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  1. Salam alaykum My friends and I once took a LGBTQ flag from my school down. Have I sinned for doing this? I mean I took something other people payed for and just threw it in the trash.
  2. since I learnt to pray I got told that in Qunut you can say whatever you want to God in any language, so I did. But in the masjid the sheikh always recited the same dua in qunut. So I wanna know what dua to recite, and if there is any specefic dua that is recommended. If so pls also give me the English translation. Salam
  3. Salam guys im soon gonna go to Mashad for ziyarat. I’ve never done it in my life before, so I’d like to know if there is any specific things I should know? How do you do a ziyarat exactly? Isn’t it just when you go to the haram, send a salam and make dua, pray. Or is there anything specific you should do like hajj?
  4. I really don’t know. In my job it’s obligatory to be a cashier as well. Besides science I got the job my Imaan became much lower, and I’ve really got far from God. Isn’t this a sign that it’s best for me to stop?
  5. That is not possible. Is it better for me to just stop working there?
  6. Salam. Where I live there is a rule that a certain amount of alcohol is behind the cashier. Here is a picture of what I mean. If people wants for example vodka etc, it's me whos gonna take it and scan it. Is this not transporting alcohol? Therefore has my salary just been haram all this time, because I've been transporting it?
  7. Thanks for the reply, but I got some questions. I read this in the link you gave me. "Question: What is the ruling on a Muslim working in a restaurant in which he must serve alcoholic beverages? Answer: It is not permissible to do anything in connection with alcoholic beverages." "Q: Question: A person works in a grocery where he works as a cashier. His job is to scan the products which people want to buy. The products are e.g. pork, non-halal meat and alcohol and so on. Is it permissible? A: His income is halal but he should not deliver or sell alcohol. If he sells other items mainly but sometimes alcohol is also a tiny item within the goods sold, his income would still be halal." I don't get it?? 1 of quotes says you shouldn't have anything to do with alcohol, the other says it's halal for a cashier. Can you help me? I myself am a cashier, but I do also put some haram items on the shelf. Is my income halal? And what does Khamenei says about it? all links were Sistani.
  8. I just got a new job in a supermarket for a month ago. We sell pork, alcohol etc I wanna know what I should do with my income? I've read that you should give some of the % to charity, but how much should I give? Anybody who knows?
  9. I've talked to him. He says he hasn't done it, but I saw it with my own eyes and its on the camera as well. I told the boss.
  10. He stole from the store, not from any persons.
  11. I work in a store, and I've seen my friend steal 20 dollars. It's not much, but still haram. What should I do?
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