesus (unfortunately later changed by the Roman Empire, to make it more comfortable to what the fake Apostle Paul wrote). This Trinity thing created huge persecution of the Arians, it was a Christian denomination led by Arianus who refused Trinitarian dogma introduced by the Roma Empire and Arianism was declared as herezy and every heretic has to be killed. ,,The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation" (its full name) is not same as The Roman Empire which was divided by Diocletian on Western & Eastern in year 395 (Eastern became later known as Byzantine Empire and Western fell with invasion of Germanic tribes). This ,,Christian" denomination is largest because of constant war against the ,,heretics" and people who were ,,pagans", for example we can take in notice what Frankish Empire did since Karloman became its king. How looked Christianisation of Saxons, Slavic people, later Christianisation of Scandinavia under rule of Norwegian kings. Who were main propagators and initiators of Crusades? Yes Franks and also Franks were those who had for a long time main word in the Vatican and for some time the ,,Holy See" was on the soil of nowadays France with Frankish Pope there. We can't also forget later re-Catholisation of countries which became Protestant (Reformed), for example both my home-countries (nowadays Czech Republic & Hungary). In the nowadays Czech Republic re-Catholisation took over 60% of population to death, in Hungary it was 40%. And how the Roman Catholic Church became biggest denomination in South, Central & North Americas knows everyone, same as in many parts of Africa. Look, i am talking about history, if you don't like it, it´s your problem, i just gathered facts, i am sorry for that, but i took a historical viewpoint, plus also added the viewpoint of the history of my people which survived harsh persecution which can be labelled genocide on the hands of this Church. I also added that i don't think that it´s normal to be freely Catholic without being ashamed of a bloody history and this history is undeniable, as it´s same as someone was a active member of DAESH some decades from now and played a ,,good boy" (of course if DAESH was a Church or Religious movement). You also can't deny that this Church haves also problems with monks which abuse kids, actually 8 of 10 monks are paedophiles and this Roman Church only moves those monks to another locality or pays people to keep silent. I am sorry bro, but i can say that i am former Roman Catholic (for some part of my life and Bible was first book i ever did read when i was able to read, i'd also read some Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church and also Prayer books like Heart of Jesus), so probably i know this Church very well and of course, i know many Catholics (like 40% of my family are officially Catholic, but in majority of them i never saw them going to the church nor to pray or read Bible) i also know deeply believing Catholics who are good people but it doesn't changes my unfavourable views of this Church. I was also Orthodox Christian for few years, in my family this denomination makes like 10%, if i count well. Wrong bro, the Islam is perfect, the Shia' Ja'afari madhab is perfect denomination and True Islam, unfortunately, there are some people who are trying to corrupt it. How can be my post Fitna? The Roman Catholic Church itself is Fitna within Christianity. And when we talk about Fitna, the Fitna or exactly Schism (as our word Fitna haves far more deeper meaning than Schism) between the Western & Eastern Church in 1053 to 1054 was over the Creed and exactly about one added word by the Western Church (later known as Roman Latin Church or Roman Catholic Church) which ended in a bloodshed, as Eastern Church was excommunicated and declared heretical. The word is known as Filioque. I can name them - The Roman Catholic Church, The Greek Catholic Church and the Old Catholic Church. But my article is mainly about the Latin Church which means The Roman Catholic Church. It was in the time of Age of Enlightenment, after the French Revolution when the Church was little bit less powerful. I was born in the former Eastern Bloc or Socialist Bloc just 3 years after the fall of ,,Communist" Regime in CzechoSlovakia (in fact Communism was never reached, so we had only so called ,,Real Socialism" or how it´s called by the Anarchists ,,State Capitalism"). Then happened Privatisation, many factories ended, people became unemployed, same things happened in the whole Socialist Bloc. I am not praising the Communist Party at all, we were persecuted in that time, great part of the family was killed by the Communists as early as in 1918, as my family lived in Russia. Another parts of family were also dissidents in Czechoslovakia since 1948. And also one part of family were Communists until end of rule of president Gottwald in Czechoslovakia, as in times of so called ,,Prague's Spring" were shown political killings under Gottwald to people and same goes with the Soviet leader Stalin. By the way, those who were dissidents in time between 1948 to 1989 are now voting the Communist Party. Why? Because they want people getting work, to have better life, free health care etc. I understand it actually, but i will never vote something what tried to kill our culture and what tried to destroy any religion, those Communists are still same Communists as before 1989. But the Social policies of Communism are nice, free healthcare, free education, everyone gets what he needs etc. PS, i am not Communist myself, or at least not Bolshevik. And i must mention that in the Czechoslovakia under ,,Communist" Regime was never something like unemployment, hunger and any kind of malnutrition. Only Freedom was an issue here, since failed ,,Prague's Spring" in 60´s. I am not sure what would happen if they had this technologies like we do today, they would probably nuke everyone and thanks God they hadn't this. Actually about destroying entire civilian centres i should say that they did it, but of course Genghis Khan was better at it, well he was not Catholic, but probably Tengriist. Of course they had and have, i am not disputing at all. Sorry, this were not mistakes but constant ordered activity, how many Churches were (or maybe still are?) excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church? I doubt that they ended seeing Nestorians as heretics, well maybe i am wrong, but i really think that they still see them as heretics. For example we, the Roma, even 40% of us are Catholics got official apology by the Pope like 2 years (if i remember right). After how many years since the Roman Church declared us heretical pagans in 14th Century and everyone was allowed to hunt us down as animals? Actually, some sub-ethnic groups of the Roma origin who lost language are more open to use the G-word. We actually use the word Gypsy for all the groups of nomadic life in Europe (except of Saami) and for every nomadic group of Indian origin (also in India itself) to make it easier to call them some known name. But in Europe the word Gypsy means also European-White people, for example the Pavee of British Isles (known as Irish Travellers), Highland Scottish Travellers (who are distinct of half-Romani Lowland Scottish Travellers), Resande of Scandinavia, Yéniche\Jenischen of German-speaking lands and half-Romani Světští or Jauneráci from the Czech Republic (they are mixed Yéniche with original Czech Roma). The word ,,Gypsy" in Europe, especially Czech version ,,Cikán" was used even before the arrival of actual Roma to name simply any Nomadic peoples. The word ,,Gypsy" in English, ,,Gitan" in Spanish, ,,Cigány" in Hungarian, ,,Zingar" in Italian, ,,Cygan" in Russian or ,,Tsiggan" in Greek can also be traced back to some group of heretical Christian-like group of people of Egyptian (probably) origin known as sect of Atsiggánoi in Greek who came to the Byzantine Empire just before the arrival of the actual Roma. And i known that they were not of Romani origin because of their behaviour which was against the actual Romani cultural taboos, laws and traditions of ritual chastity. Another slur used by the people of Europe on the Roma is ,,Gyftoi" in Greek or ,,Farahuni" in Slovak pointing on Egyptian origin, from that also can be a word ,,Gypsy", as our ancestors came to Byzantine Empire as de facto Refugees from nowadays Iraq (after failed attempt to create own state there under Abbasid rule around year 800), so our Kings (yes we had kings, it were those who led us) were saying a story to Christian Europeans that we are pilgrims of Egypt and people trying to repent by aimless walk on the Earth from the sin of forging the nails for the Jesus Christ's Cross. But real name of our people is the Roma (plural) and the Rom (male singular) and Romňi (female singular), the word Rom comes from the name of Indian Caste of Dom, with the D becoming R, to us are probably somewhat connected the Domari People of the Middle East (but culturally we see that they're somewhere like Indian untouchables, as they do ritually unclean things, probably at least part of them are such people) and another related group are the Lom People of Caucasus where Rom became Lom. But actually we the European Wing - the Roma or Romani People we still speak language closest to Prákŕt dialects of India.
  2. Northwest, you have really good sources about Catholic terror, i am glad to see it here, as i always want to bring more people knowledge about what that ,,Church" had done and what is doing now. Nowadays is for example known for paedophile cases and i would like to write it here, but it´s really a long list, so if you find time, you should help with that.
  3. Have you read the screen i shared? Do you think they are peaceful if they did large-scale genocide since 1830´s in Azeri lands? Since Qara-Qoyunlu era, they came as refugees from nowadays northern Syria, we gave them Eçmiadzin as seat of their Church and they started falsify history of Caucasian Albania, a Christian nation and after 1799 when two peace agreements between Persia and Russia took place, northern part of Azerbaijan became part of Russian Empire and the Russian Empire decided to move Armenians to that Azeri lands to make Christianized borderline with Persia and Turkey. The Russians moved Armenians from Persia and later from Turkey to Azeri lands and encouraged them in Genocide of Azeris. This Genocide was physical, cultural (as Armenians falsify also historical sites or destroy them), they want so called ,,Greater Armenia" and kill all the Muslims there. I am sorry, i can't forget about massacres of Muslims done by the Armenians, and also now the Shia' Azeris are their target again. Azeris suffered huge loss of lands and population because of the Armenians.
  4. It´s probably because in Iran they're afraid to do the things they do in other countries, plus also historically they were not supported by any foreign country to do massacres and genocides on local population. For example in Russia they often want own country to be created, same thing they did in Eastern Anatolia, where they were supported by Russian Empire and Britishers to do genocide of local Muslim (Turk, Kurdish, Zaza and Azeri) population.
  5. Assalamu Aleikoum again, bismillah, i am not sure if it´s not advertisement but i need some co-admins and\or at least followers for my project on Twitter. If there is someone interested to be co-admin and is a Muslim, i would be happy to have someone who will post some news and fight together against Islamophobia and Wahhabism with me there, so anyone interested send me a personal message we will talk little bit and i will give you the password to gain access. We can also do Da'wah via that and political advisory sometimes, also criticism of govts etc. Remember, we are defending Islam there!
  6. Actually because of this, it´s not about government but about Armenian aggressive anti-Muslim behaviour alone. (hope you know Arabic because i have not actually a screen of this article in English)
  7. Assalamu Aleikoum Brothers & Sisters, bismiLLAH, i am not sure if i wrote it before here, but i will write my position on Kashmir with some introduction. There is a fight between Pakistan and India over Kashmir because there is a source of many rivers. Simply Kashmir is one huge natural reservoir of water, so it´s a fight over water. We must to fight for independent Kashmir, which will be totally sovereign country and would sell its water to both countries, thus it will be rich country in the region.
  8. Well, it´s actually correct translation, the correct translation is to 'show a threatening pose' like gesture, but as you right stated, there are Hadiths against beating of a wife. That´s not only the A'isha's age but many many many more things.
  9. Shia' Da'wah is needed for making the World more aware of real Islam. And for example in history there was huge Shi'i Da'wah done by all the Shi'i sects, we had large-scale Da'wah in India for example and for sure in nowadays Iran. And nowadays should be our Da'wah made as some different peaceful version of Islam, the Islam of the Holy Prophet (saws) & his Family (peace be upon them). Actually, it´s not so hard because there were harder-to-understand Religions preached to non-Muslims before. For example Christianity is hard-to-understand for Christians themselves, because it´s full of non-senses but people believe it, Islam and especially Shia' Islam is very logical, so it wouldn't make any problem to preach Imamah and Wilayah.
  10. Well, if you think that they were friends with the Shia's why do they came to Azeri lands (Irevan, Zangazur, Karabakh & elsewhere) in 1800´s with the help of Russians and did mass-killings of the local Turkic-speaking Azerbaijani Shia's? I think that they came already to Bosnia as mercenaries supported by Saudi & Qatar, as there were not other helpers from abroad who would fight for Bosnia (at that time Turkey didn't sent anyone). Turkey helps Azerbaijan because they're Turkic-speakers and also many Turks (and exactly Turkmans) themselves are Alevi Shia's and patriots of Turkey. Plus Turks see Azerbaijanis as brothers, because both speak Oghuz language and were few times in one country. And sure the Turks (Ottomans) fought Azeris in history, due to Sunni (Ottoman) - Shia' (Sefevid) wars over territories. __________________________ I have personally very anti-Armenian attitude because of crimes done by them on Muslim populations in Eastern Anatolia, Azerbaijan and Central Asia.
  11. Assalamu Aleikoum Brothers & Sisters, bismiLLAH, i am currently reading about the Foreign Relations of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Azerbaijan, where we the Ithna' Ashari(Twelver Shia's) make majority of population, from those countries we can make our missionary work Worldwide (done by the old person-to-person and door-to-door way). So, first i will write good target countries from Iran Africa - Algeria (strong friendship), Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, South Africa, Western Sahara (under Polisario rule) and probably Zimbabwe. Americas - Argentina, Belize, Canada (difficult but probably ok), Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela. Asia - Afghanistan, Bangladesh (strong partnership), China (i am not sure if they'll let us do da'wah there, as China is very against Islam), India, Indonesia, Iraq (not needed, but i list it here), Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait (maybe), Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon (not needed, but i list it here), North Korea (weird but it´s true, maybe they'll let us do da'wah, Allah knows best!), Palestine, Philippines (hopefully we will re-islamise that land, but with a true Islam), Qatar, Singapore, Syria (Govt-controlled parts of the country), South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, Uzbekistan (there is very dangerous to do Da'wah without state acceptance) and Vietnam (hopefully they'll let us do it there). Europe - Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Southern Cyprus, Czech Republic (well, here is needed to make a lobby, but there is huge economical partnership between our country and Iran), Finland, France (i am not really sure how looks nowadays relations between them), Georgia (country in Caucasus), Germany (well difficult but probably good), Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland (well, i am not sure, because Poland is very close to the USA in matters), Romania (same as Poland), Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland (strong economical partnership), Sweden and Ukraine (well, currently probably difficult after shooting down Ukrainian civil airplane by the IRGC). Oceania - Australia and New Zealand. Now as a second goes Iraq Africa - Algeria, Egypt (main trading partners), Libya, Nigeria and Tunisia. Americas - Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, USA (very difficult relations) and Venezuela. Asia - India, Indonesia, Iran (not needed Da'wah), Israel (very very difficult relations), Jordan, Lebanon (not needed to do Da'wah), Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka (Iraq is the largest buyer of Sri Lanka's Tea), Syria, Turkey and Vietnam. Europe - Bulgaria, Czech Republic (this country is more pro-Kurdish and supports Iraqi Kurdistan), Denmark (very friendly relations), Finland, France, Germany, Greece (strong relations), Hungary, Italy, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine (very very friendly relations) and United Kingdom. As third goes Lebanon Africa - Algeria, Ivory Coast (very very friendly, due to large Lebanese community), Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal (large Lebanese community, friendly relations), Sierra Leone (another huge Lebanese community, friendly relations), South Africa, Sudan and Tunisia. Americas - Argentina (large Christian Lebanese community, friendly relations), Brazil (large Lebanese Christian community, friendly relations), Canada (large Lebanese community, friendly relations), Chile (large Lebanese Christian community, friendly relations), Colombia (large Christian Lebanese community, friendly relations), Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico (Lebanese Christian community and projects for cultural ties, very friendly), Panama, Paraguay (Lebanese Christian community, friendly), USA (Lebanese community, little bi difficult friendly relations), Uruguay (Lebanese Christian community, friendly) and Venezuela (Lebanese Christian community, friendly). Asia - Azerbaijan, Bahrain, China, India (very warm relations), Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia (very strong economical ties), Pakistan (strong relations, very friendly), Palestine, Qatar, South Korea, Syria, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. Europe - Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy (large economical partnership), Netherlands, Poland, Romania (Romania helped Lebanon a lot), Russia, Spain (long history of mutual trade and strategic partnership), Sweden and the United Kingdom. Oceania - Australia (big Lebanese community, friendly relations) and New Zealand. And fourth goes Azerbaijan Azerbaijan is currently at war with the Christian terrorist state known as Armenia, relations change every day but i will try write down who really support Azerbaijan in it´s historical fight for survival and territorial integrity - those countries have cordial and warm relations with Azerbaijan Israel (strategic partnership, Israeli high-tech weapons are sold to Azerbaijan) Malaysia (Malay PM supports Azerbaijan whole-heartly) Pakistan (Pakistani govt announced that will defend Azerbaijan if needed) Saudi Arabia (huge Saudi support in war against terrorist Armenia) Turkey (Turkey provides Azerbaijan always with statements, weaponry and propaganda) Hungary (strong support in fight against the Armenian terrorists goes also from Hungary) Montenegro (warm relations due to Azerbaijani recognition of Montenegro as a sovereign country) Northern Cyprus (huge support goes from TRNC) Afghanistan (another country which supports territorial integrity of Azerbaijan) Uzbekistan (another country which supports Azerbaijan) Kazakhstan (another country which strongly supports Azerbaijan) Ukraine (sent weapons to Azerbaijan and voiced strong support) Georgia (country in Caucasus - voiced support of Azerbaijan, strategic military partnership, halted Armenian mercenaries) Serbia (voiced support) Belarus (voiced support) Palestine (voiced support, but not sure if it´s really meant so, because some Palestinian organisations train Armenian mercenaries) We need to establish a Da'wah organisation and also build up missionary workers and get new imams to start large-scale Da'wah missions.
  12. Assalamu aleikoum Brothers & Sisters, i think that many people would be probably shocked of this info. This Church (mother of the other Christian Churches, except Nestorian and partly Tewahedo) is in fact pagan bloodthirsty worship of the sun - go google photos ,,Christianity Sun worship". The Latin Church after Constantine's accepting of Christianity many pagan traditions became part of that faith and the Roman Empire started never-ending war against the ,,pagans" and heretics, for example war against Christian Arianism faith or later crusades against the Muslims, Orthodox (Eastern) Christians, Christian Albigensians and later against the northern and eastern European Pagans. And also how this bloodthirsty ,,Church" behaved towards my people - the Romani people (known as Gypsies, the G-word is somewhat racist), when we were called by the Catholic ,,Church" Pagans or filthy unbelievers even in Europe we were Christian as the local population but we took religion little bit differently than the local White-European population and it was what ,,Church" saw as herezy - it was a part of Witch-hunt and Inquisition. Another example of this sick bloodthirsty ,,religion" is a way how al-Andalus (Spain and Portugal) was re-Christianised and what happened after it, yes i am speaking about the Inquisition and also about Spanish and Portuguese colonisation of Americas and Inquisition there. Also there were pogroms on the Jews done or at least supported by this ,,Church" and the Jews often found freedom of religion in Muslim lands, same way as after fall of al-Andalus. And i should also mention the European Wars of Religion between the Catholic Church and it´s daughters Reformed Churches, which was very bloody and inquisition was working in enormous scale. After the 30 years war between the Catholics and Lutherans in the lands which were regained by the Catholics happened bloody re-Catholisation which in the Czech Lands took life of at least 60% of population and in Hungary around 40%, re-Catholisation was orchestrated by the Church and by the Austrian state. Christianity got under control because of French Revolution which was not only anti-Monarchist but also anti-Catholic and in general anti-Religious, this formed modern-day Europe, if this revolution was not successful Europe and Americas would be probably till now in Dark Ages and full of bloodshed of the innocents. But wait this is not an end of the story! I have to mention that the Catholic Church also supported Nazi Germany and Independent State of Croatia (Nazi pro-German state) which both were doing genocide of the Jews, Romani people, Serbs, Poles and other people who were seen as inferior races. I mentioned before that the Catholic (Latin) Church is a mother of other churches, i must to mention that also other churches supported witch-hunts, anti-Jewish pogroms and called the Romani people pagans which led to genocides of the Romani people. And this is not still the end of a story because last shadows of reality of this Church and it´s daughter Churches we see in Africa where the Christianity is often still so bloodthirsty as it was in Europe before and in fact we have seen it in Europe (or Asia?) recently when the Armenian Catholics started (again) doing genocide of the Muslims in nowadays Eastern Turkey (between 1830 to 1916) and of the Azerbaijanis (since 1830´s with some pauses in all the lands of Azerbaijan and last time between 1988 to 1994 in Azerbaijani land of Karabakh) and also we have seen how Orthodox Christians many times did genocides of the Muslims in Bosnia (many times since 1790´s, last time between 1992 to 1995), Kosovo (last time in 90´s), western part of Turkey (1919-1922), Algeria (Africa- done by the Catholics - 1830 to 1962) Cyprus (1960´s to 1974) and Lebanon (Asia - done by the various Christians - 1975 to 1995).
  13. Assalamu Aleikoum Brothers & Sisters, France launched attack against Islam and Muslims, there were islamophobic attacks against Masjids and also against the Muslims. One was attack on Muslim females which were stabbed, then 3 more attacks on Masjids (vandalisation and threats), then French police attacked Turkish youth for fun, then Armenian mob lynched Turkish-looking people (5 hospitalised) and now were two attacks, one done by Far-Right supporter threatening general public with a gun and second done by the state as artificial attack in the Church just to justify French anti-muslim laws and getting world's sympathy! I am fed up of French barbaric culture, arrogance and islamophobia!
  14. Walaikom assalam wr wb, sure this is a problem, most significant da'wah should be via media in showing them a history, as those countries were Shi'i in the past, sure there is a problem as those are seen as traitors, well i think that in Algeria is not so big problem with that, as Algeria is different... Yes, supervision exists, i think that actual Muslims are supervised more than Wahhabis in many countries within Europe Exactly, we have here Shia's from Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Lebanon and probably few other countries and they don't communicate with each other, only some Iraqi and Lebanese are in contact. About our Roma i will continue The problem here is that we have different sub-ethnic groups, and for example in my sub-ethnic group we are usually Catholics, only few became Muslims (mainly those who went to Britain) and they chose Sunni Islam, there sure exist the Roma who are Shia' (mainly in Albania, Macedonia and partly in Kosovo) but they are like 3 different sub-ethnic groups and their dialect is somewhat different to our, they are also mainly Bektashi-Alevi, so da'wah is complicated. I actually did few times some propagation of Shia' Islam on Social Media (Facebook, VK...) in the Czech, Slovak and Polish languages, i also tried some Romani posts, and sure there was discrimination, mainly by the core islamophobic population (the problem is that also in my ethnic group are some islamophobic people), here almost doesn't exists discrimination by the Wahhabists, even they own many masjids here, but usually Muslims in general help each-other here --- the discrimination sometimes happens at masjids when they see that someone prays little bit differently. Sure, this is a problem, that we don't care about those countries, even there should be da'wah easy and literally it can change demography of Shia vs Sunni Islam in the World, as those are countries which are willing to learn another traditions, the Latin America (together with Caribbean) haves a long history of persecution by the Christians, many indigenous people really don't feel any connection to Christianity and Islam is and always was more tolerant to old traditions of various people. In Asia, there is some social change in South Korea and Japan which indicates that more and more people there are willing to change religion, South Koreans actually lean more towards Christianity as Christian missionary is there very powerful, they have also a TV there for many years. So, we need to gather Shia' converts there and help them in opening centres and in propagation of Islam there. And in Vietnam is Buddhist tradition somewhat partly destructed by Communism, so people are in religious vacuum, as they don't want to return to Buddhism, so they are chosing new religions - for example Christianity. We need probably only media and some centres there, not so large da'wah activity in the streets, people will come alone, probably.
  15. Assalamu Aleikoum Brothers & Sisters, we need to propagate Ja'fari madhhab not only in Egypt but Worldwide! Egypt is surely one of the countries, but we need to reach Sudan, Morocco, Algeria and for example Europe. In Europe exists huge spiritual vacuum, and many people are abandoning Christianity and Atheism for Buddhism for example, as Islam is seen as violent in Europe, so we must show to the Europeans the real Islam - Ja'fari madhhab! I suggest reaching people via opening cultural centres (with prayer place and some educative corners), radio and TV stations and more videos in local languages on YouTube for example about Islam. In Europe also suggest reaching my people, i.e. my ethnic group which are the Roma people, known as Gypsies, many are now converting to Protestantism but if we do right da'wah we can get a lot of members among my people and among general population Estonia and Hungary should be our hotspots, together with republics in Russian north. In Europe we should also support Muslims communities which exist now and slowly trying to drag them to Ja'fari madhhab via putting more Shi'i books into libraries or actual personal Da'wah. I also suggest to convert all Latin America (i suggest Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela and Argentina, mainly Indigenous communities), and some Asian countries - easy Da'wah was in Japan and South Korea, somewhat easy is also in Vietnam (in Vietnam is religion little bit restricted) and of course Mongolia.
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